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The beautiful people

Well this isnt my hallucination

Its my father's as he has dementia but he it goes.

I am sitting on my ass trying to write a book, my moms taking a shower. Everything seems peacwful and then my dad loses it. He says there are people.....ceowds of people with torchs and gasoline, ready to burn down the house. Now if there were an angry mob out side i would fucking hear it in thd first place. But i didnt. So where's the food.

He is say come and look at all the people. I stick my head out and i dong see shit. I just see snow and darkness. At this point i am freaked out and annoyed but more scared for my safety. As he was having a psychotic breakdown from reality.

This is my first psychotic behavior i had ever seen out side of a Quentin Tarantino movie and it was as glorious as the movies make it seem. He was running around the house screaming people.... al the while my mom is trying to take a shower. I was verbally fight with this nutcase in my dad's body and i wasnt winning.

So i had to do the toughtest and most sad thing in my life. I had to kick him Taekwondo style in the face to snap him out of his psychosis and make him see i wasnt playing around.... he is still alive and not black eyes but still thid is a tacyic i woulfnt recommend if you are dealing with a family member as you go hurt them and or get arrested. But the kick worked. Again i wouldnt use violence or the threat of violence but in this case my wellbeing and my moms well being was at risk. This was the fucking exorcist and the omen movies but together.

We all were able to calm down from dads psychedelic episode but we all wonder the beautiful people that he was bitching about.....will this happen again.

***note. No Taekwondo or martial arts kicks allowed when you think some is having a break with reality. If you feel they are psychotic or dangerous it is best to call 911 or get a third party involved to defuse the situation will only defuse the situation. ***********

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