Scars, Pain, & Despair

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Chapter Eleven


"What do you mean she talked with Kaden?!" I demanded from Nathan.

"Yo dude I only know as much as you." He put his hands up in a sign of surrender.

Today had already gone off from a bad start with not finding Proserpina at school today or yesterday. I couldn't find Kaden anywhere and Donny wouldn't tell me where he lived. Nothing was making me happy; my father tells me she is probably doing something with her family.

Not listening to Nathan I took off at a fast sprint across the field and towards where the older kids hung out like morons.

"Hey look its that twerp that hangs with your sister!"

"Twerps aren't allowed around here!"

"Shut it you brainless idiot or I'll give you another black eye to match the other."

"John what do you want?" Corbin leaned on a trunk of a tree trying to look tough.

"Where's your sister?"

"Not here," his jaw clenched together as the only sign that we don't talk in front of others.

"Fine," I turned my back to him when one of them grabbed my arm. Staring at his hand I warned him, " I suggest you remove your hand from me before it breaks."

"Let's have some fun."

"I'm not one for fun."

"Well you'll learn."

"He said remove your hand, I think you should after all it wouldn't be so tense over here." Nathan's voice came from in front of me. His hands were in his pockets giving him the laid back and relaxed demeanor with a hint of danger that flickered in his eyes.

"We're just having fun. You can't blame us for that."

"No I can't but he doesn't like the way you kids play but me on the other hand have more patience for it."

"So you want to have some fun?" The kid asked with mischief gleaming dangerously but not releasing my arm.

"You know what let's play a game," I spoke up, "I'm going to count to ten and you have to predict what will happen when I reach ten. If you guess wrong my friend Nathan over there gets to hit you once anywhere."


"Ready? Okay then one..."

"You'll get mad?"


"Umm hint?"





"Ten," I ripped his hand from my arm in a swift, clean motion and twisted it until it caused him pain. "I told you I'm not one for fun but this was indeed fun. Let's do this again some time." I strolled along with Nathan away from the idiots.

"So what now?"

"We figure what the hell is going on and why."



I spent hours in the room that only has a wooden dresser and a twin bed both unused for months. Kaden brought me meals to eat and offered to bring more water to wash down the awful taste. I nibbled on the food he gave me and indeed had to wash it down with lots of water to refrain from spitting it out. Soon enough night came and I wouldn't have to speak to anyone for hours at the least so I lay on the twin bed and slept. Dreams didn't haunt me that night but instead threatened to come. For now I slept peacefully without the dreams and for some reason no worries of the future.



The sun rose a while after I was done cleaning up the main room from one of Uncles tantrums the other day. I had gotten up well before 4 am to sweep and throw away the broken bits of glass or paper littered across the floor. I couldve had spare time to rest and sleep but that was no use with Uncle was yelling and spitting curses at the family in his sleep.

I spent the spare time wondering if everyone really did cherish the days and didnt dread them coming but instead of them going. I didnt dare look at the memories of all the days that passed me by now mostly because it seemed I almost lived them over and over again excepts for specific details throughout the day. Each day was dreaded for coming but I grateful they passed quickly so I didnt have to wait for long to get out of the house on the mornings.

My moments of wondering ended on schedule with Uncle stomping into the room, still cursing even awake. I stood as he entered, by the wall stiff as a statue waiting his new orders for the day.

"What is this?!" he spat at me, sweeping his arm to gesture to the now clean room.

"I cleaned it up for you sir."

"Did I order you to?!"

"No sir."

'Then don't touch my shit! It is my property not yours! Unless you think you're the man of the house now!"

"Sorry sir, I just thought you wouldn't want it a mess when you first woke up."

"Whatever boy, you are just like you're cursed mother always assuming everything. I won't have or tolerate it in my house so I suggest you stop or I'll make you! Now go do what I need you to do and introduce the girl to the others."

"Yes sir," I sprinted upstairs to her door. Fast, I knocked on the door knowing it would be better to get out of the house sooner than later. Long moments after, she opened the door looking somewhat well rested like there was such a thing in this wretched house with Uncle in it.

"Come on! We need to leave before Uncle changes his orders then we're both stuck here." I didn't wait for a response as I pulled her by the arm, down the stairs then towards the front door. Then Uncle called out making me stop and shake my head.

"Girl! Are you smart enough to follow simple orders?"

"I can try sir."

"Try? You either fail or succeed and you can see my sister failed but hopefully her son may succeed."

"Yes sir." She responded casting her gaze to the spot where my hand was threatening to leave marks from my anger towards the comment. Slowly but shakily I removed my hand, to place it at my side where I tried to calm myself before I dared let myself step out of line.

"Now both of you get out of my sight before I get sick of having you around like stray puppies." Hoping that was all I sprinted out the door leaving him behind to the old house and hoping Proserpina followed suit. I dashed across the yard and through fields not caring if I got stickers in my shoes, not while fresh whipped me in the face and I was getting farther away from Uncle.



Kaden took off faster than I could comprehend if I was really being allowed outside. He ran across the fields, laughing not showing any sign of stopping. His shouts of joy for freedom made a smile spill onto my face while I took in the sunlight and the chilly breeze caressing my cheeks and picking up my hair. Hesitant at first I started with a long stride jog then letting my feet go faster, following Kaden wherever he was headed. I didnt need to catch up with Kaden instead I took my time to come to his pace. Shouts and chuckles of my own escaped me as I kept my gaze on the horizon as it stood there like a beacon of hope.

After a bit Kaden stopped ahead of me staring at the horizon as I came to stop beside him. His face didnt hold a grin like I expected but instead it held peace with a glow of joy.

"What you thinking?" I asked breaking the peaceful silence.

"One day I wont be here. Instead Ill be out there," Kaden's arms motioned to space beyond us towards the farthest place from the house. Grinning until I probably looked stupid I knew that was exactly what was going to happen. Kaden was going to leave all this behind be an important person and then one day I would get the courage to do the same thing.



For once I wasn't busy with errands for Kaden instead he called all of us to gather in that house he has clearly claimed for his own. Jax and I sat on the edge of the room watching the others argue over something that was as stupid as Jax's thing for styling his hair every day. Most of them sat on the couches with their hands over their chest trying to look like the baddest guy ever. Some stood in the middle getting in each others faces with their stupid argument creating tension that was entertaining them quite well.



We ran around the neighborhood of the house I told everyone to meet in. The house that held my cursing Uncle was as far away as I could get in this town and for now it was enough for me to feel free of him. The run was peaceful with a comfortable silence with this unplanned morning run. Proserpina looked as if nothing bad could get to her while she was still moving ahead of it all. For moment saddest had ended the feeling of freedom; she would have to leave this town with Uncle and me with worst trouble to come to erase the feeling she had now. Hating myself for ruining whatever dreams she had for the future then before my mind could make me feel worst I banished it from my mind to focus on the run.



Kaden sauntered in with a swagger in his step taking everyones attention away from what they were doing. Jax hit my arm when I looked away unconcerned, making me inch away from him but he hit me again. Rubbing the spots he hit I turned my gaze back to Kaden where I forgot Jax had hit me at all.

This time Kaden wasn't alone instead Proserpina was standing with him looking over the people in the room. Careful not to draw attention but knowing she already noted I was there and not greeting her like I usually would.

"Group there is going to be a slight change for a little bit. You should all recognize Proserpina from the airport or any other time she crossed our paths like recently. She will be joining our little want-a-be tough group," Kaden shot Proserpina a look while a small smirk appeared on her face.

Kaden said a few other things that werent any of concern to any of us then left the room to go do something else. The group eyed her suspiciously, glares marked their faces but Proserpina didnt bother being showing if she was intimidated when she leaned on the wall grinning.

"Oh come on, they were air soft guns." She spoke, "Don't tell me the toughest group in the states can be bested by a girl?" Proserpina mocked them getting the lot of them to turn red. Nothing bothered her with the glares or the not so friendly comments that were spoken towards her. All of them she batted away carelessly while they tried hard to say something that could be a sore spot.

"She may be more trouble than Kaden," Jax murmured listening to the conversation.

"I thought she was out of this Jax," I responded filled with anger and concern for her health.

"She was but clearly your friend wants to be a part of it no matter what happens. Donny I dont think we can help her much now."

"Yes we can."

"No we can't. We tried to do her a favor but she has turned it down and dove straight back in. There's not much we can do especially when she might not have forgiven you or me for what happened. We could try to help her navigate this messed up group but we dont even know if she'll listen to us."

"She better listen," was all I could say back.

"Donny, somehow she became a part of this stupid group, I dont think she is going to listen to you that well. Our friend has a different plan for whats going to go down."

"No she is going to get herself killed."

"I dont know she might have this handled."

"Jax both you and I know she doesn't not if she continues to get on this groups nerves. Here she might be more alone."

"Donny, dont underestimate someone. From what has happened she may navigate this place better than we ever could." I shot him a scowl when he finished but he just nodded towards where Proserpina ended the tension between some of the group by making them laugh at her own comments.


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