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It was no dream that I saw him yet again behind me . His silver eyes gazed into mine through the mirror. My breath hitched as he leaned in and whispered , "My Lia " ------- Lia Summers a 19 year old teenager who was abused by her parents and yet again by her boyfriend. She ran away hoping to find a better life .. Striving for her life and trying to persue her future she wanted no more drama in her life after being abused by her professor. Being a victim of bullying she lost her witty natural and turned into a timid person ...some what opposite to her own . Asher King , the shy boy was a victim of bullying when was 15 years old turned into a dangerous man . Then one day his eyes set on the one girl who help him in his life . Lia Summers ------- "Lia Summers , you are mine " //Book Under Editing//

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*5 years ago*

"You do know that the secondary graders are coming with us to this field trip right ?" Kelly asked .
I shooked my head .
"Really ? I thought it was only for us " i say .
"Well ...they are " she said .
Walking in the botanical gardern we walked through several herbs and i saw someone looking at me .
I look back to see a boy with brown hair and grey eyes looking at me .
Grey eyes beautiful.
I smiled at him and he smiled back .
"Who is he ?" Kelly asked .
"I ...i don't know , he must be one of the second graders " i said .
She nodded .
I then saw him walking towards me .
I tensed up .
He smiled .
"Hi " he said .
"Hello " i talk back blushing.
"I am Asher King ..." he said holding out his hand for me .
"L-Lia Summers " i spoke shaking his hands .
"Shall we be friends? " he asked .
I smiled and nodded .
"Hey little nuts ...enjoying Mr.Asher's company? " i saw a guy come from behind and keep his hand on Asher's shoulder.
Asher's body tensed up and he lowered his head .
"I don't think you should talk to this dork , he is a loser " that guy said .
"The only loser here is you " Kelly spoke up .
"Really ? ..ok , how about we show them who is the loser here Asher ? Hmm ?" The guy said .

Asher kept his head down .
"Leave him alone " i spoke .
But that guy ignored me and spoke .
"This nut here , is a good for nothing loser , stupid head .." the guy said hitting his head .
I took a step forward worried that Asher might get hurt while he stood there tensed the whole time .
"Leave . Him . Alone , i'll call Miss Pearl if you hurt him " i said .
That guy looks at me and smirks .
He then turned around and walked away .

"You ok ?" I asked .
He nodded .
"I-I am sorry ...bye " he said and walked away as well .
While me and Kelly stood then still confused and worried that that guy will hurt him .
But for some odd reason, i felt like we could be good friends.
I don't really get attracted to shy boys ...but he seemed exceptional.


"Hey dork !! ...come here and pick this shit up " Ken said .
I look over to see they were troubling Asher again .
I stood up amd walked over .
Picking up is pen i slam it on Ken's table .
"There you go " i said and took Asher's hand pulling him out of the class .

"You didn't had to do that " he stated .
I smiled .
"Friends help each other ...and besides Ken is a jerk " i stated .
He chuckled and kissed my cheeks making me blushed like a beet root .
"Thank you Lia " he said
Did he ...he just kiss me ?
Oh my god !!
I hate to admit it , but this timid boy got my cheeks red .
He wasn't a exact definition of strong but i still like him .

"Did your mom shout at you again ?" Asher asked .
I nodded wiping my tears .
He sat besides me and kept his hand on my shoulder .
"Don't worry ..she is only caring for you " he said

Little did he know that i was being abused by both my father and mother .
But i stayed silent .
I didn't want it to get between us .
He was with me ...that was all i needed

I shut my locker and chuckled as Kelly huffed .
"What ?" She asked .
"You look dead " i taunted .
"Well duhhh ...i couldn't sleep because i kept searching dresses online for prom "
I nodded and laughed ..
Prom ..

Suddenly i felt a tap on my shoulder and i look back .
Only to be met with my half crush .
Asher King .
"Hi " he spoke .
Even though he was timid , shy and sometimes a victim of pranks ...i still liked him .
He had sliver grey eyes making me look at them untill night .

I bet they would shine in darkness .
Oh how i wish he was just bold enough to stand beside me and ask me out
But he just won't do it .
"Yes ?" I asked .
"Umm , i was just ....will ...will you go to prom ? ...with me ? " he asked .
My eyes went wide .
Yes ...of course! !

Before i could sat something and reply with a yes Asher received a harsh bump on his head .
"Hahahah actually dared to ask her out ? are such a dork " Ken said .
I frowned .
Why is he always targeting him ?
"Leave me alone " Asher spoke .

"Oh ...ok ...i will , not before .." Ken stopped and punched him .
I gasp and immediately held Asher's elbow to support him .
"What is your problem! !? Leave us alone ! You know very well Ken what Kelly and I can do " i threatened him .
He runs his hand through his hair and walked away .

He once slapped a girl when Kelly and i decided to take action.
He ended getting suspended for a week .
Since then he hates me and doesn't look at me .
But he never bothered me as well .
"Are you ok ? ..oh on are bleeding. ..lets go and take some medication " i said and helped Asher up .

"Come with me Kelly " i said and she walked with us .
"Its ok , i can do it on my own .." Asher said but i ignored him and continued patting his nose with cotton.
"And about the question, yes ..i will go to prom with you " i replied.
He look up and smiled .
"You don't have to , i don't think your friends will like you going with a boy like me " he stated.

I smiled .
"I don't care what my friends think , and you are something more than those idiots, you are sweet ...i like it " i said and stood up .
"Uh ...uh t-thanks " he said blushing.
I smiled .
"Ok ...see you tomorrow " i said and walked out .

I walked out to the front door to see him dressed in suit .
His tie complimented my red dress .
"Hi " he said .
"Hi " i reply back blushing a bit .
He look handsome .
"My sister is taking us there by car .." he said walking to a black car with me

It looked expensive.
Oh ya will be since his family was rich .
Don't ask me how i know that invisible people
We sat back and his sister chirped a hello before driving off .
"Umm " Asher handed me a box .
"Whats this ?" I asked .
"For you " he said rubbing his neck .
I open it to see a pendant with small diamond blue orchid on it .
"Wow " i exclaimed.
"I know you like orchids " he explained.

"Thank you " i said and wore it .
His sister dropped us and we walk in to be greeted by my friends.
"So ...the dork is finally here " Ken said .
I glared at him and hold Asher's hand pulling him to my friends.
"Guys ..this is Asher " i introduce him .
Before they could speak anything a bucket was thrown at Asher full with red water .

I gasp at he coughed .
"Asher ...oh my god ..STOP IT KEN " i yelled at him .
But he just laughed .
I take the juice from the table and throw it on his face .
I glared at him and took a step back .
I turned my head to see Asher walking out .
I walked out with him on the road .
"Asher stop !!" I shout and ran behind him

"Asher !!" I called again but he kept walking
I ran and catched up with him .
I rested my hand on his back but he gently pushed me off
"I guess you should leave me alone , no girl wants to be with a guy like me , i can't even defend myself " he said .
"Doesn't matter " i said .
"Its does Lia " he spoke loudly and gritted his teeth.

"I can't stand for myself ...where in the world will i stand for you when you are in trouble. ... i can't speak up ...i am just too scared to ..leave me alone " he said .
I shooked my head and rested my hand on his shoulder.
"You are strong...but your strength so big , that its yet to come out " i said .
"You should go.." he said .

Ignoring him i speak again .
"Nobody is perfect Asher ...not ever will be ...and if people don't acknowledge your true personality, they aren't your type ...ignore them yourself. ..i like you that why" i said blushing
"If you think i will be impressed by those idiots then no i am not , i am impressed by you ..your kind attitude towards others " i confessed .

He lowered his gaze .
"Thank you " he said .
I smiled and nodded .
"Lia " he called and i look at him .
" i am moving away ..."i frowned .
"Don't be sad , i have with my family , but promise me you will always keep this with you and never forget me " he said pointing at the pendant.
I took in in my fingers and nodded .

"I will come for you ...and show you how strong i can be ..thank you for encouraging me .." he said .
I smiled more .
He leaned in and kissed my cheek nervously.
I blushed with him .

"Promise? ...promise you will come back ? least to see me ?" I asked .
He smiled and nodded .
"I will " he said .

My cheeks kept burning untill i reached home .
Prom wasn't what i expected to be .
But his touch sure made a circus in my body .
I wanted to see him again ..

But the next day , he was gone .
And he never came back .

The book will be under Editing for some time. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thankyou for reading my book!

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