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River! They named me. I never understood why, others say it's because of my ocean like eyes, others say it's because of my glimmering black skin, or the crystal mole on my left cheek. But at the end of the such a beautiful name did nothing to re-define my story. A story of fear, hope, betrayal and agony. A story of an Irish Slave.

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Chapter 1

I curled tightly at the back of a steady moving carriage. In front were two carriage riders, attentively controlling the pace of the horses.

Through the cracked holes, I could see the other carriages riding ahead of us, after a while the carriage stopped moving and I spotted a glimpse of an Iron gate.

The gates opened and we drove into what resembled a dense green foliage, with overgrown oak trees and manicured Gardens.

The smell of the flower-scented river, seeped through the cracks as the carriage kept crawling on the pebbled pavement until it snaked towards an enormous mansion. The mansion loomed proudly in the middle and at its threshold stood a delicate marble fountain.

The carriage stopped and the door slid open, "Get out! My captor snarled, dragging me out, whilst my heart pounded.

The other carriages were slid open as well and I realized it wasn't just me, five to three boys and two girls were dragged out of the carriage.

Unlike mine, their clothes were shredded and their blooded skin tattooed with whip marks, and as we all made contact there was a similar feeling we seemed to share, a feeling that hung in the air and left our hearts panting.


The door of the mansion opened and we were all ushered in by our captors to a room filled with suited men, drinking and hailing to one another.

It took me a while to realize this was an auction, we were about to be auctioned as slaves to this men.

"You stay here." I was moved to the corner, While others were displayed in front of the high ranking suited men in the hall, they were yanked and paraded like cheap goods, whilst the men ogled and drooled over their scantily clad and bruised bodies.

"Do I hear 500 credit?" The auctioneer yelled holding tightly to one fragile little girl, she looked terrified and shaken.

"600." A man in the crowd yelled out and the auctioneer's eyes showned with greed.

"600, going once."

"800." Another man yelled from the crowd.

"800 going once, going twice, sold to the man wearing a blue tie." The man walks up and scans her, before paying and taking her away with him.

My nerves were now eating me and my legs were itching to run. I wanted to escape this sinful place! More or less be anyone's slave.

Seeing no one was watching I turned around and was about to make my way out of the door when I bumped into muscled chest. Strong arms shooting out quickly to steady me from falling,

I looked up and in an instant, my eyes locked with Hazel ones, beautiful and enchanting they were that I found myself almost consumed by them.

"This one is very special, sir." One of the captors chirps in, as he caught up to me.

He only peers at me, and for a brief moment I forgot I was a slave. He reaches out and tucks a loose strand of my hair from my face, causing me to flinch.

"What's your name?" He whispered, his voice as smooth as silk to the ear.

I opened my tinned lips to answer, but nothing came out, I couldn't find the voice to speak,

"Answer him slave girl!" The captor hissed harshly and I recoiled.

He nods slightly and the captor grabs me by the arm, towards the stage, for I was the next to be sold off.

I turned around to look at the man once more but he was gone. I gulped, I guess this was my fate, to be sold off to a random old man like a piece of meat.

"You gonna earn me real money, little one." The auctioneers smiled sickly.

"Our next is a girl, a virgin girl." My auctioneer says as he parades me around the men and they hooted and whooped.

"She's in good shape." A man amidst the crowd asks and my captor wasted no time in ripping my clothes off the top of my body, exposing my bareness to the craving men, "No blemishes, she's in perfect shape."

I was then turned towards the stage as the men stated their prices, "bidding starts at 10000 pounds."

"I call 11000." A man spoke up from the back. He looked evil, I didn't want to end up with him. Oh, God! I prayed I didn't want to end up with any of them.


The first bidder looked back to see the man and then turned back to say,


No not him, please not him! I prayed.

I looked at the second bidder, who seemed stunned at the new price. But still, he called out for a new price.


"20000." the first bidder shot, slipping the sack of gold coins out of his pocket. I looked at the second bidder, desperate for him to throw in a new, figure,

"20000! going once...going twice..."

"100000!" Bellowed a voice stunning both the audience. I scanned my eyes around for my savior.

"Who said that?" The auctioneer asks desperately.

The man stood out of the crowd and I gaped, it was the same man that was staring at me with so much desire in his eyes moments ago. Why would he pay such a sum for a slave?

"100000 gold coins, going once.." The men whispered and murmured between themselves, "going twice...."

No one even dared to beat the price.

"Sold to the nice gentleman." the auctioneer announces,

The man walks up smoothly to the stage to claim his price. "You have fun with her now." He sickly laughed.

The nan waves two fingers and another man walks up and grabs me by the arm, then slipping out a sack of coins, he signed his name next to mine in the bidder's book, glancing at my name.

"River.." He breathed my name, having me swallowing and nodding. With that I was sold to him.

Now I was his property, his slave.

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