Finding my mate

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Today was a special day for my pack, today was the grand ball. The grand ball is where the four packs join together so that the unmated have a chance to find there mate and be happy. I have been dreading this day for weeks, I hate that i have to dress up and walk around for some male to tell me I am his and I have to leave my home to be with someone i don't know, mum said that my opinion on this would change once I meet my mate but I think she's wrong, I love my home.

The only good thing I get out of this is my best friend is going to be there. My thoughts where broken when I heard my mom shout "nala honey it's time to get ready", my heart dropped and I felt sick.

Non the less i started to get ready, I started with my hair,my hair was long and naturally straight, I decided to leave my hair down as I hate having it up,after my hair was done I started to apply makeup, i went with a natural look just so i didn't look as pale, I looked my self over in the mirror sitting infront of me and was satisfied that I looked good so I moved on to my dress which was silk red, I stepped in to the dress which reached the floor with an open leg at the side, I pulled on my black high heels and gave my self the once over in the mirror straightening out my dress.

I remembered something that my mum said earlier that day "you've got to look your best when you meet your mate because it gives a good first impression",but really what she was trying to say if I don't look good he will reject me.

I make my way down stairs to find my parents waiting on me,my father had his back turned to me but as soon as he heard me come he turns around and looks be up n down and says "my little girl is so beautiful" I looked at him with raw emotions,tears working there way up as I replied "thankyou daddy",he gives me a kiss on the head and smiles before I turn to look at my mother who had tears in her eyes about to cry,she opens her mouth and says "my baby girl is all grown up" she looks be up and down before pulling her self together and says "let's go we're going to be late" and with that we walked out the front door and in to the car on our way to the Alphas house.

We pulled up in front of the Alphas house it was like a castle and it was jaw dropping, I had never been allowed near the Alphas home so this was my first time seeing it and it was amazing I looked like a child on Christmas day.

My mother tugged on my dress to get my attention and said "are you ready?" I looked at her and all i could do was smile and nod my head. It's the only thing I could do if I had spoken to her I would have cried.

We got inside and the Alpha was doing a meet and greet at the door welcoming everyone,we said hello and went to find our table and ofcourse the full time we spent searching for our table I spent looking for my best friend nina.

We found our table and sat down and the nerves started to get to me and I started to panic, just as I was about to get up and make a run for it I see nina coming towards me and I relaxed a little, I hear her shouting on me from a couple of tables away so I got up and start walking towards her, once we met in the middle, she says "hey Nala, are you okay?,you look really pale", i laughed a little and replied "no, am nervous" she grabs my face so I am looking her dead in the eye and says "Nala you will be fine, if you want al stay with you the the whole night" I quickly responded "yes don't leave me and what table are you sitting at?" She replied the same one as you".

Five minutes after we sat down at our table the Alpha taps on his glass with a knife and says with a loud yet dominant voice "I would like to welcome you all to this years grand ball" and everyone claps and cheers the Alpha continues "I am confident that this years ball will be a success to many of the unmated pack members and a good catch up with old friends for the parents that are here tonight" the rest of the Alphas speech was a blur to me as I was focused on the other four Alphas sitting at the high table.

I knew that two of them had mates and the other two do not, Alpha Bruce and Alpha Derek, both Alphas where good looking but Derek was the winner of that competition and I knew I would never be mated to either of them so I dismissed the thought from my head and joined in clapping with everyone else hoping no one noticed that I had went in to a day dream.

An hour past since the Alpha gave his speech and in that time we had our main meal and started to mingle with others.

This was part of the ball I hated the most, when the unmated males get to choose an unmated female to dance with, its alittle heart breaking because they only choose girls they think would be a good mate for them and the ones they don't like are left standing there embarrassed and wondering what they could have done different, but there's nothing wrong with you it's just males being males.

All the unmated women including me get in to a straight line so the males can choose their first partner or possibly there mate, as the males start choosing there partners my heart starts beating out of my chest and I start to sweat as everyone around me starts to get chosen to dance and I am standing here on my own, I close my eyes trying to steady my heart beat.

That's when I hear everyones whispers but I can't make out what they are saying,with my eyes still closed to save me the embarrassment of everyone staring at me I take a step back expecting to stand there alone, I bumped into someones large chest.

I opened my eyes and turned around expecting to find one of the parents staring at me but instead I find Alpha Bruce standing infront of me, I dropped my eyes, avoiding eye contact and said "I am so so sorry Alpha I should watch where I'm going" her replied "no it's my fault I shouldn't stand behind people" I tried so hard to avoid eye contact with him but I just wanted to study his face, it was classed as a challenge and disrespect to look an Alpha in the eyes and he could do serious damage to me if he seen me as a threat "excuse me I need to get some air" before he has a chance to say anything else I bow my head and walk away heading to the front door.

Ignoring everyones whispers and wondering eyes.

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