The Angel,The Devil,The Nerd

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Chapter 42 - The ultimate gift

WARNING: this chapter contains sexual contents

a/n: I'll admit it took me more to write this,because Natalie is different from my other characters...but here we go,the chapter you were all expecting :D

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I said it. Yes, I said it. And I meant it. Really meant it. Eric seemed completely shocked. He was already when I told him those three magic words. And now that I said I want that ...

I giggled as I ruffled his hair, his baffled look being just too cute. His mouth was still open, as if he wanted to say something but didn't quite know what. Therefore I took the initiative and, my arms still around his neck, I kissed him, with all the passion I could muster. It took him a while, but he responded to it and soon enough his hands were roaming my body as we kissed. He was still uncertain, though.

When we broke the kiss, I smiled brightly, looking into those wonderful blue eyes, my heart swelling with so many emotions I couldn't even pinpoint. I was excited and happy and anxious, because it was something really important, but also glad we finally got to this and ... wooo ... so many things!

"Tallie, a-are you ... sure?" I grinned, especially because he sounded so worried and anxious and yet I could see it all too clearly in his eyes that he really wanted it.

I pecked his lips, savoring them like candy before pulling back and, forehead against his, said what had been resonating in my mind since a few days already and that now felt so easy to repeat over and over again: "Eric, I love you. Truly. And I want you to make love to me. Tonight. As my ... ultimate gift for you, I give you my virginity."

He opened his mouth to respond, but no sound came out and I grinned, knowing he was completely at a loss for words. Gathering up all my strength, I flipped us, so that I was on top of him. It wasn't easy, because, honestly, he was on me and all those lean muscles of his are pretty heavy for me, even if I am not petite like Aisha or Dana for instance, but I made it.

Without hesitation, I straddled him, my legs bent at his sides, and kissed him as passionately as I could, cupping his cheeks in mine. I yelped when I felt some movement beneath me.

It's not exactly the first time, I mean, after that one time while we were watching Frozen, we did our best to slow down but more than once yes, I could feel the slightest movement in his lower region. Usually it was then that he, even if grudgingly and sometimes not easily, broke our kiss and claimed it was time to go home. To take a cold shower, now and then he hinted, which always made me blush, but now ... well, no cold shower was needed now, because I was ready and willing to do it. With him. I wouldn't want to give up my virginity to anyone else, I swear.

I honestly started seriously thinking about it since Eric started playing with my mind, and since I did, there was only one thought that kept hammering in my mind: it was him and him only the one I could ever give it to. My first time ought to be with him and him only. And now here we were ...

My breath itched as Eric deepened our kiss, his hands traveling down to my hips, roaming my back, but always, respectfully, keeping their distance from my rear side, so that, to convince him, I once more whispered against his lips: "Make love to me, Eric."

His grip on me tightened, but he asked: "Are you sure? Really sure this is what you want? You don't have to rush for me, Tallie. I can wait."

I shook my head, pecking his lips as I unconsciously grinded against him, mostly because my own body needed the friction with that part of him that was so clearly poking my core ... "I am perfectly sure, Eric. I want it. With you. Tonight." Uncontrollably, I let out a soft moan as I could feel the bulge in his jeans growing. "Make love to me, Eric. Show me how much you love me."

At that point, I didn't have to repeat it. Swiftly, he flipped us, so that he was once more on top, and kissed me intensely, his right arm around me, his left hand now traveling up on my thigh, caressing my bare skin so lightly and yet sensually that I felt Goosebumps just at that.

He suggested we go home, though, just to be more comfortable, but I grinned and, gently pushing him off, I stood up, taking his hand in mine, and reached the tent I had settled nearby. It wasn't exactly for that purpose, I swear, it was just in case it rained, but ... it came in handy, I guess.

Sure, at home it'd be more comfortable, but right here ... in the middle of nowhere, not even animals being heard, all those romantic lights around us ... it was a better atmosphere than my room. Besides, to go back home it'd take us an hour at least and I didn't want to wait.

It was a small tent, decorated with fairy lights all around, it contained just a duvet as some sort of bed, and a couple of pillows. It was supposed to be a romantic alcove in case it rained, but ... well, now that I better looked at it, it was just so perfect for our actual purpose. I don't think I could picture a more romantic place for our first time.

Eric, beside me, looked halfway between surprised and ... amused. I bet he was thinking I had planned it all since the beginning, and it was true, I really had planned on giving up my virginity to him as ultimate gift for his birthday, but seriously, I didn't plan on doing it in here. It sounded just about perfect, though. Yeah, I know, I should have been anxious, after all, we were in the woods, in the middle of nowhere ... but this place is so secluded that I wouldn't be surprised if really nobody knew it, hence ... it was perfect.

I gave Eric a moment to take in the place and everything, then tugged at his hand and positioned in front of him. He grabbed my neck to pull me closer and kiss me, our arms entwining and reaching for about every side of us, as usual, I'd say, but differently. Differently because this time, his hands did search for my intimate zones, and when they found them, they didn't pull back instantly, knowing he was going too far, this time, he was gently and yet sensually brushing them.

His hands reached for my buttocks, sliding beneath the dress, and when he cupped my cheeks, I couldn't help but moan breathlessly in his mouth as we kept kissing, but he quickly returned up, as if he thought that was the wrong move.

Surprisingly, I wasn't nervous, well, I was, but I trusted him with my body and somehow I knew it would be the best night of my life. Not because he's had much more experience than me, but because I was sure that, if making love truly means loving someone's body just as much as you love them, then Eric would seriously give me a night to remember.

Honestly, I ... did some research on the Internet. Didn't work out too well. I sought advice on being the less awkward possible during your first time, but ... only porn videos kept popping up. So I resorted to, awkwardly, asking Aisha, just because Jamie was far and really talking to my mother would have been too weird.

Already when I told her, like I said, she brought me to the clinic, wanting me to check out before anything and, to get the necessary diaphragm, which means that, for how weird it sounds, since tonight I'll be officially on the so called and so notorious pill. That doesn't mean my boyfriend can skip protections, though, as she explicitly chastised me, making me blush profusely. She even bought me a package of condoms, just in case Eric was too gentleman to have them in his wallet, thinking I wouldn't give in so soon. You can bet I was crimson as mom said those things, but ... well, I had to take the package anyway, otherwise she wouldn't let me go.

We had a long talk about this and she told me that she couldn't keep me from doing it and, if anything, I'd picked the right guy, because Eric seriously loved me, it was as clear as the sun, but ... she wanted and demanded I was careful, really careful. I guess it's always because, that one time she wasn't, she conceived me ...

Now, inhaling deeply, apparently being just as nervous as I was, Eric gently grazed the back of my neck as he kissed me passionately, his hands roaming my back for a while, as usual, but then, just as his lips moved to my neck, his hands slid down to my buttocks once more, but this time more firmly, as he gently squeezed my cheeks in his hands, making me yelp a little, especially because, by doing that, he better pressed me against him and ... well, I could so clearly feel his ... um ... erection against my stomach.

Gee, it embarrasses me using real terms, I'll admit, even if those are things I studied in sexual education class, but I wanted it, really, really wanted it, hence, I was abandoning myself completely at him.

Eric gently and yet hungrily nibbled on my neck as his hands rubbed my buttocks, making their way up and up, and when they brushed my panties, I shivered a little, but I managed to keep it cool enough for him not to notice. Grabbing the hem of my dress, he pulled back slightly and pulled it over my head, making me remain there in front of him only in my undergarments.

Eric seemed mesmerized by the sight, his blue irises widening, his Adam apple showing me how hard he swallowed as he took in my almost naked figure. In the back of my mind, I had the childish urge to cover my semi-nudities, especially because I could so clearly see the hunger in his eyes as he drank me in, but there was no way I would back up. For as much nervous as I was, I would do this. Because it was the best gift I could give him, and because I was ready for it. Truly ready.

Actually, as I thought of doing this, I had been wary at the thought that maybe, he wouldn't like what he saw because, I mean, I'm not exactly a supermodel and my body is ... uh ... curvy, so opposite to the flawless perfection of ... well, his ex, Dana.

Yeah, he told me she's the closest to a girlfriend he's ever had, but ... their thing was mostly handled in bed, which means that, technically, I'm his first real girlfriend, his first real relationship. And yet, physically, I couldn't help but feel the competition with Dana.

Every time I saw her swaying in the halls I pictured Eric touching that perfect body and ... it made me want to scream in frustration because I know I could never look as perfect as her, so maybe Eric wouldn't be satisfied with what he saw ...

I know it's a bit incoherent because he has seen pieces of me since my clothes started being less baggy, but still ... and yet, the way he was drinking me in, as if I was a beverage he'd so longed and was so thirsty that he couldn't resist anymore but was to still keep calm, that way had me gain some confidence, because it at least meant that he didn't mind my soft curves.

Inhaling deeply, Eric pulled me in his arms once more, making me yelp as my almost naked body crashed into his clothed one. He kissed me once more, his hands now more freely traveling across my body as he caressed every single part of me.

Gathering up some courage, as my head was tilted to the side to give him better access to my neck as he nibbled on it, a bit nervously, I started unbuttoning his shirt, feeling both overjoyed and anxious at the thought that this would be the very first time I'd get to see those hard muscles I've come to feel so much against me when he holds me close.

Slowly, I got used to moaning without feeling too ashamed as his lips gave me such pleasurable sensations. This wasn't the first time they took such care of my neck, he's given me several hickeys already, but this time ... well, this time his hands were caressing and brushing my bare skin and it felt so much more intense!

He gave me Goosebumps as he gently kneaded my breasts from above my bra while his lips moved down to trail kisses from my neck to my shoulder and I couldn't help but run my hands down his abs, making him hiss almost instantly, so that, confused, I retrieved my hands, but he smiled against my skin, telling me to go on, to do everything I felt like doing, there was no rush, we would enjoy every single moment of this perfect night together. And, he added, I shouldn't mind his low cries, those were just the response to feeling for the first time my small hands on his bare skin.

Inhaling deeply, I placed my hands on his abs once more, letting my fingers skim over his skin, actually impatient to peek down and see that perfect body for real, but I was just too taken by his gentle and sensual touch to think of anything else. His hands caressing my sides up and down, now and then reaching my bra to knead my breasts, his lips kissing every single part they could reach, it all made me feel Goosebumps.

And when he slowly and gently pulled down the straps of my bra ... his lips returned to kiss that same spot, but while one hand travelled down to my buttocks, the other reached my back and, making me yelp, unclipped my bra, so that he could easily slide it off me, leaving my breasts bared to his pleasure.

His mouth opened wide as he took them in for a long moment, giving me Goosebumps once more, because the way he was drinking me in ... it felt as if he could barely contain the desire anymore, as if he would explode if he didn't get what he needed, so much was the hunger in his eyes and overall countenance, and I could understand, because I was feeling the same. The heat was reaching my lower region and I could already feel moisture in my panties, a moisture I've come to get acquainted to, because it's what Eric always causes in me with his touch, a moisture that he would soon feel and that made me more nervous.

His lips came to mine and he gave me such a hungering and yet gentle kiss that my knees buckled and I gripped him just to get a hold onto something, but turns out that he liked me touching him, because he let out a low groan and deepened our kiss, hence, once slid his shirt off, I started gently brushing his abs up and down, feeling only moister, especially as both his hands cupped my breasts and kneaded them so gently and sensually that I could only moan.

By accident, I rubbed his lower region as well, and he let out kind of an animalistic growl in my mouth as my hands came in contact with that part of him, even if briefly and from above his jeans, but I figured he liked it, therefore when his lips moved to my neck once more, I gave myself courage and rubbed him through the stuff of his jeans a little, making him moan against my skin as our bodies grew closer and closer and we walked backwards, stopping at the edge of the duvet only.

The awareness that we were about to fall on it and consummate our love made my heart race faster and, inevitably, wonder if I'd be up to his expectations and needs, because he was much more experienced while I had no idea what to do ...

When I spoke to Aisha, she told me not to worry, the boy would think of everything, but ... a little bit of collaboration was expected. If anything, it'd be a nice gesture to touch his sensitive part just as he touched mine. She said she was sure Eric wouldn't obviously expect me to be able to give him a ... um ... you know, those ... "jobs" girls do to boys, but he would be pleasured in every sense if I at least tried to cooperate.

Therefore, as he kept on taking care of every single bit of my skin, I nervously tugged on his belt and unfastened it, making him shudder a little, even more as I unbuttoned his jeans and my hand came in contact with his manhood, only the red plaid stuff of his boxers separating us.

I moaned a bit more breathlessly as he started playing with my nipples, gently flicking at them, so that they quickly got to be erected and as pink as ever, then he bent down and cupped one of my boobs in his mouth, making me shudder and moan, shooting my head back, stopping my rubbing him through his boxers. Although I soon restarted, knowing he liked it, because he kept moaning against my skin, making me feel the vibrations.

Gently, he made me go backwards and I thought I'd trip and fall on the duvet, but Eric didn't let me, he just wrapped an arm around my waist as he came up to kiss my lips and softly made me lie on my back, him hovering over me. My legs spread by themselves to let him position in between them and continue with his sensual job, his mouth cupping one of my boobs as his hand squeezed the other, playing with my already so erect nipple.

Eric gave me a sweet reassuring smile as he looked up at me, fixing his blue sky eyes on my hazels and coming down to kiss my lips ... to distract me from his hands travelling down my sides, going to lovingly caress my buttocks and move his hands close to my panties, but bypassing that specific spot to reach my thighs and gently caress them as well, his fingers making me feel Goosebumps as they skimmed over the sensitive skin of my inner thighs, the moisture in my panties growing as he got closer to my most precious part.

When he broke the kiss, he trailed kisses from my cleavage to my abdomen, even taking care of my navel, making me shiver, his fingers still skimming over my inner thighs. I gasped when he hooked his fingers to my panties and, slowly and sensually, slid them off me.

Now I was naked, completely naked underneath him. Completely exposed. And yet I didn't fear anything. The most I was worried about was, still, not being able to live up to his expectations, but I tried to convince myself that Aisha was right, Eric knew I was completely inexperienced in the field, so he wouldn't expect anything from me.

I swallowed, finding it now harder to breathe as Eric bent down and his hot breath hit my little paradise. Weirdly enough, I thanked God for having planned this and not done it out of instinct, because, otherwise, I would have been ashamed to show him my unshaved heaven, but ... with Aisha just the other day we went to the beautician and ... well, I got rid of all of my extra hair.

For some reason, I could feel Eric smiling lightly against my core, maybe ... he figured I did some preparations for this moment that didn't concern only building the atmosphere? But then he looked up at me and grinned widely and ... my cheeks flushed when I realized what was he admiring wasn't the effort I made to look good, it was my being so ... wet already. The sort of proud glint in his eyes said it all. He was glad he could make me feel that way.

His grin became reassuring when he noticed how flustered I was about it and he pulled up, cupping my cheeks to kiss me lovingly as he, trailing kissing to my earlobe, kind of sensually whispered: "It's absolutely normal, princess. Relax."

Childishly, but nervously, I nodded and he smiled, pecking my lips then staring into my eyes for a moment. My heart was racing and I bet he could feel it, because he kissed me gently once more and, against my lips, reassured me: "It's gonna be fine. Just relax, ok?"

I nodded once more and he grinned, this time giving me a deeper kiss, then declaring: "I love you, Tallie."

My heart fluttered and I managed to smile back as I responded: "I love you too, Eric."

I don't think I could describe how it felt to witness such joy in his eyes. It's like they lit up with such a bright light that even the sun would fade, and his smile ... oh, his smile was so, so happy. Is it possible that only me telling him those things makes him this happy? Just that is enough? I guess so, because I've never seen him like this. The rational part of me wanted to blame part of that glow in his eyes to the fairy lights all around us, but I knew it was just me, us ... it was just us declaring to make his eyes glow like that.

When we broke our kiss, Eric moved down and I let out a shaky breath when I felt his hot breath against my little paradise. I had no idea what was he about to do, I mean, in sexual education class they just taught us the basics, but I don't think this was contemplated in those.

Although ... I remember once, I heard some girls talking about this boy that had ... "given them head in such a sloppy way that they felt like being licked by a dog". Right then and there I didn't give much thought to it, it just honestly made me laugh the idea of being licked by a dog, which brought me to thoughts of wanting a puppy and the thing was all forgotten. I was in sophomore year back then, the girls were juniors, and while I was curious and made a mental note about searching for the term, I entirely forgot about it.

Those researches I made while preparing for tonight, I told you, they all brought me to porn videos, so I quickly and embarrassedly closed the browser, afraid I'd see something I shouldn't. Times like this, my reactions only reinforce the reputation I have of goody-two-shoes. Like ... I barely even know what the word sex means.

And honestly, if I know how it works, it's only because my mom gave me the speech and the teacher told us in sexual education class, where, now that I recall, I was barely the only one along with a couple more girls and a boy, not to know anything about the subject. Well, I did know how it worked, mom explained me, but I didn't know details.

So, now ... Eric's face being between my thighs confused me, and yet I knew it was meant to give me pleasure. He brought a hand up to gently caress my breasts as his hot breath hit my sensitive part, which was so wet and hot already that I felt shivers down my spine because his breath felt like a cool breeze.

I moaned breathlessly when his thumb rubbed my clit, my back already arching, and, liking that reaction, Eric repeated that move more than once as his other hand played with my breasts. My clit was already swollen, I could feel it, and, to be honest, it embarrassed me to let Eric see how glistening my core was. I guess I really, really wanted this just as much as he did. But he didn't comment, just kept going, rubbing my clit gently, not ceasing even when he came up to kiss me.

"I gotta ask, Tallie ... have you ever ... um ... touched yourself?" My cheeks turning a deep shade of red, I violently shook my head, trying hard to focus as his thumb was still rubbing my clit so gently and yet sensually.

Eric gave me a small smile and kissed my lips once more, then brought his to my neck, nibbling on it, I bet to distract me from what his thumb was doing down there. My clit was so slick, I could hear the sounds of his rubbing it, but while I was embarrassed, I didn't have time to think about it, because there was a pressure already building up in the pit of my stomach.

Yet, Eric stopped and moved down once more. I shivered, my back arching so much that I almost levitated, when he, starting from the bottom of my core, slowly licked all the way up, careful to be gentle and light in his touch, but deep, enough deep to let me feel his tongue actually skimming over my insides.

Then he moved to my inner thighs, gently trailing kisses till the edge of my most precious part, and what had me hold my breaths was the fact that he kept eye contact with me all the time, but without intimidating me, I mean, he looked kind of like a predator stalking his prey, but that was just the first impression, because it was actually a tender way even in its sensuality.

I mean ... it was hot like that but it was also sweet, because it felt like he was being sensual and yet reassuring, implicitly telling me to keep calm, everything was going to be fine ... I don't know if that makes any sense, but I was just too taken, his blue eyes piercing through me, to really think straight.

His hands on my thighs, his fingers gently skimming over my skin, Eric started tracing in a wide circle around my clit, teasing it, but without ever really touching it. He slowly worked his way to it, then eventually, made circles on top of it, making me squirm at the intrusion, but he held me there, pressed against the duvet but always gently, his fingers tickling the skin of my inner thighs, only adding to that already overwhelming sensation. Seeing I liked that, Eric repeated his movements more than once, giving my clit small strokes in different ways, all better than the other actually.

Then he took my breath away by cupping my clit in his mouth, gently sucking on it, calmly, like he was doing that to get me used to the whole thing. I just stared at the ceiling even without really seeing anything, his grip on my thighs slightly tightening as I unconsciously tried to close them. I don't know if I was making any sound, but I felt like I wasn't breathing at all.

I guess the thing is, I never ever touched myself, so this was my very first contact and I had no idea how would I react to it, which is one more reason why I was so nervous about it. But Eric seemed to perfectly know what he was doing, so I commanded my mind to shut up and just bask in those pleasurable sensations he was giving me.

What was hotter, I'll admit, was Eric never leaving my eyes. He kept eye contact all the time, as if to be sure I was enjoying it. And indeed I was. His tongue kept swirling around my clit slowly and gently, clearly dead set on being the less intrusive possible, considering that was the first time my most intimate part was touched like that.

I sucked in a breath when I felt his index fingers lightly brushing my labia, from one side to another, kind of collecting my moisture, which had me squirm underneath him, but again, I was blocked.

I cried out his name, kind of breathlessly, when Eric, his tongue still flicking at and sucking on my clit, first traced the folds of my labia, then slowly, really slowly, whith his finger entered my virginal hole, even making a bit of effort, but remaining halfway, I have no idea why.

He stilled his finger inside for a long moment, my walls kind of working to get used to the intrusion, then, he slowly and gently started going in and out, just with his index finger. I could feel his eyes on me, but my head was shot back as I was trying hard to breathe among low moans.

Suddenly, he pulled out his finger and focused on my clit, sucking and sucking on it so intensely that I couldn't help but feel a deep pressure building up in the pit of my stomach. My chest kept rising and falling as my breaths kept being uneven.

Eric moved back slowly and pulled up to come kiss me, making me feel something odd in his mouth, which, I guess, where my ... um ... fluids. He kissed me intensely, his fingers making me feel Goosebumps as they softly skimmed over my skin.

He gave me a reassuring smile before dipping his head into the crevasses of my neck, nibbling on it, distracting me, even if not entirely, from his index finger once more finding its way inside me, this time a bit more intrusively, but always gently. As he put a bit more pressure, I sort of squirmed, taken off guard by the intrusion, especially as his finger kept on slowly pumping in and out of me at a rhythmic and yet very gentle pace.

My virginal orifice was enough slick to let him go without too much of a hindrance, especially as my walls got used to his finger, but I screamed when he added another one and Eric, to calm me down, moved his lips to mine, capturing them in a loving kiss that muffled my sounds and distracted me from that intrusion.

It wasn't painful, it just felt ... odd, because even with two fingers only he was stretching me and part of me was afraid, but Eric reassured me, kissing me and caressing me tenderly as he explained: "I need to get you used to it, princess. This way it's gonna be a bit easier later. Just relax and enjoy it."

He kissed my lips, his fingers slowly and gently moving inside me, going enough deep to take my breath away but not enough to make me feel pain and, in the back of my mind, I think I knew why.

It's about something that gets broken when you lose your virginity. The hymen. Eric didn't want to break my hymen just with his fingers. I guess it was ... good. Because it has to be the ... um ... proper thing to break it, right?

Eric kept kissing me and caressing every single bit of me with his free hand and lips as his fingers pumped in and out of me, picking up a steadier and a little faster pace as I calmed down and sort of got used to it, so much that I could moan without remorse, even if breathlessly.

The pressure kept building up in the pit of my stomach and it was getting unbearable, which had me cry out his name, halfway between a pleasured moan and a request for indications or anything. Eric simply kissed me as he spoke against my lips: "Let it go, baby. Let it go."

I sort of knew what he meant, but I didn't quite have the courage to do so, therefore he assured me it was going to feel good, but still ... I couldn't make myself. Not because I wasn't close to it, but because my body didn't want to let go. I was there, right there, on the edge, his fingers rhythmically pumping inside me, and yet I couldn't make myself to let it go. It was like my body decided by itself and wanted ... well, a different way to reach my very, very first orgasm.

Eric chuckled, probably reading through my inner battle, and kissed me softly, pumping a bit more inside me, just to make sure I wouldn't really let it go, then slowly pulled out and moved back, hovering over me.

Now that I better looked at him and his naked upper half, those perfect abs so exposed ... I found myself awe, kind of pressing my legs together unconsciously as some more fluids rippled out of me, now dripping down my legs. How could it be possible? That was the result of my being ... aroused, that much I know, but could simply admiring my boyfriend's six-pack give me such emotions?

Sure, it was much thanks to my having been so close to my very first orgasm just a moment before, but the sensation, even while my body kept feeling the pressure, was mostly due to Eric looking so hot and sexy half naked, hovering over me, and when he smiled so sweetly ... oh, gosh ... my vision was clouded, maybe my contacts being misplaced, so I blinked my eyes for a moment, to put the lenses back into place, but turns out it wasn't them, it was just the intensity of the moment.

I reopened my eyes, but unconsciously shut them instantly as I saw Eric taking off his jeans. Peeking through my eyelids, I saw him grabbing his wallet from his back pocket before throwing his pants to the side, and then taking a small square wrapping out of the wallet. I didn't need to wonder ... so he did have condoms always with him after all ... maybe because he hoped we'd get to it soon?

When I heard him chuckle, I opened my eyes and when he spoke, explaining, I realized I had talked out loud without even realizing it: "It's just an old habit, princess. More or less every teenage boy keeps condoms in his wallet."

He drank in my naked body before him, licking his lips seductively, and my tongue slipped on its own: "You needed to be ready just in case?"

He gave me a confused but also sort of worried look and I could see he was pondering over how to respond and what exactly I meant with that. I didn't really mean anything, I didn't even mean to say it, my tongue simply slipped and the words tumbled out of my mouth.

He opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out, so I inhaled deeply, afraid I'd just spoiled the mood, and shook my head: "Doesn't matter. We're here now. That's what counts."

Eric gazed at me intently for a long moment, the little square wrapping still in his hands, and when my eyes landed on it, he looked at it too, then turned to me again. "Would it make you feel any better if I say this thing has been in there for over two months already?"

I blinked my eyes, confused, and Eric moved closer, his body now fully on me, his unfaltering erection poking my thigh and making me yelp. He kissed me, his hands resting at my sides, then moved his lips to my neck, of which I took advantage to forget that, considering there was only the red plaid stuff of his boxers to separate us, I could so clearly feel his hardness against me.

I know that by now I should have been less nervous, but the truth is, there was always that little bit of me that feared the real act, how much would it hurt, how would I feel, how would he feel, if he would like it or just be disappointed ... many insecure questions ran through my mind, but as Eric gently caressed me up and down, nibbling on my neck, I forgot everything, well, almost ... his member twitching from beneath his boxers when it brushed against my bare skin made me let out a shaky breath.

Part of me wanted to focus on the moment, the other wanted to flee, the third one was simply wondering how many girls had he been with already. But that wasn't the right moment to ask, was it? If there even was a right moment to ask such things, considering it would make me feel like an insecure child. It doesn't matter, does it? He loves you, Natalie. He - loves - you.

As if on cue, a silly smile spread on my lips and I wrapped my arms around his neck as he kept on nibbling on mine, my body feeling hotter and hotter as he kept on caressing me and rubbing me.

Eventually, Eric pulled back, once more hovering over me. I shivered slightly when he placed the cold square wrapping on my stomach, just to have his hands free.

For as much as my prude side wanted to shut my eyes, I watched intently as Eric slid off his boxers and I gulped, loudly even, at the sight of his fully erect member, something shiny covering his tip, nerdy me recalling Mrs. Greyson's lecture and calling it pre-cum, making silly me giggle as the word played in my mind, finding it sort of funny. But then I focused back on Eric and his hands unwrapping the condom and slowly sliding it down his full length.

There, my breath itched even more. It was happening. Really, really happening. In a few moments Eric would, actually, be inside me. Inside me. We would connect to a whole new level, he would fill me up, deflowering me once for all. Because one thing were his fingers, a whole other one was ... well, that thing I didn't even know how to call without blushing. Part of me even wondered whether he would actually fit inside me or not. From the looks of it, it was seriously improbable.

I shivered slightly as Eric moved closer to me and he gave me a reassuring smile as he let his hands caress my thighs up and down soothingly, slyly bringing me closer, so much that I could, and that's awkward, feel the heat of his manhood so close to my core.

"Tallie, if you don't wanna go through, just tell me. I want you to be absolutely sure about it." Eric stated and I nodded without thinking, so he sort of warned me: "Think it over, princess. You don't have to rush for me. I can wait how long you want. I just want you to be comfortable with it."

Taking a shaky deep breath, I argued, well, stammered: "W-we've a-already gone far e-enough. I-I want to go through with it."

Eric stared at me intently, as if he was trying to read through me. "You sure? Really sure? There's no going back, you know? I don't want to scare you neither spoil the mood, but, baby, you gotta be absolutely sure you want it. I don't want you to regret it."

Inhaling deeply, I shook my head. In for the penny, in for the pound. We've reached this point, I can't step back. Besides, despite my fears, I really do want it. With him. And what better gift for his birthday than to give him my all in every sense? Maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic, but this was the right moment, the very perfect moment to do it. So I assured him I really wanted it and he nodded.

My eyes travelled down to his manhood, still fully erect, covered by the condom, and I swallowed. It's gonna feel good. I'm sure. He's only made me feel good till now, he'll keep going. I trust him.

Grabbing my hips, Eric pulled me gently closer to him, positioning himself at my entrance, then fixed his blue eyes on mine, like asking for the ultimate and definitive confirm I wanted it. When I nodded, he gave me a reassuring smile and inched even closer to my entrance.

His fingers traced it for a moment, finding it slick. He tickled me, making me feel Goosebumps, as he rubbed himself around my entrance for a moment, I guess to ... um ... collect my fluids? That would ease his entrance, because, as Mrs. Greyson told us, the ... female thing must be well lubricated before the male enters it, especially for the first time.

"This is going to hurt at first, but I'll go easy, ok?" Eric told me and I nodded. I sucked in a breath when I felt him slowly, really slowly, make his way inside me, just the tip at first, pulling in only an inch at a time, to get me used to it, and when I cried out loud for the pain, him being half buried inside me, Eric bent down a little, massaging my breasts to make up for it. It soothed me, yes, but not enough, I still felt unbearable pain, especially as he pulled in more, now being almost completely inside me.

"Look at me, princess. Look at me." Fixing my eyes on him, I found that gentle and sweet smile that I think was one thing that made me fall for him. Just with it, he was reassuring me.

He stilled inside me for a long moment, my walls clenching around him as if to make him part of my insides already, swallowing him as they adjusted to such a big intrusion. Because two long fingers were one thing, this ... this was a whole of a different one.

His hands on my breasts, which were raising and falling along with my chest, because of my ragged breaths, Eric kept massaging them as he slowly moved inside me, giving me a few gentle strokes but never going too deep.

And yet it hurt. Really hurt. And I shot my head back, unable to keep eye contact anymore, because what I felt was too intense. Eric bent down and cupped my cheeks to make me look him in the eyes, especially as he slowly moved inside me, and it kind of reassured me, because for a moment I forgot about pain and focused on his marvelous blue sky eyes, but when he went deeper, I swear I felt the crack resonating in my ears, even if it had been a silent rupture.

My hymen. With his gentle strokes he reached it and ruptured it. Uncontrollably, a tear fell down my cheek as the pain was too intense as he pushed.

Eric stilled inside me, staring at me worriedly. When he opened his mouth to say something, I wrapped my arms around his neck, bringing him closer as I pleaded: "Don't stop. Please, go on."

"You sure?"

I nodded, but he didn't move. "It will fade, won't it? Pain will fade. Just ... please, go on." Even if not entirely convinced, Eric nodded and pushed a bit more, stretching muscles I didn't even know existed, well, in theory I did, thanks to Biology classes, but still ...

My breaths caught in my throat, pain being still too strong, but Eric embraced me completely, peppering kisses all over my neck and cheeks and jaw and lips as he whispered soothing words like: "It's going to feel good, baby, I promise. Just hold on. Pain will fade. Focus on me."

I stared into his eyes as he pushed more, my fingers digging in the flesh of his shoulders as with his gentle strokes he reached my back walls, which was the inevitable sign that he was completely buried inside me. Once there, he stilled again, his lips soothing me by nibbling on my neck, his hands caressing me here and there and sometimes brushing my breasts.

Yet when he restarted moving I stopped breathing, my cry never reaching my vocal chords, hence coming out silent, as if there was no air in my lungs.

"Focus on me, baby. Focus on my voice." Eric called softly, probably afraid, and I somehow restarted breathing, even if erratically. He kept whispering me sweet and reassuring words, his hands caressing me everywhere he could, as he kept pushing inside me, till, eventually, ache started really fading and I was able to moan a bit less painfully, even if always breathlessly. That gave him the go to increase his speed, but only lightly, slowing down once more when I whimpered in pain.

He never ceased talking to me, till he saw me in pain, Eric kept whispering me tender and lovely words, just to ease my hurt and kind of distract me from it. Mostly, they were along the lines of "Hold on, it's gonna feel better, I promise. Pain will fade. Just hold on."

But more than that, what he kept on whispering in my ears, making those words reach my heart so that I forgot about the ache between my thighs, was: "I love you, princess. I love you. More than you could ever imagine."

I knew it was meant to distract me from pain, but it felt good to hear it, and, a couple of times, I got to, among heavy breaths and moans, respond too: "I love you too, Eric. More than I ... more than I could ever explain."

The last time I said that, it was the one where pain finally faded, didn't disappear, but it faded enough to let me enjoy every single one of his gentle thrusts and moan his name breathlessly. Eric sped up a little, just enough to push deeper, and while it still hurt a little, overall it felt amazingly good, so he kept going, thrusting deeper and deeper inside me, but always gently.

He groaned as I dug my nails in his skin when he sped up more, but when I lessened my grip not to hurt him, he told me not to worry, to make him bleed if it helped keeping the pain at bay. But I didn't want to make him bleed, so I resorted to wrapping my arms around his neck tightly, so that his head was hidden in the crevasses of my neck and I could feel his hot breath as he moaned against my skin.

It felt so amazing, our moans now weirdly in sync as we were both enjoying it, pain being a mere memory now, or at least faint enough not to disturb my pleasure. I kept crying out his name as he pushed and pushed himself inside me, reaching my back walls, making the pressure in the pit of my stomach build up more and more. He was filling me up entirely, we were so deeply connected that it felt like we were one single being.

When I gripped him better, Eric, who was then kissing and nibbling on my earlobe, whispered: "Let it go, baby. It feels good, I promise." Listening to his hoarse voice guiding me, I relaxed enough to enjoy my walls clenching around him, swallowing him one more time before, finally, releasing the flood that milked him completely. It felt so good, so amazing, so incredibly relieving, because releasing it had made the pressure in the pit of my stomach relent, hence I was now touching the sky, feeling heavenly.

Eric kissed me as he stilled inside me, smiling back as I couldn't help but grin at him, my eyes clouded with blissful pleasure. My first orgasm ever. And it felt so amazing, so wonderful, so incredible that I don't even have the words to describe it.

Out of instinct, once my legs stopped quivering and my whole body stopped shaking, once I'd ridden out of it, more or less, I practically attacked my boyfriend's lips, kissing him with a renewed passion I never knew I was capable of. I could feel him smile against my lips as he kept pushing, and while his thrusts got deeper and slightly harder, I didn't feel pain, I just embraced that amazing sensation as I embraced him inside me.

My moans got more intense and I even bit his bottom lip as he thrust harder, now making me writhe underneath him, even if I was so glued to his body and we were so entangled in each other, but Eric didn't cease our kiss, he did only to pull slightly up and be able to dig deeper and harder inside me, pain being seriously an old memory at this point, being completely replaced by the immense and blissful pleasure I was feeling.

Eric leaned on his elbows, his blue eyes staring at me, a pleased smile playing on his lips as he watched me moan breathlessly at the incredible pleasure he was giving me.

When I realized that, I felt ashamed and uncontrollably turned my head, squeezing my eyes shut and pressing my lips to let out only barely audible moans, to which he chuckled lightly and kissed my cheek as he spoke: "Look at me, baby. I wanna see you. It's nothing to be ashamed of."

Gulping down my taboos and prudery, I turned to him and he smiled at me sweetly as he entangled his hands in my hair, blue eyes fixed on my hazels, as he kept thrusting deeper and harder inside me.

Eric held my head as I cried out his name, closer and closer to another wave of bliss, and I did my best to please him and keep my own eyes trained on his, so that my insides clenched around him even faster, and when he felt it, Eric captured my lips in his, kissing me throughout my mind-blowing second orgasm, which felt never-ending, because he didn't cease digging and the pressure kept building up even after I'd released my juices all over his manhood, my moans being muffled by his lips.

He slowed down when he felt I was close to a third wave of incommensurable pleasure, and our lips parted, but his eyes remained fixed on mine, his smile seemingly mesmerized as he watched me cry out his name like a chant.

This time I didn't feel ashamed. Not entirely. Because it was him. It was the boy I so deeply loved and was so deeply connected to. Hence, there was no reason to feel ashamed. He could explore all the uncharted regions of my body and soul and heart. It would all be undoubtedly his. Till the very end.

Having him stare into my eyes throughout all the process made it only more intense, giving the go for my third, incommensurably pleasurable and powerful orgasm, my juices once more milking his manhood, which was now throbbing inside me, and Eric moaned as he hid his face in the crevasses of my neck for a moment, digging even deeper and harder, till he cried out my name, tightly gripping the duvet a the sides of my neck, burying himself entirely inside me and finally reaching his peak. Even with the plastic of the condom separating us I could feel the warmth of his seed, believe me.

The most amazing thing is, that his orgasm set in motion another one of mine, my fourth, to be precise, so that we not only came in sync, but we also cried out each other's name at the same moment, simultaneously almost shouting a very simple "I love you!".

Breathing heavily, Eric collapsed on me, his member twitching inside me as it still spilled some more spurts of seed into the small plastic separating us.

I pressed his head against me, wanting to embrace him so fully that we might become physically one. Eric chuckled at that and, still wheezing, he came up to look into my eyes, giving me a sweet but fully satisfied smile before capturing my lips in his, then leaning his forehead on mine as he whispered in a sigh: "Oh, Tallie, I love you so much."

I grinned, pecking his lips as I, heart swelling with unnumbered emotions, happiness filling me to the brim, once more, and utterly truthfully responded: "I love you too, Eric. And I always will."

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