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and the nightmares began.

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Flames danced around, swallowing edges of wood and kissing metal with burning passion- the bun unintended.

The smoke consumed the once fresh air, whisking the skies with a sick gray. Beautiful at time yet not in this way.

It seeped through the cracks of skin, the pores. Filled their airway and clogged their lungs.

Speckles of dust and bits of rust thrashed around but the explosive fire was such as loud

That didn’t stop her from engulfing herself in the burning kiss of death.

Even with her lungs closing as she grasps for one last breath

She didn’t give up. And she found him, unconscious, dusted body and face bloody.

She gathered him in her arms as the flames continued to crawl up her skin. She held tight and kept to her promise to never let it in.

She couldn’t see. But she knew by heart, one that’s threatening to stop.

She knew her way and she pushed through. Mind void and noises fading. Memory blurred and scenes flashing. She would not give up.

Her eyes glazed with unshed tears- weakness would not show.

And her legs shook, knees buckling but she won’t go slow.

With ragged breaths and heavy steps, she managed to pull through the fire and to the hues of clearance.

She can see and hear, people’s whispers and glances, and was she mad.

She set him on the floor. And managed to pull her phone and dial the number of three, to make the fetal call.

She pushed the hair out of his face and welled herself to not cry as she started to steadily push the palm of her hands on the center of his chest, time and time.

Com’on, com’on

And he gasps.

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