Scars, Pain, & Despair

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Proserpina- I'm always left to be the observer not the player in the game. For a while it didn't matter I didn't have friends or was acknowledged now when something bad goes for what I hold dear. I will be the first one to answer the door. Kaden- Nothing ever went the way it was supposed to. My father left for to fight for the country and my mother died of cancer. For now I'm left behind in the old house my mother built for us with my father, accompanied with my ungrateful uncle. To get what I need and to please Uncle I will need to take what I need and not look back. Donny- My home life is perfect with my mother in our 2 story house but I'm stuck playing a role I don't want to play. Going away from home for months at a time then come back to start trouble. I'm constantly on the run and fighting to defend everything that I don't wish to lose. Nathan- Trouble is always where I am. Nothing can stop me from keeping my promises and making up for what went wrong. Except now everything has spiraled out of my hands. Can I be forgiven? John- Everything is up to me to plan. I need to keep people safe and out of harms way. I'm always a target but there'd people who have my back to help me out. All that matters is everything goes the way I plan so no one gets hurt.

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Hanako Iwata
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One person can change what happens in your life but a special person changes how you view things, how you behave which creates a whole new you, and changes what happens in your life.

I didn't think that would happen to me. I didn't have friends nor did I try to make some. I was fine being me, by myself, alone. It gave me the ability to not care what others thought and independence so I accepted it. In school I excelled with no effort without laughing with others or even enjoying my time there instead I read.

On my free time I read or walked around the field with nothing else to do. When I went home I hung out on the tire swing, alone. When people tried to have a conversation with me, I retreated into my shell and shut them out. When I was injured, I dealt with it myself in silence then walked it off like the pain wasn't there nagging at me.

I wanted to play and laugh with the others but I wouldn't allow myself to be free of my shell, afraid of what would happen. Then suddenly everything changed.

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