My Teacher Found My Puppy

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(8)Telling Jake

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Ever since the carnival I have been ignoring Jake.His calls,texts and I try my best not to say anything in class.I know you must think it's stupid but I can't risk anything,like what of Josh tells someone.

"Ms.Johnson I would like you to stay after class."Jake said bringing me out of my thoughts.

"I-uh yes Mr.Rider."I said feeling my face heat up as everyone turned to look at me.

He went back to writing on the board teaching and I just sat scribbling in my notebook until the end of class.

Once class was over and everyone left I remained in my seat still looking at my book filled with doodles.

"Keisha."he called my name but I didn't answer.

I heard his footsteps but still didn't look up.

"Baby?Why have you been ignoring me? Did I do something wrong?"I hurt me to hear some much worry in his voice.


I tilted her head up to look at me and her eyes were red and a tear slid down her face.

"Why are you crying? What happened?"I asked wiping away a stray tear.

"It's just Josh harassing me,and he doesn't want us together. At first I was like who cares?But like what if he tells and I won't be able to see you anymore? So I thought if I stopped talking to you except for class then you would lose interest and leave me."she said breaking into sobs.

"When did this happened?"I asked pulling her from her seat into my arms as she sniffled.

"W-when we were on our date the other day at the carnival he pushed me into the class mirrors and told me I was his."she said pulling the side of her shirt down showing me her shoulder which had a purpleish bruise on it.

I kissed her on her head saying. "Don't worry baby i'll handle it."


Once I saw Josh in the parking lot walking to his car at the end of the day I approached him and when he noticed it was me he rolled his eyes before answering. "Yes?"

"I want you too leave Keisha alone."I said sternly which made him laugh.

"Who are you to tell me what I can and can't do? All I can do is go straight to the principal and get you fired."he said with a smug smirk.

"And who do you think he is going to believe? Some delinquent whi gets kicked out of class almost every day along with detention or one of his trusted teachers?"I said playing the same expression back.He then was at a loss for words looking to side then breathing out in frustration.

"So are you going to leave her alone?"I asked with a raise of my eyebrow.

"Yea,sure,whatever."he said getting into his car slamming the door and driving off.

I feel like that won't be the last of Josh.


I angrily drove home and slammed the door once I parked my car.

"Son who is that girl you have pictures of in your room?"my step-father Steven asked.

"I'm not your son and I told you don't go into my room!What ever is in my room is none of your business!"I screamed locking my room door.

Walking into my closet making sure he didn't touch my things in my special box.

I open the box which had some of the things from over the years which I took or stole from Keisha over the years.

We've none each other for a long time but I guess my crush developed into an obsession before I even realized.

In the box was a piece of her hair from first grade when I cut it because she let some boy name Billy play with it and not me. It was only a small piece but when she flat irons her hair you can still where it's at a little bit.

Also her bear that she brung to school in her bookbag in fifth grade which I embarrassed her for when I stole out her bag and showed everyone, I don't even remember why I did that but I still have a bunch of her things.

I don't care what Jake says i'm going to take what is mine you just watch.

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