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Tori Satten's life was never easy. She'd never wish it upon her worst enemy. All her life was ever revolved around was pain, death and betrayal. Until 'The Sexy Three' return. She somehow makes an impression on the three. Though she can't seem to understand why? She wasn't extraordinary. She wasn't beautiful. She was just her. She was just a Fighter.

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Chapter 1

"Would you stop that already!" My best friend Jen said to me while throwing her hands up in the air for emphasis. "I'm listening okay! I'm a woman remember we can multitask."
Right now we're having our daily argument and do you know what its about? That I read to much, for goodness sakes since when is reading to much. I listen to her but she thinks that I dont hear a thing.

Sometimes I wish I didn't hear a thing. "Please your anything but a woman, Tor." At that comment I threw a pencil at her which unfortunately she dodged.

"You know I listen to you, even about your Anna problems. So why do you complain all the time?" I said while closing the book I was reading so she can get it through her thick head I'm listening.

Anna was a girl she had a crush on but she's scared Anna won't like her. Frankally im not a fan of the relationship because Anna... well it's not my place to talk about it. As you can tell my bestie plays for the other team.

Me and her know there would be nothing between us so we're all good. Jennifer or Jen as everyone calls her is really pretty shes average height, perfect body and awesome blue eyes. She has shoulder length blonde hair.

A lot of guys in our school ask her out and all that but she turns them down everytime. You know whats stupid of those guys, they know she's a lesbian yet they think that they can change her persepctive. Doubt it, she says the only a guy can turn her straight again is if she feels that guy is the one and that his name is Josh Hutcherson.

Right now we're sitting in class learning some biology shit that I couldn't care less about. Yeah I love science but im just not feeling it today. She rolls her eyes at me. "Fine what was I saying right now?" I smirked at her and leaned forward towards her desk. "That you saw her making out with Ethan McShaw at last nights party." I smiled at her look of surprise but she quickly covered it up.


I got back to work, knowing it has to be done by the end of this period. After about 20 minutes the bell rang and I had just finished the work, yeah no homework! Before we could walk out for next period the teacher stopped us.

"Class im giving you a warning that I will be assigning a partnered assignment for tomorrow, but I will be choosing your partners." That last sentence earned a groan from the whole class, part of me is happy that im not working with Jen but the other is sad. Reason is simple. I DO ALL THE WORK.

Don't worry she knows that, yet we still always partner up I know im crazy but shes my bestie.

We walked out of class on our way to the cafeteria. We first stopped by our lockers. We're only two lockers away from each other so thats a bonus in this hell hole. Jen opened her locker when a red envelope fell out of it.

She gets this all the time, love letters from guys proclaiming their love to her, bleh! "Isn't your letters usually pink, first time I've seen a red one." Its true it was always pink never another colour.

She proceeded to open the letter and read it out loud. "Dear Jennifer, I was wondering if you could please help me to impress..." she looked up at me with wide eyes, "Tori Bear."

I'm sure my eyes were popping out of their sockets right now. Theres only one person in this school that calls me by that nickname, no one else. Spencer McBride.

Every girl in this school has a crush on him, me included. Who wouldn't have a crush on him, he's Mr.Popular, captain of every sports team, excellent grades and is so sexy. I mainly know him as the sweetest guy I've ever met.

I'm sure people thought I was a fish on how my mouth was opening and closing. Jen dragged me towards the cafeteria, when we got there I came back to reality and went to go get food while Jen grabbed our table.

I grabbed myself a burger, coke and an orange. Have to eat healthy right? I was about to hand the cashier my money but a hand stopped me, and when I saw who that hand belonged to I was frozen stiff in my position.

Spencer McBride.

"Let me Tori Bear." He handed the lady the money and we walked further away. "T-thank y-you." Yeah never put me in a room with a guy. People honestly think im crazy when im so shy around guys because they know me as the loud and crazy girl.

"Listen I was wondering if maybe you could help me with some science this Friday? Unless you have plans I understand if you do, I should have known you would..." I started to chuckle at his adorable rambling, he stopped and looked at me with a confused face. He soon started to laugh at himself as well. I nodded to his question and we exchanged numbers.

When I got to our table I knew Jen had seen me and Spencer talk. "Were you just talking to Spencer?" She said with a smug look on her face. "No I didn't talk to him I instead stuttered and made a fool of myself." I groaned and put my face in my hands.

"Tori he doesn't care that you stuttered, your just paranoid. So what did he say?" Always so nosy but thats Jen for you.

"He just asked me if I could help him on Friday with some science work." Just wait for it she'll explode...


...now. She's so predictable, she just jumps to conclusions. "Jen he asked for help, he didn't ask me to marry him" She gave me a look that told me that she didn't appreciate the sarcasm.

"He so likes you!" One thing a person has to know about her is that she's a hopeless romantic. "I'm not looking for a relationship right now."

The look on her face, was probably the same as mine, grim. "Tor I know your not over him but you have to move on and find a guy who will love and treat you properly."

"I am over him im just not ready for a relationship okay." I was starting to get a tad bit angry.

After that was said we talked about random topics until lunch was over. The rest of the day went by in a blur and the next thing I knew I was home.

"Mom, im home!" I heard rustling in the kitchen. My mom loves to cook, its her sanctuary, as she puts it.

"Hi Tor, im in the kitchen!" She yelled back, I put my bag down and headed into the kitchen. When I saw it, it looked like World War III exploded in there. There was flour everywhere, broken eggs scattered around and a weird goop on the ceiling and on the counter top.

"Mom what's going on here?" I asked while stepping over cracked egg shells. "Oh im just making a dessert for our new neighbours that just moved in." My moms always been so polite and kind, people sometimes call her 'a ray of sunshine' and she really is.

"Sweetheart whats the date today? My schedules been so busy I just forget sometimes." My mom is a very hard working women. She does everything in her power to supply for my needs, even though I have a job. "The 13th of July."

The grim look on her face was heart breaking but I knew what the cause of it was. It was a few more weeks before my brothers birthday. He would have been 25 this year, he passed away when he was eleven and I was four.

My mom use to tell me how he cared for me so much and would have done anything for me. The best times I remember with him is whenever I had a nightmare or something/someone scared me he would always be there to comfort and protect me.

He was the best big brother a four year old could ever have. I would give anything to just say goodbye to him, since I never had that chance.

"Mom I think you should take a nap. Go, I'll clean this up okay?" I knew she wanted to protest but the bags under her eyes told me other wise. She nodded and headed upstairs.

When I was done cleaning up everything, I wrote a note to my mom telling her im going to the gym.

I went up to my room, got into a tank top with a sports bra underneath and shorts with my running shoes.

When I started to walk I got a text from Jen.

Oh my gosh! Did you hear the news?
From Jen

No, what news?
From Tori

The news of the 'Sexy three' coming back to school!
From Jen

Never heard of them.
From Tori

What, how have you never heard of them!
From Jen

Listen Jen, im not interested. I have to go going to the gym. Talk later.
From Tori

Okay enjoy see you tomorrow!
From Jen

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