Aboveground By: sienai amanda Itani

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Based on my reality

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Who Is Me

Startled when I heard my own voice bellow out from somewhere deep inside myself rising the hair upon my flesh Talking to myself isn't anything new some would think because I talk out loud so often it's normal for me to be engaged in a deep conversation with none else then myself. Some my think I'm mentally ell or flat out

crazy See this is far different from the typical released thoughts. This is to talk myself through maybe sike myself out too. Life has come to a standstill at least I'd like to hope so, maybe it's too late for hoping rite now actually only thing I'm hoping is these unexplained feelings decease with my flesh and bone, I am naked outside in the back yard of the house I unscrewed the patio late placing my index finger on each trigger and placing both matching, 380's on each side of my head.NEVER thought my world would come to a point in life were death seemed to be not such a bad idea.

Ive taken numerous courses throughout everyday life except the most noticeably awful course is yet to come. Heard in my ear ceaselessly from individuals, who I swear are simply attempting to plant the seeds of dread or something to divert quality. Perhaps I'm stumbling and only tierd of the pessimistic crap individuals state or do the manner in which they consider things aren't near my perspective, I'd like to state the glass is half full versus void. Regardless of the circumstances I have encountered in life really amazed on occasion to discover my heart despite everything pulsating and battling

the days sharpness what's to ascend from the squalid I've crept through. Feeling monstrous most occasions due to a life I've lived, the life I'm stuck in today and the life I want so badly yet when I get my appearance seeing myself an incredibly amazing person thus brave, A somebody who merits the absolute best throughout everyday life except will make due with the fundamental things and be content with such ways of life.

Prayer, finding myself in deeply these days wondering howcome weakness is felt more often than ever before. How is it in my past life ice gone through so much worst so many times I wasnt sure if living another day was in my feature. Remembering the times I'd pray to God for a way to his kingdom without leaving my mom behind to take me far away where peace could be felt. I think I slammed those doors each time God had given opportunity waiting for me to present myself.

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