The Angel,The Devil,The Nerd

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Chapter 45 - Teach Me

WARNING: this chapter contains explicit sexual contents

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Despite the rough beginning of the week, with Dana wanting my head on a silver plate and then finding out about Eric and Kyle actually being brothers and then my silly breakdown in class about my own father, it was going everything fine.

It was Thursday already and everything was absolutely perfect. Eric spent two nights out of free at my place and no, we didn't do what you guys think we did, no ... mom was just in the room next to mine, we couldn't have even if we wanted to. Actually she kind of ... didn't know he was sleeping with me ... I mean, she's been going out every night this week, with Michael, and she agreed I'd have Eric coming over because we didn't feel like going out, but even if she knows I'm no more virgin, she obviously can't allow me to do things under her own roof, can she? Therefore Eric was allowed to come over, but always with a curfew, namely, by 10 he was to go home.

About that, he didn't quite explain, but he said he's sleeping in a hotel lately ... something about his house being confiscated for I don't know what reason. I asked, but he said he was going to tell me soon, when he found the courage to talk about it, so I agreed, not wanting to push him. He'll tell me when he's ready. Although something tells me there are huge and dark secrets in his past he's afraid to spill ... I just hope it's nothing too bad that he experiecenced.

Anyhow, he's been sleeping at my place a couple of times, well, more than a couple of times ... ok, ok, maybe I lied ... he's been spending all his nights with me this week. Happy? And ... while we couldn't do anything because my mother was just in the other room, we could do everything while she was out with Michael ... I still feel a little odd, but yeah, apparently I am sexually active. Yay.

The second time was still a bit painful, but it faded sooner and only pleasure prevailed. It's always amazing, I swear. Eric and I have sort of found a routine, which sounds a bit boring, but yeah, this week all we've done is spend the evening half watching movies/series and half making out, only to stand up and stumble to my bedroom when we really couldn't hold back.

The first time we did it in my bed, it was awkward. I had stuffed animals everywhere and books occupying a big part of my room and I felt silly, but Eric didn't bother, I guess for obvious reasons ...

I can't describe how waking up to his face feels like. It's simply amazing, I swear. Every morning, I open my eyes and find myself facing that hard chest, those strong arms wrapped around me in both protection and affection. Every morning I nuzzle that chest and gain a rumbling laugh in response and those arms better wrapped around me, plus an always heartwarming hoarse "good morning, princess". I swear, his hoarse voice when he's just woken up is something incredible. It's so sexy and hot and I feel shivers down my spine just at that, I swear.

This morning was no exception. Just as I opened my eyes, I found that sight welcoming me and I couldn't help grinning, but this time, other than nuzzling that hard chest, I placed a kiss on it, gaining not a laugh, but a low groan, those arms better wrapping against me.

When I looked up, I noticed Eric still had his eyes closed, so he was still sleeping, which figures, yesterday night we stayed up late studying for the SAT.

I took it last year, in spring, because by then I had the clear idea I was aiming at one of the Ivy League's colleges, even if I knew I couldn't afford it, but mom said not to worry, to just try it, so, I took the SAT last year and I even got quite a good grade, which allowed me to avoid taking it this year, seeing as my counselor told me that with that score and my GPA and my grades, I had many chances to get admitted to a big college, but Eric, as he told me, always took for granted he wouldn't get admitted anywhere, or anywhere interesting anyway, given his all but clean record (over which he skated, by the way), but I convinced him he should at least give it a try, so we could maybe go to the same college.

He said it didn't matter which college did I pick, he'd follow me anywhere and that's sweet, really, but I don't think it'd be fair for him to base his decisions off me, would it?

Hence, just a week ago I convinced him to take the SAT at the end of the month, if it doesn't go well, he can always try again on May or June, but I'm sure it's gonna be great. We've done the Math and his grades are quite good, his GPA isn't truly high, but not too low either, I mean, I've got a 3.8/4.0 while he's got 3.0, so it's not that bad. I made him arrange an appointment with the counselor so they'll talk about his chances.

In a word, I'm trying to drag my bad boy to college. Not because he never wanted to go, but because he never thought he could be admitted. Even though, he says he might think over Mr. Leman's offer and take in consideration the academy for pilots in New York, of which I'd be glad, because it's his dream.

Till last year I had set my hopes on Yale, but then, while mom kept repeating I shouldn't worry about it, I knew she couldn't truly afford it, so I've been kind of aiming a little lower and in the end I've realized that New York might be a good idea, after all, I was born there and have been there till I was five and there's uncle Peter there too. So, if Eric picks the pilots academy, I won't regret picking New York University over Yale. After all, NYU might not be in the Ivy League, but it's one of the best anyway. It's even a tiny bit cheaper.

Mom suggested that, even if decide for New York, there's always Columbia, which is Ivy League anyway, but I argued that I don't really like it, which was a tiny lie, I mean, I said that only because then she'll want me to pick that if I go to New York and ... again, it's expensive.

Anyhow, last night we stayed up late because I helped him studying for the SAT, even though, he doesn't truly need my help, so it was only fair that now he was sleeping. I couldn't help but smile at how cute he looked like that and I didn't resist to craning my neck to place a kiss on his cheek, making him smile even in his sleep. Last night we didn't do anything, mom came home earlier and, like I said, we studied all night, but now maybe ... mmh, no, we didn't have enough time.

Don't take it wrong, but ... I'm getting used to it. To ... sex, I mean. Better said, to making love. Because that's a difference also Eric wants to always point out, saying that ours isn't sex, he doesn't have sex with me, he says, "he makes love to his princess". I always giggle when he says that because, for how cheesy it sounds, I just love it when he calls me his princess.

Now, as his smile faded, Eric grumbled: "Duh ... is it morning already?" Giggling as I better hugged him, I confirmed and he growled, therefore I saw to cheer him up with a tender kiss on his cheek, which made him open his eyes and smile at me. I wanted to lean in and kiss him, but suddenly I wondered if my morning breath stank, so ... I held back.

Eric grinned, though, grabbing the back of my neck to pull me in for a big kiss, saying he didn't bother about morning breath, he just wanted to kiss me to no end every time there was a chance. Giggling, I argued that that was quite a cheesy statement and he said he was cheesy when it came to me and didn't mind it.

I tilted my head up so that his lips could come in contact with my neck and Eric took the chance to move and be on me, his hands already going to work on my body as he nibbled on my neck. Uncontrollably, I let out some low but excited moans, especially because I know that, when he starts like that, he wants something very specific and, to be honest, I was very willing to give it ... oh, Gee, that sounded sooo dirty! Duh, ok, whatever. It's nothing so sinful.

Simply I am one of the unnumbered teenagers with an active sex life. An active sex life that involves my superhot boyfriend making me feel such pleasure as I never knew was possible, might I add.

I was clothed, I mean, I had on my red plaid pajama bottoms and black t-shirt with a talking bacon on. Yeah, not too attractive, I know, but in my defense, I was thinking of comfort, not of chances to get laid. Eric instead, he was wearing his sweats bottoms that have been remaining here in my wardrobe since that time he dropped by after a long run. It's like we practically live together already, I swear, and it should scare me, but really I don't mind. After all, part of me already thinks of us living together when we go to college.

Slowly, Eric pulled up my t-shirt, but he'd barely got to that, that my mother all but broke into the room, officially to wake me up, actually, because she knew all too well my boyfriend was in my bed with me.

Last night she came back earlier and Eric and I were in my room studying, she didn't say anything, because by now she knows he does sleep here when she's out, but she did give us a warning look, as if to say not to dare do anything while she was in the house.

It's something about far from eye, far from mind. If she doesn't officially know that my boyfriend sleeps here and that we ... do what we do, she feels better. Even though, I perfectly know she checks my diaphragm every day to see if I've taken the pill and just the other day I would have sworn she was looking for condom wraps in my dustbin.

I did talk to her about that, saying she didn't need to control me so much, I'm adult and responsible and my boyfriend and I never fail to remember about protections, but she said it's not that she doesn't trust me or, at this point, even Eric, but she just can't help it, it's kind of motherly professional bias, as she calls it, she needs to be absolutely sure I won't make her same mistakes. Of course, she quickly adds that her mistake ended up being great because it gave her me, but that's the point.

Mom told, well more like ordered us to get a move if we didn't want to be late for school, and she remained there at the door till she saw us standing up, her eyes narrowing when she noticed Eric was shirtless, which he justified with his having the habit of sleeping like that, implicitly telling her we did nothing. Well, not yesterday night ...

Watching us gather our clothes for a long moment, me at my wardrobe, Eric picking his t-shirt from my desk, mom announced she was having a peculiar dinner tonight: "Natalie, I'd like you to meet Michael properly, at dinner, so he's coming over tonight." I nodded, quite excited, because I really do like him, after all, I've known him since years, considering he's been my doctor for so long, and I know he's a really good man.

"Eric, why don't you join us?" She asked, just as I'd closed my wardrobe while my boyfriend was taking his shoes. I felt a little bit nervous at the thought, but Eric agreed without a problem. So it was decided, tonight we'd have the odd version of a double date: me and my mother with our respective boyfriends. I don't know why, but it sounds hilarious.

Mom, even if a bit grudgingly, announced she was heading to work earlier, but there was breakfast ready in the kitchen if we wanted it. Judging by the way she dragged the words, if I had to read between the lines, I'd say she mostly said something like "get ready for school and just that, no fun in the sheets". Eric and I both nodded and I grabbed my clothes from the bed, ready to go take a shower. Eric followed me, officially to brush his teeth with the spare brush I always have in there.

I thought I'd feel ashamed, but honestly, he's seen me naked more than once already, so I could easily take off my clothes in front of him. I did turn around, though. Judging by his low growls, he could see me from the reflection of the mirror anyway.

Trying to shrug off his hungry gaze and to ignore the heat between my thighs, once I was completely naked, I stepped into the shower, but I'd barely turned on the tub that the door opened and I was startled to feel Eric wrapping his arms around me. I yelped, confused, but he chuckled, placing a sensual kiss on my shoulder, whispering that he needed a shower too, if I didn't mind, so we may as well save some water and take it together ...

I bit my bottom lip, knowing what he meant, especially because I could clearly feel his hardness against the small of my back ... it embarrassed me a little, and I argued that maybe my mother was still in the house, but Eric retorted that he'd heard the car pulling off the driveway, so we were completely alone.

Saying this, he gently pushed me against the wall, saying there was something he wanted to try with me, if I agreed. A bit nervously, I nodded, so he made me turn around and he crashed his lips on mine, our kiss feeling so different because of the water pouring on us, but then he soon moved to my neck, nibbling on it as he kneaded my breasts, making me moan already, my arms moving to wrap around his shoulders. When his lips moved down, his hands gripped my hips, especially as I, as usual, tried to wriggle away when he cupped one of my boobs in his mouth.

Soon enough, he kneeled in front of me, spreading my legs, and I moaned a tiny bit louder when his tongue came in contact with my core. It's something he's got me used to, considering he does it every time before the ... uh ... main act, as foreplay, but it's always so intense ... this time he even pulled up one of my legs, so that he could have better access, yet it didn't last as long as usual, because then he came up and kissed me.

Eric grazed my neck as we kissed, and when he pulled back, eyes half closed, forehead against mine, his other hand caressing my hip up and down, he spoke so low that it almost felt like he didn't really want to: "Tallie, I wanna ask you something. It's ok if you don't want to do it, but ... would you ..." He sighed.

I kind of ... sensed what he wanted, but he knows I'm still new to these things, so clearly he wasn't too sure about it. Hence, I just gathered up some courage and, pecking his lips, I asked: "W-what should I do?"

We've slept together more than a few times in a week and every time, Eric never asked me anything, he always thought about my pleasure first, his coming from ... well, the act itself, but I know, from Jamie too, because, even if I blushed all the time, we talked about it just the other day, and she says that boys like it particularly when we girls do something specific for them ... she said she was sure Eric wouldn't expect who knows what skills from me, but she also assumed he would ask me to do it at some point ... well, that moment had come apparently and, tell you what, even if I felt a little wary, I didn't take it as ashamedly as I thought I would. Actually, part of me was glad I could give him more for once.

When Eric grabbed my hand, I yelped, but didn't retrieve it. He guided it towards his lower zone and asked if I was truly okay with it, because he knew I was a complete newbie in the field, so if I didn't feel like touching him like that already, he'd understand.

Even if warily, I argued that I gave him my all, this wouldn't be as a big deal as giving up my virginity to him was, would it? He chuckled lightly and kissed my cheek, his hand guiding mine more down. I gulped when I came in contact with the ultra-warm thing there, part of me being nervous, the other excited, the third one thinking of the times that same "thing" had been inside me, which had been quite a few in a week, I'll admit. Well, I could count them on one hand, but still ...

Eric hissed when my hand came in contact with his member, and his voice was so hoarse and so full with desire when he spoke: "Just ... just stroke it a little, baby, ok? Just ... move your hand up and down."

Slightly nodding, I did just what he asked me to, stroking him up and down slowly, but causing quite an effect, because I'd just started and Eric was already moaning wildly, jerking his hips as he hid his face in the crevasses of my neck. I kept going slowly for a while, but I bit my lips when I felt something moist between my thighs and it wasn't water ... I guess that doing that to him was effecting me too.

I yelped when I felt Eric's hand on my core, but he told me to relax. I felt kind of silly. After all, with all we've done this week, this really is nothing, yet I felt wary ... I guess because it was the first time I truly touched him, especially like that. I did my best to look natural anyway, letting myself moan only when Eric stuck his fingers inside me, starting to slowly pump in and out of me as I kept stroking him.

His moans were getting wilder and wilder by the minute and he was so effected that he could barely keep going with his fingers inside me, but it still gave me that pleasure only he knows. Without my permission, my hips bucked and I kind of started grinding against his fingers, always slowly, enough to feel them deeper inside me, but also to still be able to stroke his hardness that was starting to throb in my hand.

Yet, all of a sudden, Eric moved away, leaving me with an odd ache between my thighs but also some sort of ... disappointment, because part of me wanted to keep going and give him his longed climax. I guess I'm learning. It's good, isn't it? I mean, I'm a woman after all.

Eric smiled sweetly at me and pecked my lips, grinning when I lingered in that brief moment, kind of wanting to forbid him to move away again. Yet he did, but remaining close. As I gazed into his blues, I noticed they were glazed over with mad lust but also wonder, as if he was wondering whether he should ask what he wanted or not.

Hence, I gave him a small smile and gripped his hips to bring him closer to me and kiss him fully, feeling like I needed a recharge before doing what I knew he wanted. I might be a newbie, but I'm learning that there is more to it than the simple act itself, the proof is what we call foreplay and consists of Eric giving me incredible pleasure before even being inside me, and I also know that there are "jobs" that girls do to boys. It made me feel odd, but I had just gave my boyfriend one of those and, judging by his look, he wanted more.

He grazed my neck and smiled while gaping at me, as if I was the most perfect thing in the world and he wanted to admire it only. Slowly, he kissed me once more, bringing his lips to my neck after a moment, his free hands on my hips.

From the looks of it, he'd changed his mind and didn't dare ask ... hence, I gathered up all the courage I could, and pulled back slightly, gazing into his eyes as, even if nervously, I asked: "Eric, is ... i-is there something else you want me to do for you?" He opened his mouth, I bet to argued, so I prevented him, even if my voice was a little bit shaky: "I-I know nothing about ... those things, but ... but you can teach me."

I swear, I felt dirty, really dirty, but even if he looked uncertain, in his eyes I could see he really wanted it, and honestly, I want to give him everything I can, no holding back. After all, why should I? I love him. He loves me back. We are meant to be together. There's no reason why I shouldn't do my best to give him my all. Those are things women do anyway, don't they?

Inhaling deeply, I brought my hand back down, grabbing his hardness, which had him let out a low hiss and lean in, his face ending up hidden in the crevasses of my neck. Slowly, I repeated the same movements I did earlier, stroking him up and down, not really knowing what I was doing, but he seemed to like it, so I kept going.

I'd being going on for a moment or two when I nervously asked: "Eric, tell me ... tell me what you want me to do." To let him think straighter, I stilled my hand on his ... manhood. Gee, I should seriously quit being so prude and give things their names! There's nothing wrong with calling it with its proper name, is there? Maybe I'll stick to the less ... um ... vulgar ones.

Eric pulled me closer, his breath itched against my ear, but he managed to argue: "I don't want to spoil you, princess. That's all."

I wanted to argue that I'm no more virgin, therefore no more pure, hence, technically he's spoiled me already, but I didn't, knowing he'd take it wrong. I settled for pointing out that: "There's nothing wrong with ... trying new things, Eric. I-I don't think it's a sin giving my boyfriend everything I can. I-It's not wrong to give you pleasure in different ways."

Despite my stammering a little, I really believed that. Why should it be wrong to give my boyfriend more than the very simple act itself? It's not like we're ... I don't know, Mormons or something like that and can accept sex only within the limits of reproduction and it can't be more than that. We're two teenagers that love each other deeply and are more than sure that our relationship will last, hence, if I don't give my all to him, to whom should I?

Eric took a deep breath and I knew he was holding back. "The thing is, Tallie, that you are so innocent and so ... pure ... I don't want to spoil you with ... too dirty acts. And before you say it, making love to you isn't dirty, because ..."

"Because you keep it the most gentle you can, right? Eric, I know it will sound dirty, but ... you can do to me what you want." My cheeks beet red, but I continued: "I mean, I love you. Truly. And I want to give you everything I can. That's not wrong, is it?"

"Tallie, I ..."

"You said you wanted me to do something for you if I agreed. Well, I do. I agree. Teach me."

He sighed, forehead against my shoulder. "You really sure about it?"

"Yes! I am perfectly sure." Well, ok, not that much, but still ... I want to give him my all. Besides, I am officially a woman, I gotta learn somewhere the art of ... pleasuring a man, right? And what better teacher than the boy I love, the boy with which, I admit, I truly hope to spend the rest of my life together? It's not like I'll break up with him and then go whoring around. Gee, I said it. I said a swear word. Wow.

In the end, Eric agreed. He kissed me once more before pulling back, standing in front of me. He asked me to kneel in front of him and I did, nervous, but glad I could give him more. I guess I may as well start calling it with its proper name, because, as a matter of fact, I was about to give my first blowjob.

Eric brought me closer to him and made me place my hands on his hips while one of his entangled in my hair. He gave me instructions step by step, even though, Jamie told me that at some point my womanly instinct would win and I would know how to do it by myself, this was just to start.

So, nervously, I started licking him around the base, from there, I started giving little licks up his shaft till I reached the ... um ... head, then, just as he asked me to, I gave him one long lick from the base all the way up to the head. He instructed me to keep going like that, so I did, but I helped myself with one hand, the other remaining on his hip while Eric held my head, keeping my hair out of the way.

Judging by his moans, he was liking it, so I kept going, gaining more confidence step by step, especially as I was startled to feel my lower region getting more moist ... well, I guess it shouldn't surprise me, I mean, I was sort of liking it too. Because I could hear his moans increasing of intensity and I was honestly glad I could give him such pleasure, I was glad that for once it was me to be pleasuring him and not the opposite, considering that, like I said, normally he only takes care of my own pleasure, kind of neglecting his if you don't consider the one he gets from the act itself.

At his point, I may as well admit that I'm intrigued as to the chance of exploring new ... positions. Normally, it's just him loving my body in one way only, and I guess it's because he's trying to truly get me used to it, after all, the second and the third time both hurt a little, but not as much as the first one and I better enjoyed them, but he still goes gentle on me, I bet afraid he might hurt me if he changes pattern.

I guess I should convince him I really want to explore uncharted regions with him. Because truly I do. I wanna give him everything I can and learn everything he can teach me, so that I can pick up on his ... let's say lessons and be more confident when I do things like this I was doing now.

I'd been licking him for a couple of minutes when Eric, voice hoarse, gently tugged on my hair, asking me to take him in my mouth. I swallowed hard, still nervous, but I strictly followed his instructions and took only the tip in my mouth, licking it as he told me, even though, at first it felt weird because I could already taste his pre-cum. Yeah, I still find the name funny, but I kept myself from giggling.

I licked around the head a couple of times and he let out a louder and more intense moan, shooting his head back, which I guess meant he was truly liking it. When he tugged on my hair again, I knew he wanted more so, warily, I relaxed my mouth and took him in, as far as I could get without choking, starting to instinctively suck on him.

He kind of twitched inside my mouth as his moans increased and he better gripped my hair, and I'll admit I felt hotter at that. Water was pouring on my back and it was getting cold, so, Eric, as if he'd noticed, reached for the tap and switched it off. Now truly there was no sound other than his moans and my sucking, which felt really weird, but ... enjoyable.

In fact, I felt more and more aroused. Well, Jamie did tell me that doing this effects the girl too. You know, it's weird ... I sort of have all the theory about sex and things related to it only because I listened carefully in sexual education class, and because I have two friends, Jamie and Aisha, that know their way round apparently.

Well, I know Jamie lost her V-card in the summer between sophomore and junior year, with a boy she met at the camp her parents sent her to while I remained here helping mom in the hotel and working at Sophie's. Jamie told me about it excitedly, saying it happened more or less a week before she left, after they'd been sort of dating all summer, and she liked it, but it wasn't truly ... a right thing, because the guy was older and was one of the hosts of the camp, better said, one of the boys working there.

Back then, it sort of shocked me because she was 16 and the guy was 20 already, so even older than her brother. The way she put it, theirs started as friendship, he was in charge of the stock of rooms that included hers, so she'd see him often and, well, you know how she is, open and chatty, so she gladly talked to him, especially because she said he was quite cute even, and, talking and talking, it happened one time that he quite simply kissed her, pulling back almost immediately as he apologized, saying he knew he shouldn't have because she was too young and a guest of the camp and so on, but Jamie, with her usual spice, simply grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him back, not caring about people possibly seeing them.

After that, he confessed he truly liked her, even if he shouldn't, and they started sort of going on dates, till, a week before she left, she decided it was time. They remained in contact after she came back here, but it was hard to keep a long distance relationship and he was in college already, so they broke up.

I swear, that was the first time ever I saw my best friend crying desperately, especially as she admitted she'd fallen for him and even if the breakup had been consensual, namely, it's not like the guy dumped her because he wanted to have his fun with college girls, no, it's just that it couldn't work like that,even if they both agreed,it still hurt her.

Anyhow, I know things about sex and so on because Mrs. Greyson taught us and because my two spicy friends told me about it when I, awkwardly and nervously, asked, which happened when I was organizing everything for Eric's birthday.

I remember when I first told Jamie I planned on giving up my virginity to Eric, she all but burst my eardrums, saying I couldn't have picked a better subject to teach me, given his reputation about being such a player. Pouting, I argued that he is not a player, but ... well, you know, rumor has it, my boyfriend has a fame of using girls a little ...

But, now's not the time to think about that. I was saying, I felt aroused and, as Jamie told me it would, my womanly instinct started to prevail and I picked up a stable pace as I sucked on him, making him moan wilder, so much that at some point he couldn't resist and he started jerking his hips up to meet my mouth and while he wasn't being too hard on me, it did feel as if he was ... uh ... how can I put it without using swear words ... well, it did feel like he was, let's say having sex with my mouth.

Yeah, ok, no, said like that it sounds too hilarious, which had me chuckle as I kept sucking and Eric groaned, grumbling about how the vibrations of my chuckling made it worse and I was getting him over the edge. Maybe a bit mischievously, I giggled while sucking, so that he better gripped my hair, now practically bobbing my head to thrust by himself inside my mouth, even if never too hard, always with an eye on how was I feeling and careful not to hurt me, which I think sums it all up ...

He's never daring because he fears hurting me or spoiling me, that's why he holds back. I guess I should show him in some way that I can handle it if he wants more, just like I was giving him now.

Part of me reminded me that he's been with Dana and certainly she's thousands of steps ahead of me when it's about sex, that's for sure. That same part of me felt the competition, but I managed to silence it by reminding myself that Eric loves me and she was never really important to him, well, she sort of mattered more than his other one-night-stands, I mean, he himself told me she was the closest to a girlfriend he's ever had, remember? But he never felt anything for her.

Now, Eric was thrusting in my mouth while I remained still, kind of feeling like maybe I hadn't been good enough because he was working by himself to reach his peak, so maybe I wasn't enough? Well, I guess I'll learn, right? It was my very first blowjob after all. Oh, Gee, it feels odd saying that name, you know.

Groaning and panting, Eric slowed down, struggling to talk as I restarted sucking on him, meeting his slow thrust in my mouth. Voice hoarse and clearly effected and sort of weak, he spoke: "Oh, shit ... baby, I'm close ..."

I didn't move, knowing what he meant, but ... not really sure about what he wanted me to do. Always those two friends of mine that seemed to be so advanced, told me that, when it comes to these things, boys like it when the girl ... swallows. Swallows what, you can guess. I wasn't too sure about it, though.

How would it feel to have his seed shot in my throat? How would it taste? I was trying to win over prude me and break my taboos for him, but this really felt weird. I was absentmindedly still sucking on him when Eric pulled out, moving me closer to him. He bent down a little and I could see he was really working hard to hold back, actually, I could see he'd held back till he was in my mouth, as if he'd read my mind and knew I didn't feel quite sure about having his seeds that normally I feel in the plastic of the condom we always use, shot in my throat and let make their way down to my stomach.

Yet he startled me when he gripped my boobs, asking me to stay still for a moment, he just needed to work to get to his own bliss without doing anything I wouldn't like. Even though, he explained what was he about to do and while his face showed the effort he was making at holding back, he still asked me if I was okay with it.

Warily, I nodded, telling him to do what he felt like, because I trusted him and I knew he'd never hurt me. Yeah, sounds too rhetoric, I know, but I wanted him to be sure he wasn't forcing me to do anything I didn't want. He's always so sensitive about these things, always asking me if I want that something or not, starting from our first time, he's been always delicate with me, always careful, as if he thought of me as a fragile doll that could be broken if he dared too much.

I guess my breaking down and bursting out crying out of the blue on Monday only made him more sure that I'm a fragile treasure that needs to be protected. I mean, he sees me as this innocent angel he wants to keep from the dirt of the world and from the hurt that he himself might cause me. Sweet, huh? Yet it makes him hold back and I don't want that. I want him to let himself go fully with me, so that we can be one as we're supposed to.

Anyhow, I watched him, embarrassed but also mesmerized, as he stroke his own manhood in front of me that was still kneeled. When he asked me to, I grabbed my boobs and squeezed them together. I guess that, one good thing about my curvy figure, is that my boobs are big enough. Well, at least I know Eric likes them because they're almost the first thing he touches when we're about to get physical.

It felt weird but I couldn't take my eyes off him as I watched him shut his eyes while moaning as he stroke his shaft faster and faster, till, at last, he spilled his seeds on my chest, in between my boobs, to be precise.

Unable to resist, once he was done, I looked down. There was white liquid all over my boobs and it felt really weird because it was sticky and yet I couldn't take my eyes off it, part of me, I guess the most libidinous one, wondering how would it taste and how would it have felt running down my throat.

Even if still wheezing, Eric grabbed my hand and pulled me up, pushing me back under the shower as he turned on the tap. I watched mesmerized as water took away that white liquid, cleaning me up, kind of feeling like a bad girl for having done that, even though I knew it was silly. Eric grinned, raising my chin to kiss me, but making me blush when he asked if I needed him to give me a hand as well.

Embarrassedly, I nodded, then yelped when he stuck two fingers in my slick core and started pumping in and out, kissing me all the time as he apologized for going harder than usual on me, but we needed to get a move if we didn't want to be late for school and I chuckled when I admitted I'd feel a little bit like a badass for getting detention for the first time in my life.

Eric chuckled as well, making me blush as he admitted it'd be hot to have his innocent girlfriend get punished for ditching first period, but he added that he wouldn't let me spoil my sterling reputation, especially considering that at this point, one tiny mistake could cost me the Valedictorian, for which, he informed me, according to reliable sources, I am one of the first candidates. I would have thought more about it ... had my boyfriend not been confusing me with his fingers thrusting inside me as his lips nibbled on my neck.

Before I knew it, I was quivering underneath his touch as I reached my peak, crying out his name like I normally do, feeling weak right after, but relaxing with the shower we had to take once again. I guess that with such a teacher,it's not at all bad to learn these new things,is it? Especially when, said teacher,takes every chance he has to remind you how much he loves you...

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