My Teacher Found My Puppy

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(4) Wrong,But So Right (Part²)

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Recap: My phone vibrated on her dresser and it was Jake telling me he was out side.

Alright,here we go.....


As we walk down the stairs I stopped on the last step and turned to Riley and asked. "Where are your parents?"

She shrugged carelessly and said "They went away for their anniversary for a couple days." And then started pushing me toward the door.

"Alright, Alright I get it.I'm going."I said shoving her hands off stifling a laugh.

I opened the door to see Jake looking as sexy as ever with a nice suit and his hair slicked back.

He stared at me wide eyed and handed me a rose and said. "You look stunning."

I blushed and said. "You don't look to bad yourself." I said walking out looping my arm with his walking down the driveway.


"Wow this is beautiful."I said wide eyed looking around at the beautiful decor.

He chuckled. "You like it?"he asked.

"Like it? Love it!"I said excitedly as we walked over to the host.

"reservation?"The guy who had way to much cologne on for my liking,I tried not to scrunch up my face so bad.

"Rider."Jake said and his face was kinda scrunched up, I think he smelled it to.

"Right this way."The host said leading us to our table.


"Was it me or was his cologne a little bit on the deep end."Jake said and we both burst out laughing.

After we got our food we started our chat,I went first.

"Ok...Favorite color?"I said.

"Blue,Yours?"He asked, blue just like his eyes.

"Purple, pets?"I asked.

"None, and I already know about yours.How is 'Pre-Pre' anyway."he said chuckling.

"hey,don't make fun Jakey."He instantly stopped laughing and I bursts out laughing.

"That's not funny, pick a different nickname."He said with and adorable pout.

" How bout JayJay?"he thought for a second and said.

"Yea that can stay,you finished?"I nodded the waiter came over and he paid the bill.

As we got in the car he said. "Close your eyes."

"Why?"I said closing my eyes.

"It's a surprise."he said I could hear the smirk in his voice.

After a while I felt the car come to a stop, and I heard the door close and felt a breeze As mine was opened.

I stuck my hand out and he grabbed it."Don't let me fall."I said giggling.

"Never."he said directing me which way to go.

"Alright open them."he said. I opened them to see a blanket on the beach with a beautiful view of the ocean reflecting off the moonlight and the moon was full.

"This is beautiful, I love it."I said giving him a peck on the lips and he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the spot.

We layed down and just sat down talking laughing, occasionally making out.It was fun and romantic all at the same time.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Outside Riley's House

"That was nice."He nodded leaning over to give me a kiss pulling me into him by my waist,my arms wrapped around his neck.

We were at it for a good minute until someone cleared their throat.

We broke a part and looked at Riley who was at the door.

"I thought you were going to such each other into non-existence, and where have you been young lady had me worried out with this ruffian doing who knows what."She said not trying to laugh while I and Jake weren't holding anything back.

"I'm sorry Ms.Jackson I tried to have her back but I just couldn't stay away."He said kissing my cheek and then my lips,then we were at it again.

"Ahhhh,My virgin eyes!!"she screamed pulling me into the house while I waved bye to Jake and he did the same chuckling walking back to his car.

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