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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

It was the ultimate drug, a true vigor. A way to states beyond your most bizarre imaginations.. The sky was intensely blue and rippled like an ocean as he leaned against the dusty window. Black ducks with strikingly white beaks swam across the lake with shiny eyes. Everything was impossibly beautiful and his mind were of inhuman proportions.

Inside, a dog with gray, tired eyes munched on a fly as the smoke thickened. Boy had a hard time to breath but it didn’t matter to him: this pill was something else. The blood splattered between the animals teeth as the fly squealed one last time. It was a disturbing scene to watch. 30 minutes had passed since boy swallowed the pill but it felt like an eternity. The other folks in the room had slowly drifted back and forth and he was now sitting by the only window, staring at the outside world like a blind person, suddenly able to see. His hearing was not only increased but completely insane. He could hear every teeth of the dog, crushing the bones and flesh of it’s victim. His body felt like a pillow and everything felt extremely comfortable to his skin, his whole body shivered.

Once he stood up, dreadful faces with distorted proportions haunted his visions, telling truths more terrifying and shocking than anything boy ever felt before. The first thought that occurred in his mind was that he needed to get home but his sense of balance was as unreliable as his mind. The drugs were kicking harder and he felt the terror creeping through his veins and nerves like bugs, digging deeper and deeper until the whole body was a big parasite. Worms crawled under his skin and behind his eyelids, teeth chafed. He realized that resistance was to no use: instead he closed his eyes and gave in to the drug and embraced the nightmare-like creatures.

Half-men screaming in pain, juggling, ripping apart every molecule, splitting every atom.

A minute or two later - even though it for boy seemed like a lifetime of anguish - he regained his consciousness. The room was filled with a orange, hellish haze and the people in there watched him with glowing eyeballs. His body was still a zoo filled with every monstrosity you could find, the presence of bacteria and other microscopic organisms had never been more strenuous. The strong smell of herbal blends made him dizzy, he’d never been this intoxicated before.

A couple of morphine pills later boy was able to walk, and so he made his way out. Once outside, the world had turned into a dreamlike desert. Dilation. All the streets were mashed together and instead a beige colour lit the ground. The sky was filled with stars and symbols over the red atmosphere and the moon danced across the horizon. Pyramids reached higher than the ruins of the skyscrape-filled city and someone had placed a gem on every tip of them. It was like time had speeded up, aging the scene a millenium every second. Buildings rose and fell. He saw the dust erode rocks and he saw how the sun was born and then he saw it die, only to be reborn once again.

Boy didn’t know if his eyes we’re closed or open and he didn’t really want to know either. If they were open, he surely had lost his mind. But if they were closed, then god knew what would appear in front of his teary, dilated eyes if he were to lift his eyelids. He did not dare to fantasize since the thought probably would manifest itself in the real world - which by now was completely torn apart by hallucinatory mysteries. As he stood there by the view, sorrowful voices chanted, mourning the world that now fell apart. It was not like any apocalypse ever depicted, there were no physical destruction: only a overwhelming sorrow that washed over boy. Not like a human sorrow, but a feeling of too much perspective.

Soft, mellow and hazy with a lemonade-coloured shine. Boy yawned like a child, blinking his wet eyes.

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