My Teacher Found My Puppy

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Bare with me guys i've been having writers block and plus I had dropped my phone in kingz plaza! I couldn't find it for to days.. worst to days ever no books . But I have my phone back.


I shouldn't have opened my mouth. I thought as Josh points a gun at me but still looks like is fighting with himself.

Maybe he has multiple personality or schizophrenia.

"Josh?"I tried since he looked away putting the gun down.

"What's wrong with me?"He asked.

"What? What do you mean?"I asked but he didn't answer.

He dropped the gun floor which was dumb but when he turned around he was sniffling and his eyes red.

What surprised me the most was when he walked over and sat next me and placed his head on my lap and just continued to cry.

Am I the only one lost right now?

If this was an anime the three continuous dots would appear above my head because my mind is just like '.......?' right now.

"Umm.. Josh?"I tried again. Making him look up at and sniffle and continue talking.

"I mean I don't mean to be a bully, it's just sometimes I express my anger towards others and you just so happened to be that one.Like my dad left,my mom only cares about step dad and you like the Pedo."He said in between sniffles and hiccups which almost made me feel sorry for him until he said 'Pedo' which made me roll my eyes.

"Well um have you tried talking to your mom or step dad?"I asked.He just look up and gave me a black straight faced stare.

I raised my eyebrows and said. "Sorry I asked."

"Since were talking this out like buddies and pals, can I at least be comfortable? Can you please untie me?"I said giving my best pout knowing he is at his weakest right now.

I mentally aww'ed as blush hit his cheeks before he untied me.

"You know your probably going to jail right?"I said rubbing my wrists.

He nodded throwing the ropes across the room and lazily sliding down the wall spreading his legs when he hit the bottom.

I got up from the chair and sat next to him.

He let out a sigh before saying. "You really love him don't you?"

"Yea I do, I really do."I said letting a smile appear on my face.


As me the cops and Josh's step-dad reach the auto shop garage I can help but smile as I know i'm getting my baby back.

"It's the police open up."One officer said. We heard no answer.

"Alright were coming in."he said.And the two rammed the door in rushing inside with us tailing behind.

"Keisha!?" "Josh!?" Me and Josh's step-father screamed.

When I walked I was shocked to see her just sitting there with him just talking.

"Josh step away from her."His step-dad said.

He sighed getting up and putting his hands up in surrender saying. "I'm un armed."and kicked the gun to the officer while the other handcuffed him.

And Keisha walked and attacked me in a hug as the police to Josh away.

"Are you ok? Did he hurt you because I swear-"I asked and threatened but she cut me off.

"Jake i'm fine,me and Josh talked it out."she said reassuring me.

"Really?I find that hard to believe."I said crossing my arms.

She then stood on her tippy toes and pecked my lips saying."Really. Now let's go home."

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