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Maya Chevalia
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Dialog Prompt 一

"Violence isn't the answer."

"Yeah, but it's an option."

"You don't have to threaten me babe." His partner sat up in bed and he stared at the creamy expanse of her back while she dressed. He could still taste her when he licked his lips.

"So, will you do it or not?" She glared over her shoulder, daring him to defy her.

It was a wonder to him how a woman could be more blood thirsty than most men he knew. He sighed and lit up his smoke, relaxing into the shitty hotel pillows. He could tell that his slow consideration was driving her mad. It was cute.

"I'll ask the Baron if you're so reluctant," she sneered, pulling her hosiery up her long, smooth legs. It was eye catching. He took a drag and blew the smoke out slowly, gaze narrowing in irritation.

"The Baron is second rate in comparison."

His least favorite coworker, known among their circles as the Baron, was an incredibly uncouth assassin. Obnoxious, rude, with no respect or professional courtesy. He consistently tried to pry into other's business and steal client bids.

"But he's half as picky as you are about jobs, which suits my needs just fine."

"Lisette, you're making me sound like the bad guy here." He took a slow puff and blew it in her direction, lips quirking up at her scowl. "Why can't you deal with it yourself?"

He dodged the knife aimed at his head, but only just so, feeling blood drip down his cheek. He raised a brow, as though to say point proven. She could be one scary broad.

"Ritz," she warned, fingers twitching over her weapon strap, as if resisting the urge to maim him further.

He wanted to help her. He really did, but it was a conflict of interests. They'd agreed to see each other so long as it didn't affect work. Nothing turned him on more than a chick that could kill him with one hand and a pair of tweezers. She'd been on his case about a client for a week, and would bring it up whenever they met up. Her target was the chairman for a company running an underground sex trafficking group. She needed him dead, but she needed an in. He was too concerned for her wellbeing to let her undergo her plans, and adamantly rejected her pleas for help.

"Ritz, I could kill you three different ways in under a minute. Stop being a chauvinistic prick." She was bent over him, knife at his throat. Deep blue eyes swam with anger and heat.

"God I love it when you threaten me," he breathed hotly, pressing into the blade to capture her lips. When she pulled away to catch her breath he smirked. "Fine. I really can't tell you no. But if you get hurt, don't ask me to patch you up."
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