Of yin and yang

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me picking three positive and negative thoughts on life.

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Yin 1

Race, mental health

And martial arts

When everyone first say me in highschool who know about yhst yakuza or Quentin Tarantino's work wouldn't see some random kid like them but instead oren ishii from kill bill vol one. This was because i had a tough past since birth and is eurasian ( a mix of white and asian ethnicities). Yes i was gifted in Taekwondo and is still yakuza but psychotic i am not. Nor i am a kill happy psychopath. I was an still am eurasian who suffers from PTSD not psychosis or psychopathy or sociopathy. All though i presented my self well it wasnt until great 11 when people started to see me as a really human being and not a Tarantino character because there were some people who saw someone going through a deep depression and chronic stress bevausr they knew the difference.

Signs of psychopathy

Cruel to to animals

Lack of empathy

Lack of emotion

Lack of respect for life in general

No compassion

Hateful behaviour


Fantasies of torturing children, woman and animals


And possible beasiality

Interedt in porn

Sign of someone with PTSD

Have been tortured (dah)





Negative thoughts

Fear of loud noises

Trouble related to people

Shit sleep (excuse my french)

And a lot of people doir number two even my parents in highschool so the decided to seek farther help for me and i was found to have PTSD, and OCD as well as my asperger's and adhd.

What do i think....i think it is what i it and can be controlled, where as people like oren ishii couldnt ontroll there problems. As much as i love kill bill and the other movies from Quentin Tarantino's stuff i just see oren ishii as a Halloween costume, not a personality type that was imposed on me at fourteen til 17.

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