The Angel,The Devil,The Nerd

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Chapter 34 - Making up



I forgave and forgot as soon as I stepped into Aisha's car, but then it was too late to make up, right? I mean, as my friend suggested me, I'd have to at least keep him on tenterhooks for a while. Not much, just a couple of hours maybe.

Well, I let three hours pass, I was halfway through my shift at the café and Eric hadn't even called or texted me. What if he's the one right? I mean, it's true that I had a huge crush on Kyle before all of a sudden I started ... well, feeling odd things for my actual boyfriend ... maybe he's not that wrong to be aggravated ... well, but neither am I.

I mean, if he doesn't trust me, our relationship isn't going anywhere. He can't just be sure that simply because I have Kyle around I will have a fallback on my feelings or ... worse. I mean, for as much as all of this has been so quick, I am sure I want Eric and not Kyle. I am sure that what I want with my old crush is nothing more than a friendship. Just that.

Because in these weeks we've gotten close and while the Natalie of even only a few months ago would have been on cloud nine, thinking all of this was bringing to a real relationship, present me has always felt confused because while my crush got closer, my feelings for him kept shrinking. And all in favor of his nemesis.

So Eric can't really think I will dump him for Kyle at some point, just because my heart is stray and it does whatever the heck it wants. It's ... well, I hate that he doesn't trust me. That's all.

And yet I was yearning for him already. My fingertips were craving to dial his number or just text him and ... oh, what the hell! Why shouldn't I? Who said that he has to budge first? Well, ok, as Aisha said, this should be some sort of stance on our relationship, namely, I can't get him used to me being the little puppy crawling back to him with the tail between my legs every time we fight.

But I can't just live it as a challenge, as some sort of battle for who wins, I mean, I know nothing about relationships, but I don't want to keep the pout simply because then my boyfriend will think he can make me mad whenever he wants but I'll always come back. Ok, maybe I shouldn't allow him to think that, but ... oh, whatever.

I just typed my text to Eric during a break. The café wasn't too full and Sophie has decided she needs another employee only on Saturdays, when the shop is more full with people, so I didn't even have the excuse to tell Eric to come here because of that, but I decided I'd be just truthful, because I hate lies and scheming strategies, I want our relationship to be based off sincerity and ... well, affection. Am I utopian?

Can't you drop by Sophie's? I wanna see you

Something like pride chastised me for that message, but my heart instantly fluttered when I received the response, which was even really quick:

I thought you were mad at me and didn't want me around

I pouted at that. Ok, he's right. I didn't want to see him, because he really irked me with his being so overjealous and overanxious about my friendship with my old crush, but ...

Maybe I overreacted ...

I chewed on my bottom lip waiting for his response, although it came in just about 30 seconds later:

No, I did. But I just can't help but be jealous of my princess.

I let out a silly giggle that luckily was low, so nobody heard me. I was standing at the counter, Sophie was in the kitchen, so told me to remain by the cash register in case any of our clients wanted to pay their bill, but so far they were all still placidly sipping their beverages or tasting their muffins and so in company of their friends or while surfing the Internet.

Are you busy? I'd like to see you ...

Well, ok, I was coming off as needy, but I really did want to see him, be it only to settle things face to face.

Was actually already coming for you, princess

Just as I read that message, I heard the front door opening and I grinned at the sight of my sexy boyfriend entering in all his glory. Slyly, he winked at me and went to sit by the corner booth.

Oh, right, we still have to pretend ... Gee, I'm already starting to hate that. Part of me, possibly the more impulsive one, therefore the one well hidden, just as he'd entered had craved to round the counter and go jump in his arms, but I was able to keep myself.

Pulling up, I reached Eric at his booth, trying not to smile too much when I greeted him and asked him what he wanted to order. Of course, the usual, but along with green tea, this time I brought him triple chocolate muffin. For one reason only: I made them for the first time and was anxious to make him try them.

While he fought to keep the grin, Eric frowned as he spoke: "Uh ... there must be a mistake, I didn't order this."

"It's on the house." I answered as normally as I could. While craving to get a piece of my boyfriend, that is. Did that sound dirty? Oh, I hope no. I mean ... well, I just meant I wanted to be in his arms, kiss him and ... well, you know, do all those things couples do ... well, except for one, because I am not ready for that one.

Eric half smiled as he looked up at me and nodded. Having to go take care of two girls at the cash register, I left him there alone, kind of glaring at the girls I was going to, who were literally eating him alive, but they barely noticed.

I did see the petite blonde one batting her eyelashes at Eric, twirling her hair as her friend paid for her own purchase, then nudged the girl in the sides, chuckling, to make her come back to reality.

"He's much beyond your league, Alyssa." The brunette told to the petite blonde, which had me try hard to retain my chuckle, especially as the latter one pouted as she searched for her money.

"Who says that?" She asked whiny.

Her friend rolled her eyes. "First, you're like ... a child to him. I mean, he's a senior."

"So what? I'm a sophomore. It's not that much."

The brunette rolled her eyes once more and I glanced at Eric with the corner of my eyes. He was sipping his tea but lightly looked up to meet my eyes and when we locked gazes, he winked at me and I could imagine the smile the green mug was hiding as he drank.

I heard the girl in front of me screech, though, so I turned to her and she seemed pretty excited about something, which I found out when she enthusiastically grinned as she squealed: "OMG, he winked! At me!"

I narrowed my eyes at her while her friend groaned, complaining that she must have dreamed of it, because sure as hell he didn't do such thing, but the blonde kept insisting, gaping at Eric with flirty eyes.

Don't take it wrong, but ... I pretty much wanted to climb over the counter and punch that grin off her face. Ok, maybe, I am jealous. But I have every right to be, haven't I? He is my boyfriend. I repeat, my boyfriend. Emphasis on my. Much, much emphasis. Like ... beware, kiddo, that hunk down there is mine.

Ok ... I sounded like some sort of ghetto girl, didn't I? I sounded possessive, and I am not that and ... oh, screw that, the girl kept not just ogling, but sending flirtatious looks to my boyfriend, I have every right to be possessive, haven't I? But I did my best to hide as I, once given her the change, nonchalantly cleared my throat and pointed out: "I ... think he has a girlfriend already."

While the brunette chuckled, the petite blonde, Alyssa, if I got it right, turned to me and, first, glared, but then grinned smugly. "Like that's even an obstacle for me."

Believe me, I did my best not to clench my jaw, but I did clench my fists, trying hard to be calm. She was just a silly sophomore infatuated with the bad boy. No chance he'd even spare her a glance ... right?

Her friend was skeptical,though: "Alyssa, give up. He doesn't do relationships. And even if he did, do you think he'd consider a sophomore while pretty much all the seniors, Dana Langley included, are swooning for him?"

I bit my lip. Dana. Yeah, I'd forgotten about that ... I guess I'll have to face the topic with Eric. I mean, not like I'm here living this odd dream of being his girlfriend and then I find out he's dating Dana too.

The girl named Alyssa rolled her eyes and grunted, then turned to stare at Eric, who seemed actually pretty taken by his muffin, which had me press my lips not to smile at how cute he looked like that.

"Well, they're not dating." Alyssa argued, chewing on her bottom lip.

Her friend sighed. "Didn't you hear? He's got a girlfriend already." She retorted and the blonde turned to look at her then at me, arching her perfectly cured eyebrow before snorting and scoffing: "How would this nerd know?"

Keep calm, Natalie. Keep calm. You're not one to fight with people, remember. Well, maybe I changed in very little, because I felt like seriously punching her. Had to remind myself she was just a sophomore, so I replied as calmly as I could while pretending to be cleaning up the counter: "I am ... a senior like him. So I ... know he is seeing someone."

The brunette furrowed her eyebrows together, clearly surprised and confused, while the other looked at me in disbelief, then glanced back at Eric, who was still too taken by his muffin to bother about anything else. Actually, right then he looked really cute and lovely.

"I guess I'll just ask." Alyssa commented and I frowned, while her friend laughed out loud as she patted her back while speaking: "Good luck, Aly! We'll see who's right when you come crying like a baby because he was rude."

I would have argued that Eric isn't that rude, but ... well, that would have been a lie actually and I couldn't really defend him without making them suspicious, so I shut up. Alyssa glared at her friend, crossing her slender arms. She was pretty, really pretty, like a ... younger version of Dana, but shorter and with a more petite body. After all, Dana isn't petite, just skinny.

When the girl challenged her friend, saying she'd try and succeed, a big part of me wanted to round the counter and reach Eric before she could, just to ... mark my territory, but there were people in there, from our school too, and these girls would soon spread the rumors, so I had to sit tight and take it, conscious, well, conscious and hopeful, that my boyfriend would get rid of his suitor in the blink of an eye.

I watched her as she walked up to him, putting much swaying in her stride actually, and once she was in front of him, she leaned in, I bet to let him get more than a glimpse at the deep cleavage she was showing off. Eric looked halfway between perplexed and annoyed, which had me try hard not to grin already.

I couldn't hear what they said, but she did much of the talk, he just leaned back on his seat, looking pretty bored and annoyed as she spoke. Her friend at the counter chuckled.

"Like I didn't tell her ..." She commented. "He's gonna send her away rudely and she'll be disappointed. Duh, like she doesn't know he's like that. I mean, all school knows he's ..."

"Leave rumors to where they belong." I cut her off before I could watch my tongue, actually wanting to defend my boyfriend. I swear, he is so misjudged! Yes, his reputation isn't encouraging and even I was afraid of him, but people don't know him, they know nothing about him, because if they did, they would think, like I do, that he is not at all as bad as he pretends to be. They'd know that those are just rumors and nothing more.

"I mean ... you don't know him personally to say if he is like that for real." I mended when she looked at me funny. Meanwhile her friend was still talking to Eric, who seemed one mere second away from flipping her off.

Actually I wonder why did he resist so long. Normally he is much more rude and quick in sending away girls. Could it be that he wanted to ... make me jealous?

My feeling was confirmed when he glanced at me from the corner of his eyes and smirked. I gave him a dirty look, crossing my arms, silently telling him to cut it out now if he didn't want to be again single so soon. Therefore he winked at me and turned to the girl again, who had been talking nonstop, telling him who knows what silly things to woo him.

I didn't hear what he said, but she huffed, turned on her heels and headed straight to the door, clearly outraged. Her friend excused herself and followed her.

I stared at the door, confused, for a moment, then shook my head and, rounding the counter, with the excuse of him having finished his green tea, I reached him. His half grin made his eyes twinkle and my heart flutter but I did my best to look indifferent and just clean up his table.

"Do you need anything else?" I asked, trying to sound as cold as I could.

Eric pursed his lips, making me catch my breath at the hot sight. "Mmh ... yeah, is there a restroom here?" He asked, and I knew what he meant.

"Yeah, there's one right there." I replied, pointing at the back of the shop. He nodded and I, giving him a very light and very imperceptible smile, left him.

As soon as I reached the counter he stood up and headed to the restroom, slyly suggesting me to follow him, just with his eyes. I closed mine to nod and counted to five before moving. Gee, it looks like we're plotting who knows what crime, while in fact, we're just hiding our relationship.

The restroom of the café is pretty much a cubicle, the double of the one of a airplane, and enough to fit two people, but not abundantly, so just as I entered, we found ourselves pressed against each other, which I didn't mind at all and was very much planned actually.

Eric wrapped his arms around my waist, smirking as he bent down enough to claim my lips in a gentle kiss that more than show me his need, was supposed to tell me how he valued our thing, despite the secrecy issue.

When he pulled slightly back, I grinned and he lightly stroked my cheek with his thumb, smiling sweetly.

"What did you say to that girl?" I asked, unable to retain myself. He smirked, still stroking my cheek while his other hand was still wrapped around my waist and pressed me against him.

"The truth." He simply replied. "That I've got a princess all for me, so why would I want other girls?"

I rolled my eyes at his cheesiness, but grinned, and he took the chance to lock our lips once more, this time more hungrily, so much that it soon became hard to breathe even and I was backing up, so ended up leaning on the wall, his hands all over me, but never near hot zones except for the small of my back, and we had to cease, simply because we couldn't breathe anymore.

Eric smiled tenderly as he leaned his forehead on mine. I had my arms around his shoulders and I grinned when he pecked my lips and sighed, saying I needed to stop being so irresistible because then he wouldn't be able to hold himself back. From kissing me senseless all the time, that is. As he added a second later, probably thinking I'd take it wrong. I retorted that I wouldn't mind at all and kissed him again ... till Sophie knocked on the door, saying I was needed out there.

I sighed, a bit frustrated, and Eric smiled, placing a tender kiss on my cheek. "Do you think you can leave early today?" He asked me and I frowned.

"Uh ... I can ask, but ... why?"

He gave me one of those sweet smile I've learnt to cherish because they're so rare, I mean, it seems like only I get to see them, because with everybody he's still that scary and irascible bad boy, while with me he is the sweetest boyfriend I could think of.

Eric gently traced the skin of my cheek with his fingers, making me feel shivers down my spine and kind of gulp as my nerves alerted. "I wanna take you somewhere." He said, his fingers now traveling down to my neck as his eyes followed those movements, making me feel even more Goosebumps.

"Where?" I blurted out, trying to think straight.

He smiled once more, pecking my lips. "Just somewhere."

I blinked my eyes, confused, and he grinned as he caressed my cheeks and kissed me once more, once again leaving me breathless, like he always does.

"I want to show you something." He said.

I would have wanted to ask more questions, but we had to move and in any case I wanted to show him that I trust him, even if he didn't ask for that openly, so I just smiled and nodded, saying I'd see to ask Sophie if I could be free by seven, so just an hour before the closure, therefore in a moment when she didn't really need me.

Once agreed that we'd meet by the park nearby, we parted, but, of course, not before he'd pretty much taken my breath away with another one of his incredible kisses.


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