Shooting Star

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We all have a purpose in this world... figuring out what our purpose is, is the biggest challenge we all face. Zachary Gomer is forced to move from the bustling city of New York, to a small and unknown town, forced to start over. He grasps the opportunity to reinvent himself, be the person everyone would like, but his perspective on life slowly changes when he meets the mysterious Zoey Brightwell. Zoey takes Zach on a journey filled with excitement, heartbreak and true love. She also teaches him that there's more to life than acceptance and conformity. Shooting Star is a book filled with laughter, love, friendship and heartbreak, as well as a lesson that being accepted isn't as important as everyone is led to believe.

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“I had always felt that life is a never-ending cycle of pain and hopelessness, and that we’re all biding our time until our inevitable end, unable to escape life’s miserable clutches. Until, one night, the night I saw that glimmering shooting star, the shooting star that changed everything.”

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