My Teacher Found My Puppy

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You ever get the feeling your being watched?I for one never experienced it first hand until now. As I walk to school because the bus had broke down I can't help but feel more self conscious then usual.

I wonder what Jake mentioned when he said he'll handle it? Did he talk to Josh?

As the morning rush of cars go by I couldn't help but notice that this one car into particular was going a little to slow for my taste. Now on instinct I been to walk faster and I look ahead seeing that I am close to the school.

Okay almost there.

Suddenly I was grabbed from behind and before I could scream I was gagged and a pillow case was put over my head.

I squirmed and kicked and tried to scream as they who ever they were tried to tie me up.

"Stay still bitch!" I groaned and stilled as one of them punched me in my side then tied my feet and hands then sat me up on what I am assuming is a create or a box.

"Alright she good?"Another voice asked. The other said a quick 'yes' and then I heard the sound of a car engine.

Well this is clearly their first abduction because I still have my phone.Idiots.

I really hope to god siri doesn't want be friendly and decide to say anything thing.

Please find me Jake.


"Okay roll call guys."Not looking from the sheet.


"Here."she said always being extra.

As I kept going I was thinking about that talk I had with Josh.He better stay away from Keisha.That talk was his only warning, next time it won't be so pretty.


"here."She said yawning.

"Keisha Johnson?"I looked up and seen that she wasn't here.Then I looked at Riley and she just shrugged.

Maybe she's just late.I thought to myself as I kept going down the list.

"Josh Lambert?"I was really getting anxious now because he is not here either.

Thank God today is only a half-day because I only have two classes.

As my class went on I just put a movie on

netflix and I was busy in my phone anxiously texting Keisha.


Where are you? i'm starting to get worried plz answer.

Keisha please answer.

The bell rang breaking me out of my frantic thoughts and the second class came in as the other class left.

I had seen one of the subs walk past the class and I took that as an opportunity.

"James can watch my class for the last forty minutes? It's a family emergency and I have to go."Please say yes.

He shrugged saying."Sure why not.I hope who ever it is okay."

"Me too."

Okay guys I decided because I love y'all so much I will update every other day.But you also have to remember I have other books to update too but this is your Christmas present from me.

And sometimes Sunday.... depends.

How does that sound?

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