My Teacher Found My Puppy

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(2)My teacher!?

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"I didn't say that it's just -damn."She stopped in mid sentence as her and everyone else's attention turned towards the slightly familiar man walking into our class.

He began writing his name on the board and turn to face the class. It was him!


My eyes widened and I slid down a little in my seat, Riley turned towards me furrowing her eyebrows with a questionable look on her face.

I mouthed "That's Him."to her and her eyes nearly popped out of her sockets.

Jake cleared his throat and me and Riley turned out attention to him and he began.

"Hi everyone, as you know Mrs.Greene is quite old so she retired and I am her replacement English teacher Mr.Rider. Any questions?"he asked, almost every girl raised their hand. Almost every girl except for Riley and I.

"How old are you?"A girl Ashley purred seductively at him,I rolled my eyes tipical her. I never knew what her deal was with me but she never seemed to like me vice versa.

"Twenty two."He said giving her a smile.The girls giggled while the boys groaned.Of course he would probably go for a girl like her,with her long gorgeous blonde hair and big boobs.

"Are you single?"One of Ashley's followers Brenda asked.

He chuckled then answered "Yes I'm single,anything else?"

"Yea, nice tattoos by the way but can we start the lesson already?" A football Jock by the name of Josh Hamilton and Ashley's on again off again boyfriend, and my own personal bully if Riley wasn't around.

Jake looked at his undone cufflinks on his shirt and rebuttoned them. "Thank you,now lets start with roll call."

"Ashley Bennett?"he called.

"Here."she said cheesing really hard.

As he kept going, I was just praying in my head that he'll just skip over my name.

"Riley Jackson?"He asked.Oh No my name is right after hers.

"here."please don't say my name, please don't say my nam-

"Keisha Johnson?"he called and scanned the room until his eyes connected with mine.

"H-here."I said raising my hand.


"Want me to wait for you?"Riley asked putting her books in her locker as we were on our way to the cafeteria.

"No I'll just be sec."I said she walked away, I continued putting my things away and when I closed my locker there stood Josh leaning against the lockers.

"Hey Keke how's it going?"he asked touching a strands of my hair that I had combed out this morning.

I backed away, but he pushed me against the locker and had his arms at the sides of my head.

"Were you trying to run away from me?What have I told you about that when I'm talking to you?"he asked I can feel his breath on my forhead,curse my shortness.

"T-to um not to?"I stuttered out.

"Right do we have to go over the rules again?"He banged his hands against the lockers and I flinched under him.

"Do we have a problem here?"a familiar raspy voice said that is probably just going to make the situation worse.

"No Mr.Rider,Me and Keke were just having a little talk right?"he said turning to me giving me a menacing stare.

"Y-yes."I said giving him a pleading stare hoping he would catch my drift.

"Ms.Johnson would you mind coming to my classroom for a second?"I was about to protest but he gave me a slight wink causing me to blush but also find out he understood.

~~~~~~~~~Ela class

"T-thank you fo-"I was cut off by a pair of soft lips crashing into mine,I was shocked at first but then my lips seemed to mold into his.

His hands roamed my body and I was lifted and placed on a nearby desk, his tongue crossed over mine and my fingers ran through his hair and tugged on it a little.

He let a out groan and started kissing down my neck and I guess he found my sweet spot cause I let a out a small moan and I felt him smile against my neck.

What are you doing! This is your teacher!

I moved my face from his and pushed him away.

"I-i'm s-sorry."I just ran out the classroom


After that incident I went home but I didn't tell mama,cause I kinda liked it. But I can't do that this is wrong, but it's not like I can avoid him he's my teacher and he lives right next door.

I had took a quick shower before dinner and I walked out my bathroom in a towel I unraveled it to reveal my black lacy bra and underwear.

I felt a small breeze,I guess I forgot to close the window yesterday but when I got there the sight before me gave me a funny feeling down below.

It was Jake, his hair wet and there was water running down his chest to his six pack down and stopped at his towel that was tightly wrapped around his waist but

perfectly gave a view of a his "V" line.

I heard a low groan and looked to see him with a bulge his towel and him with a dark lustful gaze on my body.

I forgot I didn't have much on and quickly closed the window and curtains.

"Keisha! dinner is ready, look nice were having a guest over!"My mother called from down stairs.

"Alright!"I replied.

Once I was dressed in one of my sundresses she had bought me I went down stairs to find her setting the table.

I walked over and gave her a peck on the cheek. "Mama whose coming over?"I asked placing the silverware on the table.

"It's the nice young man next door,Jake."she said stretching out the fact he was young.Like Riley, my mother was another one of the people who think I need a boyfriend or need to get out more.

"Mom he's not my type."I'd be laughing right now if only that wasn't a lie.

Just then the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it."She said walking to the door,once she opened it there he stood looking handsome as ever.


"So Jake, Where do you work?"Mom said cutting into her steak.

"I work as a teacher at Quintonville high as in English Teacher, Keisha's teacher actually."He said sounding almost proud.

Mom had a shocked yet happy look on her face."Oh, well you better make sure my baby is doing well."

"Oh I will."He said with a smirk which made my cheeks turn red.

He kept playing footsie with me under the table and I trying my best not to giggle.

But that all stopped when his foot started to go a little high and I realized his shoe was off.

I slapped it off."Honey is something wrong?"Mom asked.

"N-no uh something was just on my leg."I said as his foot stopped right infront of my crotch.


I pushed my toe to her lacy underwear, I knew they were lacy because I almost came in my towel when I saw the small peep show earlier.

I saw her bit her lip when I started to rub up and down trying her best not to moan.I could feel a wetness on the tip of my socks and I already knew she was wet,now it was time to play.

"May I be excused to the bathroom?"I asked sliding my foot into my shoe.

"Yes Keisha could show you, right Keisha?"she asked, we looked at her and she looked so adorable all flustered.

"S-sure,come on." she stuttered getting of her seat, I couldn't help but watch her ass as we walked up the stairs.

As soon as we got to the bathroom I pulled her in and pushed her against the wall and captured her lips with mine. She didn't respond at first but then melted to my touch.

My hand roamed her body and found her plump luscious ass and gave it a squeeze.

"Jake."she moaned my name which only made my dick harder than it already was.

I pulled her closer to me so she can feel what she was doing to me,my hand found it's way under her dress and into her wet panties.

I cupped her pussy in my hand nibbling on her ear earning another moan.

"Your so we-"I was cut off by a knock on the door and we both froze.

"Jake?"Her mother Kendall called.

I cleared my throat "Yea?"

"Are you okay in there? And have you seen Keisha?"I looked at her and she shrugged.

"Yea I'm fine, she must have wardered off somewhere."I said hoping she'd buy it.

"Oh, alright"She said as I heard her foot steps walk away.

"We'll finish this tomorrow."I said pecking her lips and walking out the bathroom.

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