The Angel,The Devil,The Nerd

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Chapter 41 - So perfect

a/n: there are two big moments to come and I wanted to put them together in the same chapter,but then it'd be too long, is one,in the next chapter you'll have the other :)

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Oh, I was so excited! Since Kyle last week told me that today it'd be Eric's 19th birthday I immediately started organizing. It took me a while to come up with something really great, but I made it.

I'm sure he's gonna love it. The only thing that scares me is the grand finale I have planned, but that's the most important and greatest part, hence, it can't be cancelled. It's the right moment, the right occasion. Everything's perfect.

It took me hours to pick an outfit, always helped by Aisha, but in the end I made it. This was going to be a spectacular day and it's all for him, therefore I have to look at my best.

When I said this to Aisha she squealed, saying she just knew what to do, so, for once, I put myself in my friend's hands and entrusted her with my look without complaining. Considering there are different parts to this special day, my friend also instructed me to wear different outfits, so, three parts, three different outfits. I argued that it wasn't necessary, but she reminded me of what I had planned, so it was obvious that I needed to get changed, especially for the other two parts.

Right now, as a first, I was wearing a short grey jersey dress with white stars as decorations. I wasn't really sure about it, because it was really, really short, but Aisha said those kind of dresses are to be worn with thick stockings, which means not much of my skin would be seen, and, I'll admit, thinking of how will Eric react to it, I agreed.

Although, I was still admiring myself in the mirror, not truly convinced. Aisha had adjusted my hair in a cute curly up-do and for once I was wearing my contact lenses and, even makeup. Seriously, not that much, but I was wearing makeup, especially lipstick.

"You look delicious, Cookie!" Aisha beamed from the edge of my bed, where she was sitting. I half grinned as I gazed at that girl in the mirror. This was nothing, compared to the other dress I'll be wearing tonight and to the one I wore for our first date, so I shouldn't be so nervous, but I guess that more than the dress, it's the thing per se. Because this ... celebration is really important, especially for the grand finale I have in mind.

Inhaling deeply, I nodded at both myself in the mirror and at Aisha. She leaped to her feet and handed me the bag she'd lent me, because I needed a big one, for the change of clothes and everything, and I had none. Grinning, we headed out of my room and downstairs, my heart already beating fast at the thought of Eric waiting for me at Sophie's. I'd be seeing him in 15 minutes. Yes, I counted. Because I'm too excited for this. Also scared and freaked out and nervous, but basically excited.

I don't have a car, so Aisha would be taking me to my destination. I wanted to ask her to lend me hers, because I do have my license, just couldn't afford a car, and because I already know it'll take much persuading to convince Eric to let me drive his "Betsy", but just as I thought about voicing my thoughts, while we were heading out of the house, we bumped into my mother.

We both looked surprised at each other, mom and I. She was presumably confused regarding my attire, even though she knows I'm going out with Eric for his birthday and ... she knows about the grand finale I have in mind, because, doubting a little, I told her. She was upset at first, but her next reaction was ... taking me to the clinic. No, not the psychiatric one. You'll understand soon, believe me. I was looking at her confused because she wasn't supposed to be at home now.

"You look beautiful, sweetie." She beamed after she coped with her confusion. I grinned, blushing a little, and moved away to let her in, then asked her why was she at home already. I swear, she looked like a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar! She was fidgeting, and she never does that!

"I ... uh ... I'd rather not tell you now, but ... just know that tonight I'm going out too and ... will most probably be late, ok?" I blinked my eyes, confused, part of me even daring think she was ... kindly leaving home empty for my plans, but it couldn't be it. If I know my mom, she'd be doing the opposite, just to avoid me doing that ... in the end, I shrugged it off, deciding I'd see to it tomorrow. But I have the fair feeling I know what it is.

As Aisha and I went out, mom warned me to be careful, really, but also to have fun, she'd see me tomorrow and we'd ... talk about everything. Both mine and hers.

Aisha giggled as we headed to her car, and once we were inside, she pointed out: "She's dating someone." At first I was a little taken off guard, but in the end I grinned, nodding. Yeah, she's definitely dating someone. I just hope it's someone that takes good care of her. After that element that I should call father, mom really needs someone that cares of her. My grin widened as I thought/hoped the lucky one would be who I think. Oh, he'd be so perfect for her. And he is so, so smitten with her ...


I didn't even enter Sophie's, the bluish Jeep was right in front of the park across from the shop and I grinned as I spotted that handsome boy I am so lucky to call boyfriend. I managed to sneak up on him, so that, when I reached him, he was giving me his back. My heart started thumping, so much that I thought he could hear it, so I took a deep breath and took in his figure from behind. From there, I could see only his blue dress-shirt and his hair that for once was styled, without gel, but it wasn't a complete mess as usual.

Taking one more deep breath, I approached him, kind of startling him, as I greeted: "Hello, stranger. I was looking for my boyfriend. Have you seen him?"

Eric turned to me, at first baffled, then, when he saw me, he smiled widely. "He must be here somewhere. If he ditches you, I'm all willing to keep you company, sweetheart." He mocked, checking me out up and down.

I grinned as I got closer to him and wrapped my arms around his neck to pull him in for a big, tender kiss. "I prefer when you call me baby." I sort of whispered against his lips, eyes half closed, as I pulled back.

Eric grinned, wrapping his arms around me not to let me move away, and kissed me again. "Because you are my baby. My princess." I giggled, leaning my forehead on his, and inhaled deeply, kind of biting my tongue not to say what had built up inside me. Gotta wait for the right moment. We stood there, grinning like Cheshire cats, for a few moments, then, eventually, I moved back, conscious that I had a schedule to follow.

Knowing he'd object, when I moved back I stretched my hand and gave him a sweet girl smile as he looked in between me and my hand, clearly confused. "Your keys, please."

He frowned. "No way."

"Yes, instead. I know where we're going, you don't. So I'm driving."

He snorted. "Not a chance. I love you, princess, but you're not touching my Betsy. No way."

I grinned, not at all offended. Quite simply, I got closer and wrapped my arms around his torso, kissing him intensely, enough to distract him and ... when he deepened the kiss, his hands cupping my cheeks, I sneakily reached for his belt and grabbed his keys. He was so dipped into our kiss that he didn't even notice. Only when I, pulling back, showed off the keys, grinning, he gave me a dirty look, to which I stuck out my tongue.

"I promise to treat her right. You have my word." I stated, placing my hand on my heart, as if I was swearing. Eric frowned for a moment, but then, like struck by a thunderstruck, he widened his eyes and pressed his lips, as if he was seeing me and my dress for the very first time. Clearing his throat when I giggled, he quickly waved his hand, saying I could drive, but I had to be extra careful, for ... "My Betsy is really delicate."

I rolled my eyes, approaching the driver's door and shooing him away from there. "You know, you should beware. Sooner or later I might ask you to pick. Her or me." I teased as I opened the door and he seemed a little taken aback, if not even anxious, I mean, I'd dare say he flinched. As he opened his mouth to say something, I shooed him to the passenger door, cutting him off. I knew what he wanted to tell me, and it was cute, but we had to get a move if we didn't want to be late.

Just to mock him a little, I pretended I had no idea how to make the car work. The anxious look he gave me had me laughing out loud and he grumbled that I shouldn't be this cruel to him, not on his birthday, therefore I leaned towards him and pecked his lips, apologizing as I promised: "This will be a day you'll never forget. Or at least I hope so."


"We're flying out of the state?" Eric asked, baffled, as we, holding hands, fingers entangled, approached the place. Purposely, I didn't reply, just dragged him towards the office, where a petite woman in her fifties was typing away on her desktop, and simultaneously, talking in her headphones. I waited for her to finish her things before talking, which took a few minutes, during which I grinned, gazing at an amazed Eric taking in his surroundings, like a child would. We were in a hangar, one kind of specific for helicopters.

"Hello, may I help you?" The woman asked, in a quite standard voice, sounding like a pre-recorded metallic message.

I smiled. "Hello, we're here to see Francis Leman."

She looked up at us and adjusted her round glasses. Eric was glancing in between me and her, like a lost puppy. Adjusting on her seat, she positioned her hands above the keyboard, ready to type, as she asked: "Your name?"

"Watson. Natalie Watson."

She looked perplexed for a moment, then nodded, like she'd recalled something, and affirmed, her voice softening a little: "Oh, sure thing ... Mr. Leman is waiting for you already." I smiled. She pointed at the outside, where there were a couple of helicopters and a man standing in between them. It was enough far not to be able to tell apart his features.

Once thanked the woman, I dragged Eric out there with me. I say dragged because he was still too confused to move. The place wasn't too big, not too much known either, but Dr. Green, who helped me with this, said his friend is the best in our town and nearby.

"Where exactly are we going?" Eric asked me as we walked.

I grinned, maybe a little mischievously, as I teased: "You're starting to sound like a panicked little kitten, you know?" He gave me a dirty look that only made me giggle. Oh, only a few weeks ago I would have been frightened, but so many things have changed! Starting from our relationship. And my feelings.

Once we reached the man standing in between the helicopters, I smiled kindly as I spoke: "Hello, Mr. Leman. I'm Natalie Watson. We spoke on the phone and via Dr. Michael Green. This is my boyfriend, Eric."

The man nodded. He was Dr. Green's age, so 40 more or less, in fact they were college mates. As I was planning this special day, I recalled that my doctor once told me there was this friend of his that was a pilot and he gave these courses for amateur pilots ... so I quickly connected the dots and called Dr. Green.

He was pretty surprised to hear from me, and, now that I recall, he sounded even anxious, which supports my idea of who my mom is apparently dating ... but in the end he was very willing to help me, in fact, he gave me also tips for the rest of the day.

"Well, everything's ready, guys. Just follow me." Mr. Leman commented, directed at Eric, who seemed to be falling from the clouds.

As the man walked towards one of the helicopters, my boyfriend turned to me, clearly dumbfounded, and I grinned, taking both of his hands in mine as I explained: "You once told me one of your biggest dreams was to become a pilot. So ... I figured this might be the right place to take you." I cleared my throat, trying to control my emotions, as I added, smiling truthfully: "Happy Birthday, Eric."

This wasn't exactly my gift for him, well, not the only one, but I felt anxious. He once told me that he'd always been fascinated by helicopters and he would love to become pilot. He always talked about it like it was pure utopia and I had no idea why, so I wanted to give him a head start on his dream.

Eric, thunderstruck, stared at me wide eyed and mouth open, then grinned like a Cheshire cat as his blue eyes landed on the helicopters. He squeezed my hands as he asked, excited: "So we're gonna ... have a round on one of these babies??"

I smiled and nodded. "More or less." I explained, pushing him towards Mr. Leman, who was gesturing for him to hop on the thing.

"You're not coming?" Eric asked me, sort of pouting.

I smiled. "It's your moment, not mine."

He gripped my hands as he gazed at me intently. "Every moment is the best only when it's with you." I tried hard not to faint at his words, so I just gave him my warmest smile and nodded. We both hopped on the thing, whose engine Mr. Leman was right then starting.

Eric took a seat in the front, as the man suggested, and when he, once we were all ready and settled, gave him a smile and commented: "Alright, kid. Ready for your first flying lesson?" Eric's jaw dropped and I giggled, unable to retain myself.

"W-what?" That's all he could stammer. So he stammers too? That's a first. Gee, he's so cute when so confused!

"Didn't you tell him?" Mr. Leman asked, turning to me.

I smirked, half pleased, half evilly. "Nope." I replied, propping the p. "Surprise, Rivers. You're gonna learn how to fly." I said, throwing my hands in the air like when you do to wish happy birthday or something. He looked at me both confused and amazed. I grinned. Times like this, I remember why I feel what I feel and why is he so special and so important to me.

Mr. Leman explained that this was just an introduction. If Eric wanted to go on, the lessons were paid already and he'd get the license if he continued, so, he would be, actually, a pilot. Well, at least an amateur one, but still, a pilot. Just like he dreamed of. And, if he wanted, Mr. Leman said he could spend a word in his favor in order for Eric to have a little push and be admitted to the academy for pilots that is in New York.

The huge smile and the truly happy glint on my boyfriend's lips and eyes melted my heart. I am sort of used to seeing this ... cheerful side of him, I mean, he is that when we're together, but right now, he looked like a child on Christmas morning, like he was the happiest boy on Earth. And I was happy for him. Making him happy gives a wider sense to my life, I found out some time ago.


As soon as we got off, Eric wrapped me up in a bone-crushing hug and kissed me intensely, so much that even Mr. Leman right then hopping off chuckled, shaking his head, but I barely saw him, as lost as I was in that kiss that moved everything inside me. And with everything I mean ... everything. Innocent and sinful sides included, my hormones already going crazy, like they always do with him.

Eric thanked me and thanked me, several times, saying this meant really much to him and he never thought his dream could become true, so he was grateful and so on. I just remained there, grinning, as I took in my boyfriend being, for once, carefree and happy, truly happy. Like he was ... well, a normal teenage boy. I'd do anything to keep that smile. Anything.

When he pulled back, although still keeping me in his arms, squeezing me against his side, Eric asked what would we do next, and I suggested we go eat something, because we really needed all of our energies for the next part of the day.

Once we'd eaten, I excused myself and reached the toilette, where I got changed in something more comfortable, even though, they'd give us uniforms, but you know, just to be sure I wouldn't ruin my dress. So I wore old faded black jeans and a grey t-shirt with sneakers. Eric was surprised, but didn't comment.

He was more than stunned when we reached our destination, though. This was the other fun part, which preceded the big thing I had planned. I can resume it in one word only: paintball.

Dr. Green also told me there was this sort of association that organized these things. Normally, they take groups of at least four people, but teams can be formed right then and there also, so Eric and I were paired up with other three boys, who were there to spend a different Friday.

They were surprised to see me, a girl, joining, but didn't say anything, possibly because my jealous and protective boyfriend was right there ready to attack them if they dared either mock me or even hit on me, which I seriously doubt they would have, but still, Eric was pretty menacing at first.

I joked that he really didn't need to mark his territory like that, I was already his, but he argued that, just in case, he made my being taken clear. I preferred not to reply to that, even though it was hilarious, so we just got changed into our uniforms and entered the battle after a brief planning with our teammates.

I'll admit I felt a little like a fish out of water, there, in the middle of boys, in a battle while I am normally peaceful, but I enjoyed it. Truly. Especially, I enjoyed seeing Eric so thrilled about something. I guess he really likes these sort of charged-up things.

In the end, we won. Thanks to Eric actually, who guided us to victory like a real leader would. The other boys complimented him, but the first thing he did, right after we took off our helmets, was just pull me in his arms and kiss me fervently and passionately, like a veteran just come from war that needed his touch of home and blissful relax.

I blushed when I heard the boys around us whistling, but I think it was more because of how intense the kiss was that my cheeks beet crimson. I would have argued that we had to keep the secret about us, as he often said, but those boys weren't teenagers, I think, so they didn't know us or anybody close to us, therefore we were ... safe, I guess. Eric didn't seem to bother anyway. Just held there, literally and figuratively taking my breath away with his hot kisses for a while.

In the end, I moved away, and only because I really needed to breathe. Grinning, I grabbed his hand and dragged him out of that place, ready for the last, and most important part of our day.


It was already dark when we reached the place. The place. That precise one Eric brought me to a few weeks ago. I had everything settled already, and when Eric saw it, he could only awe: I had set fairy and string lights all around, even electrified candles on the ground, just to avoid the risk of possible fires, lanterns here and there; I would have used a table, but I thought just a blanket would have been more ... well, yeah, romantic. There were two pillows on the blanket, just to make us more comfortable when we lie down and gaze at the stars. I was even lucky tonight, because there was the full moon. It was everything perfect, if I say so myself.

As for the dress, I'd changed into a short dark blue sort of ruffled dress with spaghetti straps, covering my shoulders with a slightly lighter blue shrug, sandals on my feet. Considering that after paintball we both had to take another shower, my hair was now left cascading down my shoulders and I had no makeup on, but Eric liked it better, he said, because, and that had me blush profusely, I am "just too gorgeous already, there's no need for makeup".

Holding his hand, I grinned as I brought him to the blanket and we sat down. That dress showed enough of my skin, because I had no stockings nor leggings on, but I didn't really mind, especially because it was pretty comfortable anyway and ... well, I needed it to be easy to take off.

I did see that Eric was forcing himself not to glance at my bare legs, though. The dress reached about my mid-thighs, so it was ... fair, but considering I've never been one to dare in clothing, he's never seen this much of my skin. He was discreet, though. I could know he was peeking only because he'd clear his throat and avert his gaze immediately. That was while I was driving.

Now, we sat down and I grabbed the picnic basket I'd brought, full with things I had cooked. Yes, I. Well, ok, mom helped, but it was mostly me.

Eric admired our surroundings, clearly astonished, and I warily asked if he felt like I'd overdone or even spoiled his favorite place, but he swiftly shook his head and assured me that it was everything absolutely perfect, so I grinned and took out our meal: creamy salmon penne, orange chicken breast, and, the dessert, chocolate raspberry cheesecake.

I would have sworn Eric's mouth watered at the sight of all of those goodies. I'm not a great cook, but with the help of my mom, a big, big help from mom, I made it, and, they all looked delicious, if I say so myself. I didn't know what beverage would have been preferable and I didn't want to go for alcohol, not just because we're both underage, but because I really don't drink and I know Eric doesn't particularly like it either, so I just went for mineral water, thinking that coke was too boorish for such a dinner.

More than enjoy dinner, Eric kept his eyes on me, smiling from ear to ear as he looked as happy as I've really never seen him. We made small talk about anything, just to keep it cool, and once we'd eaten everything, we wrapped up in each other's arms and spent at least half an hour just gazing at the stars and the moon. It was everything so perfect, so beautiful, I felt my heart swelling with emotions and feelings and the need to say something very specific.

I better wrapped my arm around his torso and leaned my head on his shoulder, smiling widely, for it was such a perfect moment. I mean, the lights around us, the quietness of the place, the moon above us kissing us with her rays, like giving us her bliss ... and Eric hugging me so tightly and so tenderly ... amazing is the only word I can think of, but it's not even enough. And ... we weren't over yet.



I grinned when, as I placed a soft kiss on her hair, Natalie giggled. All of this that she's done for me ... seriously, I have never been this content and happy in my entire life. This was just all too perfect.

The flying lesson first, a dream coming true. I've always loved helicopters and there was a time when I would hope to enter the academy and become a real pilot, enter the aviation, because commercial flights just aren't my thing and the military pilots just seemed so awesome when I saw them back in Washington.

Then things changed and my dream became pure utopia, but today ... when I got to hop on one of those jewels ... wow. Just ... wow. It was so incredibly awesome that I could barely listen to Mr. Leman giving me instructions. And when he let me, just for a few moments, drive that thing on my own ... ah, I was in Heaven. Truly.

With all that happened in my life, I've always done my best to keep the dreaming to the lowest possible, the only dreams I let myself cherish were two, and, casually, were the ones that had come true: piloting, at least once, a real helicopter, feeling the adrenaline rush through me as I skipped through the sky, but, more importantly, the other dream I really cherished was the one I was currently living ... being with my princess.

Yeah, I know, it sounds cheesy, but she's kept me from falling into the deepest gutter and I owe her so much she doesn't even realize. Because every time my life took a detour for the worst, I forced myself to think of my Natalie and the feeble and possibly utopian dream of being with her. Till the end of my days.

The paintball part was awesome as well, but not as much as the helicopter was. I mean, it was great, because I am well used to those adrenaline shocks I felt when driving our team to success and it felt incredible. One might even think I could do well in a military career, but, there are two things to keep me from it: one, with my all but clean record, I highly doubt they'd ever even consider me, two, but more important, I couldn't enroll only to be deployed to some God forsaken land and be far from my princess.

You see? It always all comes back to her. She's my everything. She's my one and only world. And right now my chest could explode with how swollen it was with emotions. Because my life seems to have taken a detour for the great for once, and this moment, with my princess in my arms, this exact moment I shall cherish till the day I die.

Moving my lips a bit lower, to be closer to her ear, as she, mesmerized, admired the full moon and all those stars above us, the lights around us illuminating her gorgeous face in a way that she seemed almost ethereal, like a true angel sent from Heaven to save me, I whispered into her ear, never tired of saying it: "I love you, princess. More than anything."

The grin spreading on her plump lips as I said that melted my heart, because it at least meant she was happy to hear that and she was happy to know what I feel for her.

These weeks, after the first time, I have been repeating those words so many times that I almost thought she'd get tired of them, and yet, every time I say it her smile gets bigger and bigger, as if hearing it different times made her feel different things. This way, I can hope. She said she's falling. Well, I'm right here to catch her.

Natalie abandoned herself in my arms and I hugged her better, looking up at the stars for a moment. It truly was a mesmerizing sight, but more than those, for how cheesy and cliché it sounds, more than those, my princess is mesmerizing of her own.

I'll admit that the dress she got changed into after paintball had my nerves and hormones go into frenzy mode not little, but I managed to keep it cool. I could see so much of her legs that not even on our first date I did. That one, it reached her knees more or less, this one ... well, this one reached her mid-thighs and as we sat down it went slightly upper ... I wonder how comes she didn't notice how I had to dissimulate not to let her notice how her bare skin was effecting me.

And while eating, at some point she also removed the shrug she'd worn, so that I could enjoy her bare shoulders but had to strain my neck to look her in the eyes and not ... down. Just like now I had to. Focusing on her overall beauty other than on those plump breasts of hers I could so easily peek into from where I was ...

When she awed, marveled, I glanced down at her and she pointed at the sky, where a shooting star had just passed, leaving its shiny trail behind. I smiled, placing a tender kiss on Natalie's temple. "Did you make a wish?" I asked softly in her ear and she grinned, nodding, but saying she couldn't tell me, otherwise it wouldn't become true. I smiled more as I kissed her temple.

God, can this moment get any better? We're far from everything and everyone, far from problems and issues, just the two of us, wrapped up in each other's arms, admiring the beautiful night sky. I don't think it can get any better.

Just as I thought so, Natalie placed her small hand on my chest, making heat suddenly seep through me at her gentle and innocent touch. I'll admit that it's getting a little harder to resist these days, but I promised I'd wait and I will. Our first time ought to be awesome and the most romantic possible.

Her hand still on my chest, Natalie better snuggled up to me, so much that she could almost sit on my lap, and I both wanted it and didn't ... I wanted it because then she'd be as close as possible to me, I didn't want it because ... well, you know, it's not like I can really control how my blood flows to this specific part of me and I didn't want her to flinch and spoil our perfect moment.

But she didn't seem to mind, because she just wrapped both her arms around my torso and better leaned her head on my shoulder, her bare thighs coming in contact with mine and already making me a bit hyper, till they straddled my own and she was definitely sitting on my lap. Not that she's never been in such position, but with her bare thighs warming mine even from above my jeans and her cleavage in such an inviting position for me to peek ... well, it was pretty hard to keep control, to be honest.

The way she cuddled to me, though, it looked like she was about to drift off to sleep, because she nuzzled my neck as she adjusted her arms around my shoulders and closed her eyes, I swear, practically sniffing me. Although that's something we both like, I mean, I am always taking in her peculiar vanilla and raspberry scent that is mixed with something else, and sometimes I catch her taking in my scent as well, more specifically, she does that when I don't have any cologne on. It's instincts, I guess.

I better embraced her, ready to pillow her sleep if she was to doze off, after all, I can understand she's tired, after such a day, I would be too, if her sweet body so close to mine wasn't making me so hyper ... so much that I feared my buddy down there would betray me soon.

When she let out a muffled sound that so very much resembled a moan, I instinctively looked down at her and then at myself, confused because, I mean, I would know it if my little friend was being naughty, wouldn't I?

Deciding it was better to relax, I inhaled deeply, chuckling when Natalie grinned and sort of ... moaned when my breath hit her face. From the looks of it, she was seriously dozing off, so I just kissed her forehead, deciding that I'd wait till she was sound asleep to move and take her to my car to bring her back home.

But, we'd been there like that for a few minutes, and I was about to stand up with her in my arms, when she lowly and sweetly called my name. I figured it was in her sleep, so I stilled for a moment, not resisting to the urge of kissing her temple once more, just to make her feel I was there with her, and she grinned.

Then she fluttered her eyes open and those hazels fixed on mine, making my heart race because those are, without any doubt, the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. And when she smiled so sweetly at me ... oh, God.

My brother says she owns me, has me wrapped around her little finger, and it might be true, but tell you what, I don't care at all. She's just so beautiful and so sweet but has that sass very well hidden inside and that feisty side she's so afraid of showing ... she's such an incredible ensemble of perfection that it's only fair she owns my heart so tightly.

Besides, I've come to know her more and more and even her lightly snorting when she laughs too much makes me smile, just like her scrunching up her face when she doesn't understand something, like she does when I'm teaching her Math, or her wrinkling her nose when she doesn't like something ... all those things make her so even more beautiful, I swear.

Pouting her lips a little, she leaned in and gave me a small tender kiss I did my best to keep that way, even with my hormones already awakening. As we kissed, I wrapped an arm around her legs, like I often do when we're like this, but I couldn't help but groan in her mouth as I touched her bare skin.

Immediately, I retrieved my hand, afraid it'd travel up by itself to reach her intimate parts that were so exposed with that dress ... not that she was practically naked, but, told you, the dress was short and her sitting like that on my lap made it move up, and when she bent her knees ... oh, sweet joy ... I could so clearly feel her bare skin against me that now yes, I was damn feeling my buddy down there stirring.

Natalie giggled in my mouth and cupped my cheeks, still remaining so close that our lips could brush each other, her eyes half closed, she leaned her forehead on mine and inhaled deeply. She rested there for a long moment, apparently lost in her thoughts or something, but when she spoke, my heart stopped for a moment then started racing like a fool, thinking that my mind was playing tricks, she didn't just say ...

I remained there, mouth slightly parted, convinced I was dreaming, and for how gay it sounds, I have dreamed of such moments for real, where she would look up at me like she was now, fixing her beautiful hazel eyes on me as she grazed my neck, a sweet smile playing on her lips, such a bright light illuminating her eyes ...

She took a deep breath and I felt like the one she took was from me, because I couldn't breathe anymore, and I kept on holding my breaths as she spoke: "I'm sorry it took me so long to realize, but ... I love you, Eric. With all my heart. And I have been craving to tell you all day. I've planned all of this just to show you, before telling you, how much I truly love you."

She grinned, pecking my lips. "And now that I've said it I feel so, so much lighter." "One more peck as her fingers raked through my hair and her body got closer. "I love you, Eric. I love, love, love you. More than I could ever even explain."

Oh, Jeez ... this is ... hell, I don't even know how to describe it. It took me a moment to awake my senses and respond to the gentle, sweet and yeah, loving kiss she was giving me, so different from every other we've ever exchanged, but when I did, I kissed her back with all the passion I could be capable of, trying to pour in that kiss every ounce of that endless love I feel for her, even though, it might be impossible, because truly, what I feel for her has no limits.

Inevitably, I got a bit more impetuous, but she responded to it, so much that we lost balance and I fell back, her on me. Without hesitation, I flipped us, so that I was on her, even without pushing my weight on her, and we kept kissing, while I did my best to keep my hands on neutral zones.

And yet ... giggling, Natalie broke our kiss and fixed her hazel eyes on me once more, those hazels that were shining with a new light I'd never seen as the bright smile reached them, and yet it wasn't just that.

Wrapping her arms around my neck, she brought me even closer, so much that our bodies were glued, and she pecked my lips, just for a tiny moment, before looking straight into my eyes and saying: "I'm ready."

I gulped, trying hard to convince my mind and my hormones that she didn't mean that, but she grinned as her fingers raked through my hair, sending shivers down my spine and blood to course through my veins so loudly that I wondered how couldn't we actually hear it, especially as she, with her sweet innocent smile, requested: "Make love to me, Eric. Here. Tonight."

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