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In the title! Disclaimers: everything in this book are original ideas, and some may be inspired from another source. Warnings will be stated at the start of each chapter. Note: Please bear with me, this was transferred from Wattpad to Inkitt, and I'm still trying to figure out how it works, so formatting may be weird. There may also be missed details (as bold, italics and paragraph placing don't copy and paste over).. You can view the original copy on Wattpad, same title, cover and content, just better formatting where it actually makes sense.

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My Beautiful Marionette

Warnings: blood, mild gore


"My beautiful marionette..."


A smile. Cold, emotionless, yet warm and beautiful like a siren's song.

"Dance for me."

A whisper. Warm as it settles on the skin, yet cruel in a melodic dance.

A spin. Faint trails of fleeting touches lingering in its path.

The finale. Red spraying to decorate the milky white surface, and the soft silk cloth covering the body.

And the bow. Smooth and graceful, empty and unfeeling, while addressing the the corpse before it, unflinching as the head rolled, tracking the blood across the stage.

The spotlight dims to nothing as the curtain closes. The empty seats remain unresponsive to the act they've witnessed merely a moment ago.

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