My Teacher Found My Puppy

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Luckily Keisha didn't press charges, and i'm trying to work things out with myself and my family in therapy.

Yesterday we talked about how I would push my emotions from different things on other people and how I need to do different activities to push out aggression. It's not like I still don't like her but I have to deal with the fact that she doesn't want me and move on, and besides school is almost over.

Today we're throwing out my box. Me, Jake,and Keisha are on good terms now but I don't know if I can do it.

I pick up my box and walk with Dr.Stephanie as my mom and my stepfather Steve sit patiently.

"Come on Josh you've come so far."She said trying to encourage me to drop the stuff. I pulled Beary out and poured everything else in the trash.

"What about the bear Josh?" She said holding out her hand.

"I-i don't want to throw this away, I wanna give this back to her. She said this was really important to her and I think this will make her happy if I give it back." I said holding the bear close.

This is gonna sound really stupid coming out of my mouth. I thought.

"Mom can we stop a build-a-bear workshop?"I asked feeling the blood rushing to my cheeks.

"Um -yea sure but why?"she asked looked at Steve then looking at me.

I showed her the condition of Beary and she agreed.


At build-a-bear I look for and outfit for him while mom and Steve decided to make bears of their own. Gross,whatever.

I picked out at a plaid shirt, some jeans and some converses with a little hat.

I went over to the machine where you re-stuff them and there was a girl working there.

"Would you like to do it yourself -"she stopped and just stared. Why is she staring at me like that?

"Uh-hello?"I said holding Beary up in front of my face my his arm making him say hello.

"Oh i'm sorry,w-would you like for me to do that for you or...?"She said blushing looking down at her hands which were hold the tube that shoots out the stuffing.

"I think I can do it my self but you can show me along the way."I winked at her causing her to blush harder.

She's kinda cute. And they said I needed to move on anyway right?

I looked at her name tag and it said 'Leah'.She looks like a leah, I don't know what that means but people say that. I guess the name fits her.

She gave me the tube thing and I put it in the whole they cut in the back of him.

Pray for Beary guys, i'm an un-licensed doctor.

"Now you just hold it like this and make Sure to over stuff him."she said getting closer putting her hand on mine.

"S-sorry." We both say and she puts the stuffing tube back on the machine.

"Now you can fill it with love for your girlfriend." she said handing me a little heart piece, emphasis on girlfriend.


I chuckled. "I don't have one, this is my friends and I kinda wrecked it. So now i'm fixing it up for her."

She blushed. "O-oh well I don't normally see guys buying bears from here and I just thought -."

I cut her off saying."It's okay. Hey um do you mind me asking, but would you like to go get coffee sometime?"I said scratching the back of my neck.

"Sure here's my number, call me."she taking a piece of paper of the counter handing it to me.

"Josh look at our bears!" My mom said excitedly showing me her and Steves bears. Her's was white bear with hearts all over it in a pink ballerina outfit and his was a golden brownish color with a little suit on and sneakers.

"Come on let's go pay for them." She said dragging me away from Leah who I turned and waved goodbye to.



Jakes taking me to meet his family he said he has a lot and Riley said bring her back one,that girl is something else I tell you .

I let out a slight chuckle and Jake glanced at me then back at the road.

"What's so funny?"he asked.

"I told Riley I was going to meet your family and she told me to bring her someone back."I said still laughing.

He chuckled and said. "You know I might have a cousin for her, his name is Samuel."

We pulled up to the beautiful house and her parked the car and turned to me asking.


"Yea."I said letting out a shaky sigh.

"Don't worry they’re harmless."He smiled.

The lawn was amazing roses and different types of flowers every where.

"My mother takes pride in her garden."Jake said watching me look around as we walked hand and hand towards the door.

He knocked on the door and I hear a woman ask who is it.

"Me mama."Jake answered.

"Il mio bambino è a casa!"The women screamed opening the door pulling him into a hug. (My baby is home! )

He's Italian?

She let Jake go as we walked inside and she looked at me saying. "Ciao io sono Patricia ma tutti mi chiamano Pattie, Jake Lei è così bella!"

( Hi i'm Patricia but everyone calls me Pattie, Jake she's so pretty !)

Ummm... how do I say something back I didn't pay attention in class when he switch up and speak different languages in class to see if we were paying attention all I did was look at him!?

All I heard was her name, Jake's and pretty.

I nervously said."U-um non so un sacco di italiano."At Least I knew some.

( U-um I don't know alot of Italian.)

Jake looked surprised that I knew some, I just gave him a small shrug.

"Hmm so you do pay attention.”he said seemingly amused at my attempt.

I tilted my hand and said. "A little."

"You just keep getting better."he said pulling me into kiss only to be cut of by the flash of a camera.

"Mamma non le immagini"Jake said holding his hands in front of us trying to block the camera.

(Mom not the pictures.)

His Italian is sexy.

"What? I am just trying to save memories of all my babies. Your brother's are in the living room."she said pulling me with her.


I walked into the living room seeing four of my brothers popping down next to my older brother Leo.

"Dov'è Samuel?"I asked looking around. (Where's Samuel?)

"In cucina come sempre."he said and on que he walked in eating a bag of chips.(in the kitchen as always )

"Chi è la bomba in cucina?"He asked earning a glare from me.(Who's the hottie in the kitchen?)

"Quale donna?"The rest of my brothers asked.

(What women?)

I was about to say she's mine, but she walked in.

"U-um guys the food is ready."



I was really enjoying myself here we were all talking,laughing and having fun until..

"So Keisha, do you love my grandson?"Jake's grandfather asked eating his soup.

"Papà!"Pattie Jakes mother whisper yelled hitting his arm.

"What? I bet that has been on everyone's mind tonight."

"Yes, I do very much."I said leaning in for a kiss which Jake willingly took and another flash from Pattie's camera came.


Josh moving on?

Jake Italian?

Sorry I took so long a had major writers block. I tried to make the one long though♥☺

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