My Teacher Found My Puppy

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(5)School Interactions(Part¹)

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It's the first day back to school since,well all that has happened between me and Jake and honestly I was a little scared of how seeing him at school would play out.

I don't even know what we really are, like am I just a fling or just his little rebound?And plus I have Josh on my back because I know he won't let that first time when Jake interrupted us slide.

You see the relationship between me and Josh is very complicated, let's just say I had a huge crush on him elementary school and when he finally asked my out I turned him down because he was and still is a player.Ever since then now he just bullies me along with Ashley and her followers. Ashley just doesn't like me because Josh pays attention to me, but it's not the attention I want.

As I put my combination into my locker I see Riley walking over looking all giddy and giggly.She's never giddy and giggly,something is up.

"Hi!"She said hugging me really tight then turning to open her combo on her lock.

"Uh... hey? What's got you all... this."I said pointing to her meaning her excitement.

"Guess."she said smiling with a hint of blush.Hmm...

"They just made a new flavor of fried oreos at the corner store by the school?"I asked.

She shook her head no saying. "I wish but no.Guess again. "

"Is it a boy issue?"She blushed harder and it all clicked.

"Oh!Did that cute boy Shawn ask you out?!"I asked and we both began jumping up and down screaming.

Someone cleared there throat and we both stopped and turned to see Jake walking down the hall with some papers.

"Ms.Jackson. Ms.Rider."He said with a smirk and a nod to both of us. I blushed thinking he said my name and quickly looked up when I noticed he said Rider.

"Rider?"Me and Riley say at the same time.


In class there was a slight tension but I was trying to not let it get the best of me,but as for Jake he's like a wolf in heat.

He does the smallest things but it makes me want to jump his boots and slao him all at the same time.It was like we were two highschool kids flirting and not paying attention to the teacher,well i'm a highschool and he's the teacher-you guys know what I mean.


I was writing the last bit of my essay while Jake was passing back tests and old papers and someone bumped my arm making me mark a line down the bottom of my paper!

I breathed out in frustration and looked up seeing Jake walking away chuckling. I couldn't help but watch his butt as he walked away. I was brought out of my lustful gaze when a paper hit the back of my head.

I picked it up and opened it and it was from Josh.

Do your work and stop being a perv.


I blushed annoyed and threw it back hitting him in the forhead making him fall back because he was leaning back in his chair and the whole class burst into laughter.

"Stupid Bi-"Josh was about to say but got cut off by Jake.


"But-"he got cut off again.

"Do you want two detentions Josh?"Jake asked he sucked his teeth mumbling 'no' picking up his chair sitting back down.

While I was still giggling Jake turned his attention to me.

"Ms.Johnson what so funny? You have detention too."He said raising his eyebrow with a slight smirk.

I stopped laughing and looked over to see Riley wiggling her eyebrows.

*flashback over*

Now here I am,just sitting here bored with Josh and Jake in detention. I don't see why I have to get detention when he started it.


Of coarse I knew Josh threw the paper first but just seeing her angrily pout is just to cute.

She's just sitting there mumbling to herself staring at the desk while Josh is just staring at the back of her head looking like he's thinking about something.

I know he likes her,but the thing is she's mine and if she wasn't he's going about this the wrong way.To get her attention he likes to bully and annoy her instead of being nice.

That's not how I roll,I hate a guy who would ever put his hands on a lady. Especially my lady,my dad used to abuse my mom until the neighbors called the cops and he got arrested. And I had to take over as man of the house because she got sick and eventually passed.That devastated me, but she always told me to be strong.

The beep of my watch brought me out of my thoughts meaning detention was over.

I stood up and clapped my hands getting the attention of the two.

"Alright,you don't have to go home but you can't stay here.Time to go."I said as they got you from their seats.

As I walked them to the door I pulled Kiesha back into the room while Josh kept walking placing my fingers to my lips 'shhhing' her the pulling her towards me.

I pushed her against the wall pinning her arms over her head. I began to kiss and suck on her neck as she pants in ragged breathes.

"J-jake...the... door."She manages to get out in a breathy moan.

I placed my lips on hers letting my tongue explore while I used my arm to slowly reach over and lock the door.

I squeezed her firm breast and I could feel her hard nipple through the material of her shirt and bra. It felt so good and I let my fingertips roll the nipple through the fabric. As I did I heard her moan softly.

With my other hand, I pulled her shirt from her sweats and finding no resistance, slid it up over her tummy and up under her cotton bra.Her breast was so very firm and her nipples were hard.

"Oh Jake," she moaned, "that feels so good."

I moved to her, sliding my hands up the side of her body and dipping my head until my lips found one very hard nipple. My mouth engulfed it as I sucked on that gorgeous tip of flesh. My tongue played with the tip and I heard Keisha whimpering softly and felt her hand at the back of my head.

Then she suddenly stilled pushing my head away, I furrowed my eyes thinking I did something wrong.

"What?...what's wrong baby?"I asked breathlessly.The whole mood in the room changed when a stray tear from her eye fell.

She pushed me back and started rushing and fixing her clothes muttering "This... is..wrong..a...mistake."

I grabbed her arm and spun her back around holding both her arms making her face me.

"Baby what did I do just tell me what's wrong?"I say panicky short breathes.

"Am I just a booty call to you?"She asked looking away ashamed.

"What no!Never, why would you even think something like that?"I said trying not let my anger seep through for as to why she just thought she was only a booty call to me.

"I-i just can't shake that all you want is sex from me,and mostly everytime we see eachother all we really do is sexual things. We never you know talk."she said shrugging rubbing her shoulders awkwardly.

I never really thought about it that way.I never really considered how this is from her side, I-we never even determined if this really is a real relationship or not.

"What are we?"We both blurt out at the same time.Then there was an awkward silence.

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