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Chapter 2

xckzjldkfs.23, or simply The chemist, was a huge, bizarre character. He had brown, curly hair down to his neck, a black hat with small objects attached to a red band that was tied around it and wore perfectly round dark teashades with golden frames. His face was scarred and he had a big, crooked nose. It was like he had jumped right out from a steampunk-movie. The chemist spoke with a strong south London accent and always took breaks between his sentences, puffing his cigar/ joint. These breaks seemed not only necessary but actually mandatory for his communication: though they served no noticeable purpose he never skipped a single pause. He was almost never seen entirely sober and always wore the same ragged, brown coat with big pockets and a patterned shirt that probably would have brought the mind back to the psychedelic 60’s if it weren’t so dirty and dark. He loved gold: golden rings, necklaces, bracelets and clocks were a part of his radiant image. Charismatic though pretty callous in some occasions. He was never actually violent, but his character was surely intimidating.

The interesting part was that not many ”ordinaries” noticed him: his looks were completely unique and separating from any group in the society, but still most people just walked past him, seeing some kind of crook och weirdo. I guess that’s a pretty good description, but he certainly doesn’t have the classic crook- or weirdo-look, and there were a lot of that kind of people these days. The chemist made up his own category, undefinable and hardly graspable. He and boy had knew each other for many years. In fact, the nickname ”boy” came from him. He thought that boy looked a bit scrawny and weak, like he never grew up - hence boy. His name had always been a mystery, xckzjldkfs.23 was obviously not his real name, although he usually introduced himself using it, followed by ”but call me chemist”. He pronounced every letter and in this particular name by itself, even the dot. Chemist loved mysteries and secrets.

With dusty steps he met up with his customer in an dark alley, scanning the environment with his small eyes hidden behind the black glass. The day had turned to night and moonlight made him shimmer and the absence of colour that the night came with made his appearance ghastly. Not a single star could be seen, the night sky was merely a gray ceiling. This contributed to the claustrophobic feeling boy usually got when there were much city around him. The trip still enhanced all lights and the gray asphalt was the perfect canvas for visuals. Beams of light jumped over the flat surface, made ripples in the ever present fractals. His eyes beamed with energy and every breath he took felt extremely heavy. F C S D a sign said, at least for a moment. There were some trees, but they were naked and gray like wretched, disfigured victims of horrible experiments. He jumped as a face appeared in the cold bark, the creepy, obnoxious nature of the hallucinations left him with a disturbing, schizofrenic feeling. It was cold even though no wind blew. Insects. His head glitched. He looked up and saw the big man, smiling like a bug.

”Hey there friend, how’re you doin?” His voice was as hoarse as always.

”It’s alright, haven’t been so active lately though”

”Well i’ve noticed huh, come by any day boy, we got lotsa stuff in the flat”

”Yeah i’ll step by, maybe tomorrow”

”Sure mate, here’s your stuff” The chemist said, handing over a tightly concealed, brown package.

”Thanks, i’ll see you” ”Good luck mate”

Boy quickly returned to his apartment, walking with steady steps across the pattern-filled ground, still glitchy and now increasingly nauseated by the unstable and unreal feel. The message is always present.


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