The Gatekeeper

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Faustina was relegated to be a gatekeeper of her convent. Who would she encounter?

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At the gate

Faustina rubbed her arms to keep warm as she sat at her post next to the gate. It was a cold, rainy evening. She looked forward to returning to the warmth of the convent.

She glanced up at the clock tower. It was half past five. Just thirty more minutes before she could make a Holy Hour at the chapel!

It was the highlight of her day , to kneel before the blessed sacrament and pour her heart out to the Lord.

Due to her ailing health, Mother Michael had switched her assignment from gardener to gatekeeper. Though she understood it was for her own good, she was saddened to leave the garden, where she had spent many joyful moments, tending to and contemplating on the beauty of God’s creations.

It didn’t help that with the revolutionary disturbances these days, it could be dangerous to be at the gate. There were evil people who hated everything about God and targeted convents.

However, out of a spirit of obedience, she said nothing to her superior and had confided only in the Lord.

When she asked Him for the grace and protection to perform her new task, He had listened kindly and told her to be at peace. He reminded her gently that He was always with her and requested that she confide in him everyday about how her day went.

You will give Me much pleasure, if, each evening, you will speak to Me, especially about this task.

But You know about everything, Lord.

Yes, I do know; but you should not excuse yourself with the fact that I know, but with childlike simplicity talk to Me about everything, for My ears and Heart are inclined towards you, and your words are dear to Me

Her heart warmed when she recalled His tender gaze as He spoke those words.

How incomprehensibly affable was the Lord!

That He would want to hear her talk about her mundane task though He already knew what was in her heart!

If only souls knew how easy it was to talk to Jesus. All the chapels in the world would be full. How was it that so few knew about His loving heart which was burning up with mercy?

It had been a week since she was assigned to the gate. As promised by Jesus, no one had given her any trouble . She fed the poor and hungry who came to the gate and gave them as much as she had permission for. Their smiles when they left often brightened her day and kept her going.

It was now quarter to six. Fifteen more minutes to go. She couldn't wait to lock up and fly to the chapel.

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