My Teacher Found My Puppy

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(3)Wrong,But So Right (Part¹)

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"Oh, alright"She said as I heard her foot steps walk away.

"We'll finish this tomorrow."I said pecking her lips and walking out the bathroom.

(pic of Jake on the side )


"You what!?"Riley screamed but I quickly covered her mouth.

"Promise you won't scream?"I asked, she nodded. I slowly moved my hands from her mouth and waited.

"So what are you going to do,cause if you do what I think your going to do I won't tell."she said sipping her lips.

"I-i don't know,I kinda like him but i'm scared. Like what if we get caught? Or what if we break up and he fails me? Or worse detention, I've never had detention befor-"she cut me off by putting her hand up tell me to stop.

"Life is to short to worry about the what if's,but whatever you decide is your decision."She said.


I was mostly just looking out window trying not to make eye contact as much as possible.

I heard the bell ring and turn around. "And that class is where we pause the lesson until tomorrow, Ms.Johnson see me after class."He said. I looked at Riley who gave a sympathetic look and shrugged while leaving.

Once the classroom emptied he motioned with he pointer finger for me to come forward.

I slowly complied and he pulled me towards him by my waist,he tried to kiss me but I pushed-well tried to push his hard chest.

He furrowed his eyebrows. "What's wrong?"

"J-jake I don't think we should continue this,i-i'm sorry."I pushed away from him and walked towards the door but he pulled me back into to his strong embrace.

"J-jake please sto-mmm."I tried to stop but failed as he kissed up my neck and his hands fondled my breasts.

"This is wrong,but it feels so right."he moaned my ear which made a pool form in between my legs as he turned me as around and started kissing down my collar bone to the caven of my breasts.

"I want you so bad."that made me freeze. I stopped and he looked up and started at me.

"Jake i-i'm a v-virgin."I said looking off to the side blushing. He had a grin on his face which I was confused by.

"That's great to know noone else has touched you,I will until you are ready."he smiled.

Then there was an awkward silence.

"Let me take you out tonight."He blurted out.

"huh?"I questioned but noticed his face was as serious as ever.

"Let me take you out to dinner, tonight so we can you know get to know each other more."he shrugged.

"What about my Mom?"I asked cause I knew she would be suspicious.

"Just tell her your spending the night at Riley's house and can change there so I can pick you up from her house."he explained.

"O-ok."I said kinda unsure of by feelings, on one side it was passion and on the other it felt like it was wrong.But like a good wrong, you know?

"I know your a little doubtful right now,but just give me a chance to prove it."He said with those piercing blue eyes stareing at me with some much hope.

"Ok."I said more confidently nodding.

He had so much happiness in his eyes and engulfed me in a hug spinning me around in a process causing a giggle to come out of me.


I walked downstairs with my bag in my hand and I seen my mom on the couch watching something on Tv.

Right on que the doorbell rang and I opened the door already knowing it was Riley.

"Ready to go to my house?"she said with a wink.

"Yup let's go,bye mom!"I said walking out the door.

"Alright, girls have fun."I heard her yell.

~~~~~~~~~~~Riley's house

"Alright now lets sexify you."she said cracking her knuckles and neck.

When she was finished my curly hair was straight with light make-up.

"Now for the dress."she went in my bag and took out the dress I had and gave me a flat look.

"What?"I said shrugging, I didn't really see what was wrong with it.

"This look like one of your many sundresses that you have.Girl I got you hold on."she threw the dress on the bed and went in her closet and pulled out a nice knee-length red dress.

I put the dress on along with some black wedges and a little perfume.

My phone vibrated on her dresser and it was Jake telling me he was out side.

Alright,here we go.....

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