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Within Time

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Written in a form of a personal diary. This fictitious story with a hint of truth!

Other / Mystery
Graham Thompson
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Chapter 1



Time, it controls everything we do, our whole existence revolves around time. And yet we know nothing about it. For a species such as ourselves who believes that we are at the pinnacle of human existence, we couldn’t be further from the truth. The Egyptians once lived in what they called the golden age, an age that we once had in our grasp, which was ours for the taking due to the brilliance of one man, Nikola Tesla. But immaterial things such as money were more important to us than that of our own well being.

The knowledge to time has always been within us, the Egyptians, and by that I mean, the old pyramid builders, which existed more than ten thousand years ago, knew and used what they called, the universal knowledge, which gave them the ability to create what we still marvel at today. This golden age I speak of did exist, and was a way of life for many years for our ancient ancestors. Men such as Tesla, have come and gone through the years, men that seemed to possess extraordinary knowledge for their time, and yet no one would listen to them. Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, to name but a few, but their brilliance was never understood in their lifetime. These were men who came with a message, of which fell on deaf ears, all predicted the future in some way, but we were all to blind to see.

How is it do you think that these men knew what they knew, or foretold what was to come? Time is the answer.

Something happened to me as a child which was over fifty years ago now, but what happened to me, trivial though it sounds, stayed with me throughout my entire life, and only now as I

approach my sixtieth birthday, alone in life and very unhappy, can the vail be lifted on that event, and the truth be told.

My name is David Thornhill, and this is my story.

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