My Teacher Found My Puppy

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(6)SchoolInteractions Part²

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I never really thought about it that way.I never really considered how this is from her side, I-we never even determined if this really is a real relationship or not.

"What are we?"We both blurt out at the same time.Then there was an awkward silence.


"I don't really know myself, I just assumed it was like a friends with benefits thing."I shrugged. He looked a little hurt while he ran his hand through his hair.

"But it can turn out to be something more right?"he asked with a pleading look in his eyes dragging out the 'can'.

"Of coarse Jake why wouldn't it?"I said with furrowed eyebrows.

"No reason,so are we together?"he asked nervously scratching the back of his neck.

I let a sly smile appear on my face and said."We'll I don't think I have properly been asked,do you?"

He chuckled getting down on one knee grabbing my hand kissing it then asking."Will you Kiesha Johnson,take the honor of being my girlfriend?"

I giggled nodding 'yes' and he stood you saying with a big smile on his face."Good because now I can do this knowing your mine."

He pulled my face to a merged his lips with mine

pulling me into his strong embrace.

He pulled away leaving us both breathlessly and kissed my lips one last time before asking me."Do you want to go to a carnival today?"

"Yes I love carnivals,especially the huge teddy bears that someone might have to win me."I said wiggling my eyebrows.

"You don't need some dumb old bear,i'll be your teddy bear."he said pulling me into a hug.

"But can I cuddle with you until I fall asleep?"I said winking.

"You could do whatever you want with me."He said with a smirk.


So this is why she won't be with me?Because of this stupid teacher!?

Okay maybe sure I beat and pick on her but i'm only playing,I don't really mean it.When we were younger let's say about in sixth grade she told me she had a little crush on me and I told her I don't like nerds and she ran away crying.

I kinda felt sorry after I did but I didn't confront about it and kept up with my badboy ways, but on the inside when I always messed and picked on her I was slowly developing feelings for her.

And I don't know who this teacher thinks he is trying to steal my girl,but he's got another thing coming.

This was just a small filler,there's more drama to come!

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