My Teacher Found My Puppy

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(7)Carnivals And Josh Sessions


(Pic of Jake )


It was Saturday and I was getting ready for me and Jake's date to the carnival.

There was a knock at the door and I turned to see my mother peaking her head through the door making her way in.

"Jake is down stairs he said you and him were going to a carnival?"she said wiggling her eyebrows with a wicked smile.

I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks as a smiles crept it's way on to my face.

"I knew you liked him!I'm like a little cupid. "She said smiling proud of herself doing a little dance.

"But aren't you upset that he is my teacher?"I asked giving a questionable stare.

"Child hush, your eighteen and he's what? Twenty two? Your alright, you need to live a little. Have some fun, but not to much fun I don't wanna be a grandma just yet.Right Precious?"She said checking herself out in my mirror with Precious on my bed barking along like she understood perfectly.


I wait patiently in the livingroom for Keisha until I hear footsteps coming along with the raged breaths of Precious running towards me making pick her up walking towards Keisha and her mom.

"Now be sure to take care of my baby. Or I will come after you if she comes home crying and make Precious bite your thing off."She said making me look a Precious and put her down with a nervous laugh.

"Rest assured she's fine with me, I won't let anyway happen to her."I said pulling her into my side by her waist and kissing her head.

At the carnival I was set on winning her a big bear.

"Oooo let's play that one!"she said pulling me to a game where you had to shoot the target with the gun as they move.

"Wanna win a prize for the little lady?"The short man with beard said. I nodded and handed him two dollars.

"Jake I want that big panda bear right there."She said pointing to the big bear with huge eyes holding a heart in it's hands.

"Piece of cake."I said hold the gun up as the targets began to move.

Ping I hit one

Ping I hit another

Pop I missed the last one.

"I know I hit that last one, i'm trying again."I said putting down another two dollars.

"Jake you really don't have to we can try another game or go on some rides."She said looking around.

"No you said you want that bear and that's what i'm getting you."I hate these rigged games but that weird bear is what my baby wants.

Ping I hit one

Ping I hit another

Ping Yes I got it!

"Here's your bear miss."he said handing Kiesha the bear which she excitedly jumped you and down for and snuggled the big bear once he gave it to her.

"Thank you thank you thank you Jake!"She said standing on her tippie toes giving me a peck on the lips.

"Come on let's go to the house of mirrors next."She said pulling me to the entrance of the maze house.

"Nah i'll just wait until you come out,you go on ahead."I said.She nodded and gave me her bear going inside.


I walked in the maze of mirrors looking around as my image began to pop up everywhere.

"Keisha."I turned around hearing a voice call my name but nothing was there.

A little scared I said. "Okay maybe I should leav-"to only be cut short by someone slamming me into a mirror making let out a shriek with a hand then covering my mouth.


He slowly took his hand off and formed it into a tight fist saying "If you scream I will punch you in the nose."

"What do you want from me?"I asked which came out know more if a small sob because of the pain on my back.

"I want you to stay away from that teacher. You are mine not his."he said gritting through his teeth.

I looked at him wide eyed.He knew about me and Jake?

"Don't act like you don't know what i'm talking about.I saw you two the other day practically eating each others faces off."he said angrily.

"How am I yours?You don't own me Josh."I said making him breath out in frustration.

"Because I said so okay!I know you had a little crush on me back then but look you can have me now. Dump that pedo of a teacher."he said.

"But I don't want you.Okay sure maybe before when we were younger, but you turned me down saying you don't like nerds and then continued to bully me.I don't like you.Josh,I-i lo-like Jake."I said giving him a hard shovw making him fall back and I took that as my opportunity to dash out of there.


"I dont like you Josh, I lo-like Jake."

I dont like you Josh.

I lo-like Jake.

I dont like you Josh.

I lo-like Jake.

Those words kept playing in my head over and over.She was about to says love. SHE WAS ABOUT TO SAY SHE LOVES THAT PEDO!

This is not over I will have her one way or another.

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