Love Island

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Love Island No one knows, who's chosen. No one knows why. But all they know that the legends are true. Nothing more than screams are heard. Everything else is oblivion. But something is about to change everything Or more specifically Someone.

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It’s not a legend exactly, neither a myth, but what I can say that it actually happened. It happened to me and thanks to that experience I found someone worth writing a legend about.

An Island called ‘Mkien’ at least that’s what the Maltese call it. It’s an island that appears and disappears in a blink and the people who go there never got to return. People from around the world have lost to this ‘Mkien’ Island.

That’s where I am. I’m nowhere but I’m also somewhere.

I was alone for a very long time, with nobody to talk to except a voice inside my brain.

No, I’m not crazy. There’s someone controlling me and everything that happens here.

Him being crazy, I can agree. Because of him, I lost someone who was more important than anything else.

I lost myself.

Until someone found me and returned me to who I was.

But because of me that person went through a lot of stuff but still stuck to the love that was found nowhere.

We made it somewhere.

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