The Angel,The Devil,The Nerd

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Chapter 47 - Hey,Brother

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For once in my school career I was late. Wow. Well, it's easily explained if you consider that yesterday night I stayed up late chatting with Aisha. I asked her about Nat and she said she couldn't talk to her because her mother grounded her because of what happened in the gym, something neither Aisha knew details about.

I know only because Liam recounted me. Said Nat and Dana had some sort of duel about Eric and Nat ended up punching her nemesis, as she calls her, on the nose, nearly breaking it. Liam said Dana was furious. He saw her yesterday night and she had such a murderous look on that he barely dared talk to her, knowing that she's worse than a mad dragon like that.

Now, I thought I'd ask Nat, but apparently her mother has grounded her, she can't talk to anyone, no phone, no laptop, no technology ... not even books. And I know that's torture for her. So I thought I'd catch up with her at school, just to see how was she, but maybe she won't want to talk about it ... I guess I should ask my brother instead. Hopefully he won't throw a fit. He's particularly touchy when it comes to his girlfriend.

Things between me and Eric have been improving. He's coming over more often and him and dad seem to have clicked. I see Eric more relaxed lately, while before he always looked like he was running from somebody. I guess that this thing with Natalie helps him a lot. After all, he loves her. I wonder how couldn't I see it sooner. I only realized that day when she was paired up with us for that stupid project.

Despite everything, I know my brother. I can read him all too well, just as he can read me, so I perfectly knew, since day one, that even while he was acting as if he didn't give a damn about her, her being so close for once did effect him. I mean, she was giving him her back as she talked to me, and while she was convinced he was completely ignoring her, I could see him looking up at her now and then and the deadpanned mask fell pretty often. Clear sign there was much more to his feelings.

I'll admit I was an asshole. When I realized he had a thing for her, I decided I'd take the chance to hurt him. So I befriended her with the sole purpose of stealing her from him, but then ... well, Nat is so different from other girls. She's unique, I swear. I've dated different girls but no one was like her, well, except for Allison.

I loved her, you know. I mean, I fell in love with her, even if we were only 16 back then, but I fell for her and she fell for me. It seemed everything perfect, but then I went and spoiled it all ... she caught me kissing my ex, we fought, I saw her leaving with my brother and the following day, when I tried to talk to her, she didn't let me, saying I may as well go back to my ex, we were done and she ... she'd slept with Eric. That hurt. Truly.

And it only added to my hatred towards him, which is why since then I started really acting on it and we fought more, to the point that all school, teachers included, knew all too well that we couldn't stand within a couple of yards around without jumping at each other's throat, which wasn't truly a good thing for me, because, ashamedly, he is stronger than I, so most of the times I ended up sporting bruises that more than wound my flesh, wounded my pride.

But things are different now. We're friends. More than friends. We're trying to be brothers. And I'll admit that it's cool, you know. I've grown up only child, so it's cool to have a brother, even if it happens to be the boyfriend of the girl you have a crush on ...

Yeah, I like Nat. Really. Even if I befriended her just to get back at him, then I realized what an amazing girl she is and ... the more I talked to her, the more I realized that my plans about hurting Eric were fading, all I wanted was to be close to Nat. So I asked her out, kind of rushing things a bit because I could see she was starting to look at my brother differently and I feared she might feel something for him, so I indeed tried to steal her from him, but this time not for a mean reason, this time simply because I liked her for real.

Yet right when I thought I was winning, because she'd so gladly accepted to go out on a date with me and we'd even kissed, even though she was thinking about him while kissing me, right when I thought I was winning, I went to her place to pick her up and I found her all wrapped up my brother's arms ... it stung. More than a bit. It had me spend the weekend all alone trying to figure out my life.

At first I hated Eric more and more, because he'd stolen another girl from me and it hurt, but then I realized that I had no rights to complain. She was his since the beginning. He's been having his eye on her since years, so it wasn't right for me to just get in the way.

Well, ok, I'll admit that's not me talking ... dad convinced me about it. I told him about this girl I liked and had asked out but she picked somebody else and dad asked for details, so I ended up telling him everything about that somebody else being his first bed son and that I knew Eric had been in love with her for years and so on ... dad was, like always, diplomatic, saying he understood I had feelings for this girl, but if the other boy (he purposely left out his name) felt deeper for her and she reciprocated, then I should just let them be.

That weekend I revaluated all my life. I kind of re-watched it from a different perspective and realized that I have been, truly, a gigantic douchebag. Hence, I decided I'd fix it. First of all, things with Nat ought to be settled. Even if it slightly stings to see her so wrapped up in my brother's arms, I still want to be her friend.

She is the truest friend I've ever had. I was tired of friendships basing off parties and crap like that, with Nat I can talk about the silliest things without ever getting bored and with her it's never about this or that trend or that vital party we should go to, it's never about getting drunk or making fun of other people or anything. She's just amazing the way she is.

Hence, I found myself liking it more to hang out with her, not forgetting about my old friends, but perfectly knowing that those so called friends wouldn't spare one thought in backstabbing me. Instead, Nat would never. I know that. She even faced Eric for me. She'd never betray me. And I like that.

I like that I can trust her without wondering if she'll backstab me just because she's got better. She's genuinely sweet and caring, not like all those girls I was friends with that would compliment, each other exaggeratedly, only to start tattling not even a moment after they'd separated. Ugh. It's sickening.

And boys ... oh, let me tell you about boys ... I am friends with my teammates mostly, but there are also football jocks, especially because some of them play both sports, but while some might be not too bad, some others ... ugh. Take Liam for instance ... he's one of those friends you'd never want to introduce your girlfriend to. My brother has the reputation for having bedded all school, but in truth, it's Liam to own this record. He doesn't care about anything, it might be his best friend's girlfriend but till she's cute, he's gonna hit on her shamelessly, and the worst is, most girls fall for it because, you know, he's the quarterback and popular and crap like that.

Other boys are a little more reliable, but most of them don't really care about hurting their own friends either. As captain of the soccer team, I've done my best to create some camaraderie among us soccer players at least, and it sort of worked, especially because, being their captain, they see me as an example, but I still don't feel like they're true friends. Not like Natalie is.

And it has taken me a while and a bit of butting heads while confronting each other about all the wrongs we've done, starting from him sleeping with my girlfriend in sophomore year, but I've come to realize that Eric, my own brother, might be the best friend I could ever have.

At least he's direct and truthful. He might come off as rude and really he's hard to get along with sometimes, Natalie being the only one around whom he's sweet, but despite our past, he gives me the idea of reliability, like ... I look at him and my mind instantly tells me he won't betray me.

I guess that's what I'm seeking. Friends who won't betray me as some of mine have, even if I always pretended not to know, for the sake of peace. And Nat and Eric are that. Yes, it stings, it really stings to see them together, doing the lovey-doveys all the time, but I enjoy our lunches together and everything.

Oh, and I can obviously add Aisha to the number. Man, that girl is nuts. Seriously. I'm laughing all the time with her. We gotta stick with each other because the lovey-doveys don't always find time for us, but I like hanging around her. And, I'll admit, I find her cute. Well, more than cute. She's truly beautiful and ... yeah, hot.

Even though, I don't want to look at her like that because we're friends and now that I have finally found a great and reliable circle of friends, I don't want to spoil everything. Although I'll admit that sometimes it's truly hard not to check her out shamelessly ...

Anyhow, I was late. For the first time. So I rushed to class, kind of glad because my first period, I have it with Nat, so maybe I can try and talk to her and see if I can help. Predictably, she was at her seat in the first row. Beside her, there was another girl and on the other side, just the window.

The teacher hadn't arrived yet, but the seats were all taken and mine is at the back of the class, where I normally would be with some of my teammates. Yet, this time, I thought I'd change ... especially because Nat was clearly gloomy and my heart sank when I realized her eyes were bloodshot.

Hence, I neared the girl beside her, exploiting my popular and admired boy charm to smile at her a little and gently ask if she could just do me a small favor and move to the back of the class for this time ... the girl all but grinned, blushing profusely, I bet at the sole fact that I was talking to her, and agreed, frantically freeing the seat for me.

Nat barely glanced at me, but only to give me a dirty look I grinned crookedly at, then she turned to stare ahead of her. Nah, she can't have that look only for having been grounded ... let me guess, they fought. Again. Jeez, my brother can be such a prick sometimes. Well, not just some times, pretty often, but normally when it comes to her, he's best boyfriend possible, yet sometimes he fails too.

The mean part of me kind of told me to exploit their fights to take my chance with her, but I'm past that attitude. He's my brother, she's my friend, I only want their best. Guess this implies me being a couple therapist for them. Ugh, practically, I gotta throw the girl of my dreams in my brother's arms. Great.

But let's take it positively: it's not that, it's me helping my dear friend feel better, it's me helping my thick-headed brother to keep his girlfriend from dumping him because he's an asshole. I mean, because there's no doubt it's his fault. If she's this sad, it has to do with him. Jeez, you should see how her hazel eyes brighten when she looks at him ... it's like she sees sunrise or something.

"Hey, Nat ..." I greeted. Ok, not the best beginning, I know. She barely glanced at me and nodded her head, her chin leaning on her hand as she was clearly lost in her thoughts. My first instinct was to ask if she was alright, but considering I could see it by myself that she wasn't, that'd be a really stupid question.

So I simply neared my desk to hers, slyly enough nobody included her to notice, till I was enough close to her to be able to touch her, my stupid hormones going frenzy at her sweet vanilla and strawberry smell filling my nostrils. Oh, fuck. Focus, Kyle. Focus. She's your brother's girlfriend and your friend, remember? Jeez, it's hard to forget it when he's always so glued to her ... ok, no. I want their best. Right? I care about both and I want their best.

I'm gonna have to work on my other than innocents thoughts about her, I guess. Especially because, letting him know I have a crush on his girlfriend would, first, get me punched, considering his bad tempter, then, it would mean undermining this renewed relationship I have with Eric and seriously, I don't want to lose my brother now that I've found him.

Hence, I'll need to bottle up my feelings, careful not to let them grow. I guess I should look around. Maybe finding a girlfriend would help taking my thoughts off Natalie ... anyhow, not the best time to think about it.

Now it's about my friend needing to be cheered up, so I did my best, cracking lame jokes to at least make her smile, which worked poorly ... in the end, she sighed as she admitted: "It's not your fault, Kyle. I just ... feel gloomy today. That's all."

I sighed as well. "Wanna talk about it?"

She shook her head. Sign number two that it's about Eric. Jeez, I swear, if he hurts her, I don't care if he's stronger or not, I'm gonna beat the shit out of him. We're brothers, so it would even be normal. I know I said I care about him too, hell, he's my damn brother, for God's sakes, of course I care, but between them, Nat is the weaker one, she's the one that's not used to all of this. Hence, she's the one that needs more protecting.

Duh, I'm gonna need to have a face to face with that prick and remind him he's not dating a bitch like his ex, he's dating this lovely angel that gets hurt too easily. Fuck, I'm smitten.

Ok, I guess that dating is mandatory here. Finding a girl to get my brother's girlfriend off my thoughts. That's the goal now. Well, besides graduating and crap like that. Mom and dad were delighted when I admitted I want to study Medicine to be surgeon. Though they wouldn't want me to go too far. Only child, remember? They've got just me.

Well, technically dad has Eric too, but he told me he's gonna leave too, wherever Natalie goes, he's going with her. Well, that won't work if they break up before graduation, will it? Duh, see what caring means? Only a few months ago I couldn't be happier if he was hurt, now I'm here, trying to fix things between him and his girlfriend.

His girlfriend that I'm stupidly falling for ... there, I said it. I'm falling for Natalie. Damn. Even though ... I gotta admit ... part of me likes Aisha too ... Jeez, this is insane. I'm falling for a friend while I like another friend. It couldn't be more fucked up, I swear.

But, let's focus on Nat. She needs a friend now, and that's what I am. The Friendzoned. Coming soon in the theatres. You'll obviously find a picture of the moron here doing the couple therapist for his brother and the girl he's falling for. Such a blockbuster, huh?

The teacher arrived and narrowed his eyes at me when he noticed my desk so close to Natalie's, but for once, I couldn't care less. I remained there and, as he settled his things, I grabbed Nat's hand, so that she turned to me, both expectant and confused. I had to swallow hard to forget how magnetic her hazel eyes are and how soft her skin felt underneath my fingertips ... ended up retrieving my hand from her as if I'd just been electrified.

Ok, it's not at all sane to feel such things for a friend, especially not when that friend is my brother's girlfriend, but ... Jeez, she's so beautiful, so sweet, so lovely ... then my stupid mind gives me images of Aisha being so hot and ... ughhhh! I'm going nuts here.

Nat looked at me funny when I shook my head to delete those tangled thoughts, but I was glad to see there was at least the tiniest hint of a smile on her pink lips. Her pink lips I had to avert my eyes from before my mind darted to thoughts of me kissing her like I did that time in the lockers room ... I swear, I can still remember her taste. But ... no. Remember: she's a friend. she's your brother's girlfriend. Hence, completely and utterly off limits. Off. Limits.

Clearing my throat, I spoke, trying to sound natural: "Nat, you can talk to me about anything, you know? I'm here for you." Oh, finally. She smiled. Truly. God, she's so beautiful ...

She nodded, saying she understood and was thankful for my attempts, and I swear, she was about to open up, but that damn teacher interrupted us, so I had to wait till the end of the period. Ugh!


That idiot. I was heading to the cafeteria, where Aisha was waiting for me alone, considering Nat said she preferred to skip lunch and remain in the library ... obviously not to see that moron. She told me why did they fight. That prick.

Even the most stupid newbie knows that defending your ex when she's fought with your girlfriend is the most idiotic move you could have pulled off. I mean, come on! Everybody knows better than to side with the ex in these cases, unless you want your actual girlfriend to become ex as well.

And now there he was, by his locker, talking with no less than Dana. I swear, I'm starting to think that fucking up things is his trademark.

I couldn't tell what they were saying but she was sort of smiling lightly. So, let me get this straight, he lets his girlfriend mourn all day but is worried about his ex feeling better after yesterday? Ugh, and he's supposed to be the smarter brother between us, at least according to our grades.

I walked up to them but reached them right when Dana was leaving, clearly more peaceful than usual. God knows in what trouble he is if Nat saw them. God knows how I'm gonna kill him if he's cheating on her.

"You are a complete and utter idiot." I accused as soon as I was in range of ear.

Eric turned to me, clearly confused, but then he looked back at his ex walking away and he rolled his eyes, sighing, uttering the very first words of a cheater: "It's not what you think."

I swear, I'm gonna strangle him. I gritted my teeth. "Then how is it? Because, from the looks of it, you are a ..."

"I'm not a cheater. I was just talking to Dana. Just that."

I narrowed my eyes at him, crossing my arms over my chest, but mostly because my knuckles, at this point, itched to meet his moronic face. Nat cried on my shoulder during our break from a period to another, while she recounted me of their fight. She cried her heart out, saying he lies to her while claiming that he trusts her, and he lied about his relationship with Dana, so she feels betrayed, and now she doubts about his feelings too ...

About that, I had to point out that she couldn't doubt, I know my brother and I know he's deeply in love with her, he'd never lie about that. She only cried more, saying that that hurt double.

So, you see, I spent my time catching her tears and trying to cheer her up. I planned on catching up with Aisha, telling her what's this all about quickly, so that we can grab our lunches and head to the library to keep company to Nat, taking her lunch as well. I texted Aisha just before coming out of class and she agrees. But before going, I need to even counts with my moronic brother here.

"Talking about what?" I hissed and he rolled his eyes, adjusting his backpack on his shoulder.

"Listen, I know how it looks like, but I was just asking how she was doing."

I furrowed my eyebrows together. I swear, I can't believe my ears. "Let me get this straight, you leave your girlfriend crying and don't do anything about it, but you worry about your ex being fine?! Jesus Christ, can you be more stupid?!" I barked, even raising my voice. Lucky thing that there was nobody in the hall.

Eric glared at me and I knew he was getting riled up, but I didn't give a damn. I had things to tell him: "She's cried all night and she cried on my shoulder because of you! Why the hell did you lie to her?! She trusts you! You should know better than me how hurt she is! And now here I find you, with your damn ex that's only been torturing your girlfriend since years! Jeez, you are such a moron, Eric!"

Opposite to what I thought, he remained there listening to all the insults I was showering him with, without budging, but once I finished, he inhaled harshly and simply justified: "I was walking to the cafeteria. I saw Dana here crying. And I know she never cries. I just thought I'd see if she was ok, is that wrong?"

I rolled my eyes. "Of course it is! Especially when your girlfriend is crying for you and you neglect her!"

"I am not neglecting Natalie! She doesn't want to see me!"

"Ask yourself why!"

He sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "She thinks I lied about Dana. She's convinced I feel more than I let know for my ex."

I clenched my jaw. That I know, Nat told me, but I wanna know: "Is that true?"

Eric gave me a bewildered look, as if he was falling from the clouds. "Jeez, no! Of course not! I might care about her, but simply because I know her better than anyone else. I don't feel anything for her. Never have."

"Then why did you take her defenses?"

"I didn't take her defenses! I just tried to ... justify her attitude."

Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. How could he think Natalie wouldn't take it wrong? Sighing, I passed a hand over my face. Seriously, these two won't last two minutes without somebody doing the mediator between them.

He lies and keeps secrets from her, she gets hurt, that's pretty obvious. I know there are things in his past that are not too nice to hear and when last weekend he recounted me and dad, just because we pressed him, I was truly shocked. I mean, how can someone be so cruel? And how can a kid endure this much?

So I know he's got issues, but he's always been so direct and so honest with Natalie, why would he quit now? He's resisted for years and now that he has her, he's ready to throw everything out of the window?

Sighing, I pointed out: "You should definitely go to the library."


I rolled my eyes. "Go to the library. The nook in the corner. But take lunch with you first. She'll be hungry."

Eric looked at me puzzled for a moment, but then realized, his eyes lighting up at the thought of her, like they always do, which is what confirms me that he really loves her, he's just bad at not fucking up.

I watched him as he strolled towards the cafeteria, coming out a few minutes later with two white bags in his hands, heading to the library. Now it's up to him to explain and up to her to forgive him. I'm not God, I can't make miracles.

I walked towards the cafeteria, but I'd just reached the entrance that I bumped into a pair of deep brown eyes that smiled even while her face was molded into a frown. My heart skipped a beat, I'll admit. Those eyes are so deep, one could drown in them. Forcedly but sort of nervously, don't know why, I smiled at Aisha, grazing the back of my neck as I apologized for being late.

She bit the corner of her bottom lip for a moment and I had to avert my gaze because I was starting to feel an odd urge to just pin her up against the wall and kiss her senseless ... but that'd be wrong, wouldn't it? Oh, fuck, I'm confused.

I'm falling for Natalie, that much I know. I mean, my heart skips thousands of beats every time she smiles at me and my thoughts get tangled, but ... Aisha ... I like hanging out with her, we laugh and chat like idiots and it's fun. Her smile and her laugh are so contagious, and in those eyes there's such light like I've barely ever seen, I swear. And she's so beautiful ... and hot, damnit!

So, I'm confused. I feel I'm falling for Nat, but I also kind of ... maybe ... like Aisha ... I can't spoil our friendship, though. Yet trying with her would be better, considering the odds with Natalie. But it wouldn't be fair to try it with her simply because her friend isn't available, would it? Ok, I guess I'll ... see how things evolve without pushing them. If we're destined to be more than friends, then so be it.

Aisha told me it was fine, she'd seen Eric dashing out of the cafeteria so she'd followed him, afraid it was about Nat, well, Cookie, as she calls her, being hurt, considering that: "The boy has his panties in such a twist only when it's about our Cookie."

I couldn't help but laugh and Aisha grinned, showing me her pearly white teeth that kind of contrast against her light ebony skin, kind of like ... Beyonce or something like that. So beautiful. I wonder how aren't all boys in this school chasing her. Well, she told me about a couple of guys that hit on her and I even know them ... mmh, nah, none of them could cope with one like her. She's too much for them.

She needs a man that will let her free spirit prevail without trying to change her. She's such a force of nature and I love it. Really, she's so much fun to be around, I mean, the first time we were left alone at lunch, because Nat had a secret date in the gym with her boyfriend, I thought it'd be awkward, because we barely knew each other, but Aisha seemed to barely even bother our friend's absence, she kept on talking about the same thing and we laughed together, ending up exchanging numbers and everything to remain in contact.

Since then, we've been spending whole nights chatting, especially these past weeks. Normally I'd chat with both her and Nat, but you know, Nat has been quite busy with my lovely brother these past weeks, so Aisha and I got closer and we're truly friends now, which I find cool but it confuses me because I find her attractive too.

When I stopped laughing, I realized she'd been staring at me with a wide smile all the time. I felt as nervous as never I have in front of a girl, Allison being the only exception, but I couldn't help staring back at her, so we kind of lost ourselves in time for a few moments, at least till she licked her lips, pressing them together, making my blood boil all of a sudden, so I awkwardly cleared my throat and averted my gaze, pretending to be looking around the hall, feeling like a freshman on his first day in high school.

"Kyle?" I turned around when Aisha called my name and I looked at her confused, but I was completely taken off guard when she uttered three very simple words: "I like you."


Oh, no, I said it. Why did I say it?! He clearly confessed me he likes Cookie, why the hell did I confess ... oh, gosh, oh, gosh, oh gosh! I'm so stupid! He's gonna drift apart, avoid me ... oh, why the hell did I confess that?! He looked so confused now and I knew he was only trying to put together the words to reject me. I felt so humiliated, so stupid, so ... everything!

Normally I'm not this nervous with boys. Normally I'd just go for it and ask him out. But Kyle ... I don't know, I feel so odd around him! Every time he talks to me or smiles at me I get butterflies in my stomach and I blurt out silly things only to conceal how hazy my mind is around me, how my heart races ... ugh!

I closed my eyes, pressing my eyelids, waiting for the blow to come. A very simple "sorry, Aisha, but I like Nat" was what I expected. What I didn't see coming was him brushing my arm, so that I felt Goosebumps, and, my heart racing like a fool, I opened my eyes, only to see he was smiling sweetly at me.

Gosh, he's sooo adorable! I mean, can a guy look cuter than that? I don't think so. He's like a lovely bunny you wanna squish and squeeze and kiss all the time! Wait ... kiss? Fuck, yes, I wanna kiss him! Like ... right now!

But I can't. I can't. I can't. He doesn't like me. He likes Natalie. Yet he was smiling at me and he got closer, his grip on my arm tightening ... my heart was doing somersaults, I swear!

When a couple of kids got out of the cafeteria, bumping into me, I ended up in Kyle's arms. Oh, my ... he feels so warm, so cozy, so comfy! I'd remain here all day! But, sadly, he pulled back, coughing awkwardly as he apologized.

Awww, he looked so adorable, with his cheeks that tinged pink! I felt like pinching them and kissing them and hugging him ... gosh, I could only think about kissing him, I swear!

Kyle grazed the back of his neck nervously, asking if I felt like grabbing lunch before the cafeteria closed, but I could barely focus on his words. All I thought before moving was duh, fuck it! and in a moment I was grabbing Kyle's arm and pushing him against the wall, only to raise on my tippy toes, because he's much taller than I, and attack those pink lips I've been dreaming of so often lately.

He was clearly startled, but then he snaked his arm around waist, pulling me closer as his hand grazed my cheek, enflaming it more than it was already, and he ... oh, my ... he deepened it! Kyle deepened the kiss! That gave me the go to be slightly more aggressive and push myself better against him, but apparently he didn't agree, 'cause in a moment he flipped us and I found myself pinned against the wall, him caging me and kissing me like there was no tomorrow. Now, that was pure Heaven!

Sadly, he pulled back, his breath as heavy as mine was. I couldn't help but grin widely at how cute he looked with those cheeks so crimson ... though I was ready to justify what I did, even if I had no idea how. Yet Kyle didn't let me ... he pressed himself better against me, hand still on my cheek, and ... he kissed me again!

This time more intensely, so much that I felt my insides churning, his tongue moving so beautifully inside my mouth! Unable to resist, I squeezed those sweet buttocks of his, pressing him better against me and he chuckled inside my mouth, but didn't cease the kiss, so that it was a matter of moments before we were lost in such a steamy make out session that I even heard some kids whistling at us, but really I couldn't care less. Hell, he felt so hot against me, my hormones were already going frenzy and I felt like ripping his clothes off right then and there, I swear!

When his lips moved to my neck I moaned so loudly that the echo could be heard in the entire hall and some kids turned to us, but again, I couldn't care less, I just felt his lips on my hot skin and it felt amazing! But then Kyle, possibly thinking it wasn't truly a great idea to do that in the middle of the hall, where everybody could see us, or simply wanting the contact with my lips again, kissed me passionately once more ... I swear, whoever dares interrupting us now is dead!

Yet, I talked too soon ... when we heard someone clearing their throat, Kyle pulled back, leaving my lips all of a sudden. I glared at Natalie grinning at us, all wrapped up in her boyfriend's arms. I'm glad they made up, but fuck, these two have an awful timing!

"Not the right place, guys. Kids might be scandalized." Eric mocked us and I glared at him. Natalie elbowed him in the stomach and he yelped a little, but I turned to Kyle, who seemed really flustered.

Oh, let me guess ... he's worried about what she'll think ... right, he likes her. For a moment I was fooled by his kissing me so ardently, but of course, he likes her ...

Yet when the lovey-doveys left, saying they were heading to class, Natalie teasingly commenting that we should wait for the cafeteria to be empty to restart, which makes me guess that her dating Mr. Bad Boy is truly making her less prude, Kyle turned to me, his brown eyes freezing me on my spot, especially as I knew he was about to tell me all of that we did was wrong. Even though, he was still pressed against me and I think I could feel something hard against my stomach ... oh, wait, he was ...

"Um ... Kyle ..." I began awkwardly, not really knowing how to point out that his happy little friend down there was poking my stomach and it excited mini me a bit too much, considering she was already pooling in arousal, but he took me off guard as his lips neared my ear and he even bit down on it as he sensually spoke: "The janitor's closet must be occupied by our lovey-doveys but I know the room at the end of the hall is empty and far from indiscreet eyes ..."

I bit my lips, my panties by now completely soaked. I didn't reply immediately, so Kyle bit down on my neck, making me moan wildly as I bucked my hips, unconsciously needing and wanting to meet the boner he apparently had for me in his jeans.

Gosh, that's what doing the good girl means ... I'm on short and every single move of his makes me more horny, that's why I was about to agree with him, but he prevented me, his hands squeezing my ass as he spoke: "Or we can skip the last period and head to my place."

Oh, gosh ... that was even hotter. A tiny part of me wanted to argue that he was just relieving his frustrations about Cookie with me, but fuck it, I was horny, he was hot and available and gosh, I like him! Like ... for real! Like... I want him to be mine and just mine!

Kyle pulled back slightly, but only to gaze into my eyes and I could see his browns were darkened in mad lust, so much that he looked so different from the sweet boy I'm used to and yet it felt so arousing!

Therefore, smirking teasingly, I pecked his lips, careful to bit his bottom one as I spoke, as sensually as I know drives boys nuts: "Better mine. My mother is out of town till Sunday."

He stiffened against me, and not just him ... if you know what I mean. I bit my lips, anxious to know if it's the crotch of his jeans to deceive of if Mr. Angel here is as well furnished as I think. Pretty sure he's all angelic on the outside, but in the sheets he's the real demon ... mmh, sounds so promising ...

Kyle gave me a mischievous smirk as he commented, always lowly in my ear: "I guess I should tell my parents I'll be late ..."

I grinned, squeezing his sexy buttocks once more as I agreed: "You should probably warn them you're sleeping out tonight ..."

He sucked in breath and I grinned, knowing that, at this rate, by the time we get naked he's gonna be throbbing already and I'll sooo enjoy showing him my moves ... I've always liked being a little naughty and I bet that with Mr. Angel On The Surface here it'll be much fun ...

So I tried to slip away from his grip, just to get a move and head home before my soaked panties become visible underneath my white pants, but Kyle didn't let me. His look became serious as he neared my lips and pecked them, just to let me savor them some more.

I thought he'd changed his mind, but then he neared my ear again and whispered, making my heart do somersaults once more: "Before anything, I like you too, Aisha."

I grinned, biting my lips. His hands were still on my ass and I felt more and more horny. His confession was only sweet, though ... I did my best to sound sensual and not fangirlish when I responded: "Cool. Now take me home and show me how much."

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