Scars, Pain, & Despair

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Chapter Nine


We didn't go far from my house but instead I led John around back into the dirt alleyway then into my backyard. We went through the back door and straight to my room while John told me what's had been happening right under my nose.

"Kaden is back from their out of town flight. Nathan and I were ambushed when we were separated and thrown into a basement. They brought us up to different rooms that had alarms on the doors. I broke out of my restraints but I didn't have time to look for Nathan so I fought my way out and looked for you." John paused done with his story and wanting to hear mine. I reached for an air soft gun, thankful for having my sweatshirt on hiding the sore wounds.

"What happened to you?"

"Nothing I stayed your house for a night when I was ill and your dad found me. That is about it that happened to me." I loaded the gun with the plastic bullets without meeting his gaze that I know fell to my sweatshirt.

"You know its not cold out right?"

"I'm a girl every temperature below eighty degrees is freezing," I shivered the cold from that night stuck to my bones with my fever to add more time for it to stay there.

"That's true but come on you haven't worn a sweatshirt until now," concern made his voice crack. Instead of responding I shoved the clip into the gun and cocked it.

"It was just an observation on my part so what do we need those for?"

"We are going to pay a visit to Kaden and get Nathan out of there."

"Oh and the guns are for?"

"Kaden wants to bring real guns to the fight then Ill bring ones that hurt a lot to occupy him. I don't need to bring a real one; it would take too much time hesitating on if I should pull the trigger. This way there will be no hesitation but a lot of pain."

"Nathan was right you're a clever little snake."

"Then lets go do what snakes do best: strike," I grinned back him feeling a little more evil than good.

"Maybe I'm a Sith not a Jedi."

"For a snake you are such a nerd."



Against my judgment Proserpina was going to meet Kaden while I figured out way to slither my fatass between the bars of the window and how to get up there. I refused to take any of the guns when she was the one meeting Kaden alone.

I was looking up at the window that could be either Nathans or someone else's. Hurriedly I ran at the fence to the top. Not stopping for I needed momentum I leaped off the fence over the space I was in like kangaroo and latched onto the bottom of the bars on the window.

"Crap! My mom was right I have no regard for my own safety," I huffed out instead of all the nasty curses I was thinking when I began slipping. Using my feet I kicked at the air under to help me climb upward on the bars.

"Why did she have to be stubborn about meeting Kaden?!! I could be watching her back instead of this bullshit. I hate her brain and her right now. Girls are smart but come on they might not be more than some guys." I muttered to myself trying squeeze through the bars.

"Yeah this wasn't smart. Ouch!!No. No. No that hurts; this might be a sign from the heavens telling me to lose weight before I eat ever again." Trying hard to ignore the pain I shoved on the bars, as I wiggled up to my thighs through the bars to lean on the glass window. Twisting my upper body I pushed my hands on the glass and lifted up to find it was locked.

"Oh come on!!! You got to be freaking kidding me!!! You!! God damn-whoa!!" Smooth like the window slid to the side letting me wiggle the rest of my body in.

"The window goes to the side to open not up," my gaze met Donny's with a grin of foolish pride.

"My man!! Wait then where is Nathans room?!"

"Down the hall to the left but he isn't going be there. Things have changed since you left."

"Like what? Please say a change in leadership!"

"We can only wish but no. Except Nathan has found himself on Kaden's good side."



Politely like I had respect for Kaden I knocked on the door when John made his way around back. No one answered within 5 minutes making me lose my patience and walk right through the unlocked door. I had 2 air soft pistols strapped to my sides with extra ammo in my pockets.

Kaden!!! Retards!!! I screamed through the halls before I found the room that they were gathered in like sitting ducks. Kaden sat in a tall leather chair facing the door with all his groupies lounging around him on the couches. The room could've been like a study with its balcony showing the hall of the upper floor and the all the room for shelves behind the living area they were sitting in.

"Well look who showed up," Kaden stood looking at someone closer to him that I couldn't see from where I stood.

"You're talking like you were classy enough to send me an invitation."

"Classy isn't what survives in the modern world."

"Says the person that doesn't have any class."

"What is it you want, girl?"

"Really? You know what I want; you kidnapped a friend of mine."



I cursed quietly when she appeared in the doorway. I didn't know if she could see me but I could see her and I knew how this looked with me by his right side. Her hands her steady not touching the fire arms at her sides.

"A friend? I believe he ran from here today. I don't have any others of your friends."

"Has anyone told you; you're a bad liar? I know Nathan is still here."

"Really, he is your friend? By the way he has been talking I didn't think you were. Nathan would you like to clear this up for us?" Kaden turned back to me. Knowing this was a test I stood up beside him.



Pain pricked at my chest when he appeared next to Kaden like an old friend not a hostage being held against his will. Blocking out his face from my vision I focused on Kaden while my thoughts put things together.

He lied. John lied to my face!! How could he lie to me after defending me? I'm still so stupid.

"I see," I took a step back out of the doorway. "My bad."



"I guess you really had her fooled with your acting for the innocent," Kaden chuckled at her. Still she didn't give up another step to him. I didn't dare do anything that would make this worst for the both of us. "We all make mistakes."

"Yeah I guess we do that's why you deserve this," her voice came out smooth and calm like. Proserpina took 2 steps into the room making everyone else sitting, stand up.

"What is it that we deserve?"

"Both of you will be damned." Fast her hands found her fire arms and pointed them in our direction. Before I could move her finger pulled the trigger and pain struck me from close range right between my eyes. I fell back onto the couch stunned with both pain and shock. I stared at her with my eyes wide but she wasn't fazed she pulled the trigger again hitting me in the eye.

"Put the guns down, Proserpina!!"

"Haha like I would listen to you ever again," bullets pelted my skin one after the other.



Proserpina unloaded the clips on Nathan and Kaden. I couldn't believe how many bullets came from the pistols. I was about to come down from the balcony with Donny but we stopped when her guns appeared in her hands.

"Kaden was right we all make mistakes. His mistake was messing with her," Donny beamed with pride at her like she deserved a trophy. Suddenly like she sensed us the barrels of the guns released a storm of bullets onto us.

"What the hell did I do?!!" I screamed down to her but all she did was glare back. "Proserpina! I demand you stop!"

"Oh you can control me now," she unleashed more bullets.

"No! no! I don't!! You can do what you want!!! I'm sorry, I tried to cover my skin. Oh my god close range hurts so much!!!"



I didn't care anymore I went through clip after clip. They begged me to stop shooting, to just stop but I was done being hurt. If I wasn't going to be left in my shadows then I would come out for a little bit but I was going to be locked and loaded. My dream was running in my mind but I refused to cry or be weak.

Then the shooting stopped I was knocked to the ground. Donny was on top of me telling me to calm down. Laughing I shook my head while I flipped one of the guns so I was holding the barrel and smashed it into his temple. Cursing he fell off me and I was back on my feet. I unloaded the rest of my clips then walked back out the house to the alleyway to my hiding place.



I jumped over the railing land on the couch next to where Nathan stood from behind. Irritated I grabbed him by the shirt and dragged his ass into the hall away from Kaden and the others with Donny.

"What the hell is wrong with you?! Going around becoming friends with Kaden!" I shoved his shoulder.

"You left me here. This is your fault, he shot back at me."

"You know that none of us would've gotten out if I tried to get you out too!"

"Point taken but what the hell has gotten into that girl!"

"You're starting to sound like Kaden we need to get you out of here."

"I can't leave just yet."

"Oh yes you can! There is no reason for you stay his right hand man plus Kaden will find out you were lying your ass off sooner or later."

"Alright where to then?"

"My house I guess. We shouldn't go after Proserpina just yet; its clear something happened while we were gone." Donny rubbed his face then returned where everyone was recovering from their shock.

"But seriously what gotten into her since we left?"

"Honestly I have no clue."



John and Nathan gotten out of the house before Kaden exploded from behind his chair. His skin was covered in welted from the guns and his face held his fury.

"What the hell was that?!"

"Those were air soft guns sir," I replied knowing that wasn't what he was asking but I smirked anyway.

"Donny if another smartass comment comes from your mouth I will personally have your tongue ripped out. Where's Nathan?"

"He left."

"He cannot leave I haven't even begun to give orders!"

"Kaden he left everything. I don't think he is going to come back to us." Kaden stormed out of the room leaving me to speak with Jax.

"I don't think she forgave you," Jax commented rubbing his wounds.

"You think? I just took a plastic handle to the face but she has one hell of a hit."

"Yeah nearly fixed your ugly mug but what about the rest of us," we laughed until we were reminded we had too many wounds to enjoy much.

"Alright we might want to get our orders from cranky pants before he throws a fit."

"Yeah just keep you head up were almost out of here."



I stayed in my hiding spot until morning and I realized it was a Friday. After I got dressed and breakfast I was walking ahead of Darwin like I usually would. I was in a good mood but that didn't change a thing about Darwin choosing the opposite side as me.



"Are you done being mad for a stupid reason?" I kept walking ignoring his question that he should already know the answer to. "Fine where are your new friends?"

"What friends?"

"You know the one that walks with you and the other that punched my friend?"

"Oh those ones yeah they're dead."

"What?! How!?"

"Retard," I sighed at his ability to believe things he knows isn't true. We were now walking down the hall of the school that held our classrooms.

"Bye sis."


"Hey learn to be nice."

"You can shove it Darwin! You can act like nothing happened all you would like but I will never forget. Until the day you realize your mistake you aren't my real brother."

Soon enough in class my good mood returned and with it no regret from my words came. Mrs. Kay was grading papers when she called me up to her desk.

"Yes ma'am."

"Where is Nathan today?"

"I do not know ma'am."

"Do not sass me young lady!"

"Yes ma'am."

"Return to your seat before I send you to the office!" Silently I hurried to my desk unsure what I did that was disrespectful. I went through the conversation turning up with nothing that I possibly could've done to offend Mrs. Kay.

"Ooo the good too shoes got in trouble," Austin mocked me from his desk.

"Austin did you need something? If its with your crooked teeth I will straighten them out for you." His smirk turned to a glare making me smile sweetly back.

"Proserpina! Go to the office!"

"Yes ma'am," I got up from my seat, sauntered down the hall and entered the principals office. The chair behind the desk was facing the back wall instead of towards me. I took a seat in the chair that was front in center of the room.

"Where are your friends now?" Kaden turned around in the chair. I jumped to my feet but immediately slammed back into by hands that flew from behind me.


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