The Angel,The Devil,The Nerd

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Chapter 12 - Morning Surprises


Duh ... mornings come always too soon for my liking. I was barely able to wake up this morning, yeah, I know I always say that, but this morning was particularly hard. Ok, maybe I stayed up late reading ... I confess.

It's just that I couldn't stop and ... well, you know how it works. Although, the thing is, yesterday night I talked to Kyle till 11 at least, then I really didn't feel like sleeping, so I fell back on reading, which was hard in the beginning, as my mind kept traveling to that lovely boy and I kept giggling in delight, but in the end I managed...ended up falling asleep by 3 am.

I think it's a miracle I was able to put together decent clothes, well, ok, let's say ... clothes whose colors together don't look like a punch in the eye: I was wearing simple dark jeans and a loose grey sweater, hair let loose, but simply because I had no time to tie it up in a bun since I had to run just as I'd laced my Converse. I bet my hair looked like a lion's mane or something of the sort.

In my mind I could picture Jamie grumbling that this wasn't at all the way to go after Kyle, but ... well, actually, I have no idea where to start. Maybe I should makeover or something. Or maybe I should just be myself and ... wait, wait, wait ... I must be still sleeping because ... calm down, Natalie, he's not there to end you ... maybe. I shook my head, deleting all those scenarios of him torturing me in the worst ways possible before actually complying with my begs to be let die.

I know what you're thinking: there you are, Natalie's gone nuts. Nope. Because, leaning on my locker, arms crossed, head down, looking like a badass male model of some car advertisement, was no less than Eric.

What exactly could he want from me? I mean, we're nothing to each other, we never really ... well, duh, Natalie, your brain was left sleeping at home, wasn't it? What else could he want with you other than talk about the project?

Yes, inner self, you are absolutely right, but wait ... yesterday he clearly said he doesn't want me around and has no intention of working on the project anymore, so ... well, I guess I'll find out only if I face him. No other solution, right?

Also because, I guess fleeing in the opposite direction would attract some attention, especially his, who would know he's getting under my skin and ... well, I've let Miss Wickedness break me into tears already, I can't let this Devil now influence me this much. Besides, he said he doesn't hate me. I know that with Eric Rivers it's always everything unpredictable, but ... oh, well, grow some boobs and face him, Natalie!

Gulping down my fears, that only kept rising as I approached my locker, I tried to gather up all my strength and face this devil that despite the afternoon together still scared the living shit out of me. Not to mention yesterday in the gym ...

It still freaks me out that he knows that much about me, especially because I have no idea why. That he pitied me, is obviously the only reason why he had Dana quit tormenting me, but knowing those things about me ... like a Big Brother (either the TV show or the entity George Orwell described in 1984, you pick, but I'd rather the latter, only because I hate the TV show), watching me 24/7.

I couldn't help but giggle on my own as I reminisced the quote of my favorite TV show ... you are being watched [...] a Machine, that spies on you every hour of every day ... well, let's be positive then, Mr. Reese might pop up from behind the corner if I get seriously in trouble.

I returned serious as my eyes observed Eric some more. He was clearly waiting for me. Wasn't looking at me, but I bet he knew I was on my way there. This boy's like a vampire, just feels the movement around him without even seeing it. Me, I always end up crashing on my wardrobe when at night I get up to pee.

His eyes were on his phone and he looked bored, probably having been there since a while, which is his own fault, because, as he apparently knows, I am always late and ... oh, whatever. Just walk towards your doom, Natalie. Approach the wicked wolf of your own will and he might spare you ... well, I'm sure wolves are not as wicked as Eric Rivers is said to be, though. They're just misunderstood.

Part of me said that maybe Eric too is, but ... well, I can't just delete this sensation of fear around him, like he could snap all of a sudden and eat me alive. Well, he's not Hannibal Lecter, so he wouldn't literally eat me alive, but ... oh, come on, I'm still half asleep, you get what I'm saying, don't you?

"H-hi ..." I greeted, trying to act nonchalantly as I opened my locker, but honestly, the light twitching of his lips into a smirk only made me more agitated, so I cleared my throat.

"Uh ... you ... needed ... something?" I asked awkwardly and nearly flinched when, robot-like, he pulled off the locker.

"Just a word." He stated. I nodded, trying not to make it look like bowing, though. I'm sure he knows what effect he has on me and I'm equally sure he enjoys it.

"I suppose it was my day today. For the project, I mean. But I've got things to do." He continued, face to face with me, well, ok, more like me face to his neck, hands stuffed in his pockets.

I was actually surprised he'd changed his mind and would have loved to ask why, but honestly didn't have the guts to speak when I was not asked to in front of him. I know, I know, I shouldn't be such a coward, but ... well, he scares me. Like nobody ever has.

"O-ok ... I guess we could ..." I trailed off, but from the look he gave me, he was irritated already, so I shut up. Around us, I could sense our peers hurrying to class, but some of them lingered nearby, probably just to see what Eric was up to. You could say whatever he does is always big news.

"Tomorrow." "He affirmed." "Do you work?" He asked and my heart skipped a beat. For no reason. It just did.

"Uh ... no ... I mean, yes, but ... I ... I-I guess I can ... free myself." There was a light twitching of his lips, something like the cracking of a smile or smirk, not sure if it meant good mood or just humor or that simply he thought I was pathetic.

"Good. Then tomorrow afternoon it is." He resumed.

"W-where?" I asked. He shrugged. "Wherever."

Oh, he was letting me decide? I tilted my head to the side, ignoring my anxieties and fears for a moment to study him. Was it just me or his attitude was ... less scary today? I mean, yeah, he was stern, like always, but ... well, today, with me, he seemed ... somewhat ... gentler. Odd. I guess he knows he freaked me out with his revelations yesterday.

"L-Library?" I proposed. Believe me, I was trying not to stutter, but I couldn't help it. Even if somewhat gentler, he still scared me, actually, his being gentler freaked me out more than his being scary.

"It's closed on Saturday afternoon." Oh, I didn't consider that.

"Then ... my place?" I bit my tongue instantly, one because, I could have proposed the park or any other place, especially because mom explicitly told me not to remain alone with him ... two, he might think I want intimacy with him, which I don't, I just ... oh, whatever.

"You sure? Eric oddly asked. I blinked my eyes at him, silently questioning him, especially because I didn't dare do it aloud.

"I mean, are you sure you want me there? I suppose we'll be alone. Completely alone." I swallowed at that. He had no smirk on his face, he didn't look smug, just ... questioning.

Like he knew I was afraid of remaining all alone with him, which is right, but it felt shaming and maybe even rude to let him know that, better said, to confirm that, because after yesterday in the gym, he knows I don't really want to be alone with him.

So ... ignoring my heart racing and the late bell approaching, I swallowed before speaking: "I-I don't think you'd ... you'd ... I-I don't think you would hurt me. N-not ... n-not without a reason."

He furrowed his eyebrows, tilting his head to the side as he scrutinized me. "I wouldn't hurt you at all, Natalie." He stated and, uncontrollably, my eyes widened, especially because he'd sounded ... gentle, really gentle.

Besides, that was possibly the first time ever that my name rolled off his tongue and ... it sounded ... odd. Normally he calls me just nerd of Watson, but ... well, weird, yes, but it felt ... nice to hear my name coming out of his mouth. His voice is sexy, I gotta admit that. It's deep and husky, and yet ... somewhat boyish. Manly but boyish, if that even makes sense.

"I don't hit girls." Eric pointed out and I nodded, unable to do else. I know he doesn't, and if I was reasonable, I'd tell myself that it's stupid to fear him that much, because he is known for never ever laying a hand on a girl, but I can't help it, my alarms just go off when I'm near him, because I can't predict what he'll do and that's ... kind of unsettling for me.

He inhaled deeply, rubbing the bridge of his nose and instinctively I kind of backed up, afraid he was losing his good mood already. He won't hit me, but that doesn't mean he won't terrorize me with his barking ...

"Tomorrow. 3 pm. I know the address." He concluded and walked away.

How comes that sounded like a threat more than a resume? And wait, how does he even knows my address?? Does he seriously stalk me??? No, that can't be. Maybe he just took it from somewhere, like ... oh, the library registers! Yes! Even if I don't know why, he helps Mary in there and maybe he glanced at the registers where she keeps track of the kids who have a fidelity card, namely, those like me who borrow many books and get points for it. Yes, that must be it.

As he disappeared behind the corner, I released a sigh. I'll have one hell of a Saturday. Definitely. Hope not in a too negative sense.

"Hey, girl! You look so sexy today! May I keep you?" I flinched when I felt somebody yelled this in my ear and pushed me forward, but as I turned around, I saw Aisha laughing out loud, clearly amused. Not even when I gave her a dirty look she quit, so I just remained there, arms crossed, waiting for her to come back to sanity, which I highly doubt is a quality she owns, but that makes her the awesome girl she is.

"Done?" She nodded and I rolled my eyes, then walked off, starting to head to class, but she followed me.

"So ... who was that sexy hunk that just walked off? And what did he want? Cheating on Kyle already? I rolled my eyes once more as she said that, trying hard not to blush.

We've got the same schedule apparently, so we were heading to the same class, which is good, I think, because starting from now I won't be completely alone, except for PE and Journalism and Creative Writing, but in the latter I have ... ahm ... some ... dark-haired guy who so sweetly hailed at me once he spotted me sprinting towards the hall this morning before the Devil decided to book my Saturday afternoon for himself.

"You seriously don't know who that was?" I asked back, to which she arched an eyebrow at me, but then grinned.

"No way ... that was him?? That him??" I chuckled as she exclaimed that. I've soon found out that Aisha is quite ... enthusiast for a type.

"It depends on which him are you talking about ..." I teased and she gave me a dirty look, which only made me chuckle more.

"Yes, Aisha, yes. That was the frightening but painfully hot Eric Rivers, yes." I admitted, but was worried when she grinned mischievously and, wrapping an arm around my shoulders, bumped our temples, all giggly.

"Painfully hot, huh?" She repeated and I blushed, conscious that I'd just let slip that I find Eric hot ... which I do, really, I'd be blind if I didn't, but still ... he scares me.

"I've got eyes, Aisha. He is hot. No one can deny that." I stated, actually trying to mend, just not to have her implying that I might like Eric in a specific sense, which I don't, I can assure you. I absolutely don't. I like Kyle. I like good guys, not frightening bad boys.

"Well, I've only seen his back, but if the front is as good as the rear, then yum yum ..." I chuckled as she said that and she followed me, but I had to try to tune her out when she started describing me how perfect she thought Eric's rear side was.

I seriously don't want to visualize it, because then I know I'll be checking it out and the last thing I need is for the bad boy to catch me checking out him and his marble ass. Oh ... did I just say marble ass? Ahm ... I meant ... fine ... rear side, I mean ... oh, whatever. Scary or not, Eric is hot. Really, really hot.

Aisha kept babbling about how sexy and hot he was, even if she'd just partially seen him, and I thought it was better to keep to myself the part about me having to spend a whole afternoon alone with him at my place.

I'll admit I was tempted to invite her, just to have a third person, partially because I'm not too sure I want to be alone with him, not even considering he said he'd never hurt me and I know he wouldn't, but also because it'll be awkward ... really, really awkward. I mean, Kyle makes it easier to talk to him, even with my darn crush, but Eric ... Eric is a whole different thing.


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