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Kidnapped Back Home

“Kidnapped back home” was the first story that I wrote. Before you read this, I advise you to read the story. It can be found on my profile.

I have always written small stories before, but now I wanted them to be in a collection. It’s not because I think I am the best writer in the world. I have horrible spelling and my grammar lacks in so many places. I also don’t like going in great detail, letting the readers imagination do that. I have little patience and this means my stories move quite quickly. Yes, I know my weak sides.

The benefit of writing stories is getting some thoughts on paper. It is good therapy. I must also admit it is good when people read the story, especially if the story touches them in some way. I suppose that the fact that most of my stories are about some hardships or trauma that a child experiences, then they could shock some people. Still, it is nice getting messages from readers telling how I made them think, and they would pray for any child that experienced the same.

In 2007, a three-year-old girl went missing while she and her parents were on holiday in Portugal. It is assumed that Madeleine Mcann was kidnapped. Millions of children go missing every year, and this is not just

Madeleine McCann’s disappearance was international news. Never before has such a missing child got so much media attention. In a way, Maddie became the poster child for missing children. To be honest, I followed the news in detail and hoping that she would be found. Even 12 years later, we still hear about her. There has been a documentary on Netflix and the police are still looking for her.

No one knows what happened to her. Her parents were eating with friends close to their holiday flat and leaving their children alone. This was simply bad parenting. When they came back. Maddie was missing.
Some think she was kidnapped and given to some parents as an illegal adoption.
Some think she was kidnapped and trafficked in a pedophile ring.
Some think she was molested by a stranger and was killed
Some think that she had an accident while she was alone and her parents hid the body.
The fact is that it could have been anything. It is a tragic story!

Let us say that Maddie was still alive and was found. What would it be like if she returned to her parents? Would she be so destroyed that she could not live a normal life? Would she even remember her parents? Most likely she would have mental problems. On top of all this, would the media and the public leave her alone? I would imagine that we would want to hear every detail!

We all wish that missing children would be found, but we never think what it would be like them for them to come back to their former life. It was this that inspired me to write “ Kidnapped back home”.

I admit that Madeline Mcann was the inspiration for this story. I hoped she was happily adopted and thought about what her life would be like when she came back to her family. I did not want to disrespect Maddie. I decided to write an original story about another girl that was kidnapped but found.

The strange thing was that I got a message, that there was a film that was similar. This disappointed me a bit as I thought I was so original. It also taught me a lesson. No matter what you write, there is a similar movie or book about it.

The girl in the story was kidnapped when she was a toddler. Unlike most kidnapped children, she was lucky because she lived with her new parents and they treated her very well. So you have a couple that was happy, but they know that their daughter was “stolen”. The daughter does not know she is kidnapped and she does not remember her birth parents. On top of all this, her birth parents live in despair in not knowing what happened to their daughter.

Everyone is happy when the daughter is found. This is short term as reality kicks in.

The media is everywhere when she is found and they won’t leave the family or girl alone. This is hard on the girl who does not understand why the only parents she knows were found. Everyone was asking was she abused in any way. It was like they nearly expected or wanted her to have suffered. The fact that she lived a happy life did not stop them from assuming that she was not telling the whole story.

She could not remember her birth parents and did not remember being kidnapped. So in a way, she feels like she is being kidnapped from her happy family and being told that they were not their birth parents. Now her birth parents expect her to think the kidnappers were criminals and she should love them.

She was a victim once more in her life. She knew that the only parents she knew did something wrong, but she loved them. Now she was expected to hate them and remember her real parents. She was expected to live as if she never was kidnapped. She could not do this!

Imagine what it was like for her parents. They finally had their daughter back and expected they would continue their life. They did not expect her to forget them and they did not expect why she would still be loyal to her kidnappers. They could not see her confusion and they could not see her mental state.

There was a lack of empathy from the police, media, school and birth parents. They could not see that being found was a trauma for a girl that had no memory of being kidnapped. They could not see how sad and confused she was. They could not understand why she would not be happy being back home and love her birth parents.

A lack of empathy causes confusion and conflict.

This story was meant to make people think. How could anyone kidnap a child and especially to use as a sex slave or some other bad thing? Billions of dollars are made every year in the child trafficking industry. Why is there not an international debate, like the one we have on global warming? Why are these children forgotten after a few days in the news?

When a child is kidnapped, we do not understand that this will destroy so many people’s lives. The children and their families.

Even when the child is found, the problems do not stop there.

So there could have films and books made about this subject. I hoped this story would raise awareness and make people think.

Maybe some take action.

In the next part of “Open your Heart”. I will tell my thoughts of why I wrote “XBFF”

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