Scars, Pain, & Despair

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Chapter Twelve


So far I gotten to memorize a few of the group's names after they decided I wasn't so bad. Donny left the room not happy about the situation concerning me but I resisted the old urge to go make sure everything was okay. As far as it had gone since this started I didn't want to speak to Donny anymore not after everything had gone down in the road. The betrayal had struck hard but that was behind me now, what I was focused on now was making sure it would never happen again.

His friend on the other hand stayed with the party around me, just observing everything like he was when we arrived. The others either went to the other side of the room to get away from me while some stayed with me just for the heck of it.

"Alright who here loves scary movies on Halloween night?" Astera asked scanning the faces that lit up at the question. She had shoulder length, dirty blonde almost brown hair with striking icy, blue eyes. She wore light blue, skinny jeans with slits in them with a red leather jacket draped over her gray tank top and black converse tennis shoes.

"Astera why even ask the question? You scare easily anyway," Owen snickered at her. Owen had short curly, dark hair that sometimes slid into his seaweed green eyes giving him that lazy, playboy look. He wore a black t-shirt that clung to his torso with his loose beige colored shorts and his high top Nike shoes.

"Owen I can still kick your ass, just because your friends are here doesn't mean I won't." Astera pointed her cold glare at him so he would shut up.

"You can't be beat me at the arcade," he challenged.

"Then let's go," Astera stood pulling me up with her then tugging me from the room. Owen and the few others with us followed not sure how this was going to go. We didn't have to walk far since the house we were at was only a few blocks away from the arcade.

"Don't worry if Owen starts picking on you too, Proserpina. He's a dog with all bark and no bite." She sneered to him making him howl like a dog during the full moon.

The arcade was one of the places I usually didn't go in town especially since it involved people that came in groups. Now as we strolled in like we came here regularly, I stared in wonder at the different lights and patterns on the floor and walls. The sounds of carefree laughter came from the kids at ski ball and the others playing the alien invasion game in the corners of the room. The counter full of prizes was being managed by a woman standing bored in a red shirt and black khakis over to the right next to the side exit. There was a food bar filled with nachos, chili dogs and other delicious foods that beckoned me to try on the opposite of the arcade.

Astera strode fast to the boxing game that was placed by the food bar. Both her and Owen put on the boxing gloves and face their screens. Astera had the look of determination and mischief while Owen's held arrogance and a mocking glint in his eyes. Amused by their competitive demeanor towards each other, I observed their match while I munched on a tray of satisfying nachos.

"Come on put up a fight!" Astera shouted to Owen when his mocking confidence disappeared in the results of the match. The character Aster played didn't let Owen's get a hit in until the match ended with Astera laughing.

"Oh come on let's go again. I was letting you win, you know because it's polite so you girls don't get discouraged about anything." He played his lost off coolly, getting ready to for another round. Chuckling at his change of confidence, she smirked at the screen.

"Hey come on," Thia motioned for me to follow her over to another game. She had wavy red hair with yellow streaks that mismatched her hazel eyes that contained flecks of silver. She wore a dark green crop top with the word Poison written on the front with light blue jean shorts and flats to complete her rebel look.

Throwing away the rest of the food I was eating, I followed her over to the alien game in the back. Both pick up the guns to begin the game, "So what do you think of Astera and Owen so far?"

"They would be fun to hang out with. Are you friends with them?"

"Oh god no, Astera destroyed that chance of happening a long time ago," Thia flashed me a sad smile.

"What happened?"

"Drama that's what happened. You should understand everything with girls is drama," She batted away my question with ease. My mind raced over possible events that could've ended a friendship between friends. Going over the memories of observing such a friendship, I would find out seeing how Thia seemed still sticking with Astera.



I stood in the room I made my own study and bedroom as Donny spoke to me about the dangers that could come with Proserpina joining the group.

"Kaden, it could risk our goals to remain the toughest group. She would never want to hurt someone that she deems innocent. Then we'll be the softest group in the states," Donny went on though I couldn't really hear him anymore.

Donny was usually right about all of this even when he doesn't thoroughly research things. It could be dangerous for her to be here but what choice did I give myself. Now there's no going back on letting her join. She was involved with Uncle now and he already has plans for her, I couldn't do anything about it anymore.

"Shut up! For a moment please!" I continued on, "Look you don't have to be okay with it but I can't go back on this one. Whether you like it or not she is part of this group."


"You don't understand I can't undo this decision. Not this time," I sighed looking at the wall beside him. Donny stayed silent this time for a few long moments then leaving me in my room to go calm down.

I couldn't blame him for anything he said. It was true he didn't understand and has never met my uncle though he doesn't know I take my orders from Uncle now. I took a seat on the floor up against the wall, resting my elbows on my knees and my head on the wall; I closed my eyes with hope everything was going to go okay.



We found nothing to help us search for Proserpina. We didn't know where Kaden lived and couldn't remember where that house was. Panic had set into both of us but that didn't help us either. We ran the town twice over searching for any land mark to help us find our missing part of the family but it was useless.

John refused to face that they might have left with her. They could be anywhere from New York to across seas by now. John didn't want to see it that way but I had to. When she left the house in the first place with her guns, I thought she would be okay. Now I don't think I would be forgiven this time, not so easily if we found her. Right now for me I couldn't look on the bright side this time, I was already facing the fact that a piece of our family was gone.

I made sure John got home so I knew he wasn't searching for her over night too. Then I returned home my mother sat at the table with her bottle of wine, on her computer. I waved to her as I head to my room even though she asked me about my day. My dad wasn't home like usual since he had left our family months after we moved into town.

My house was a 1 story with tan carpeting and white walls that held dozens of pictures. The pictures were of me when I was smaller, my mom and dad, plus my brother whom was off to figure out the world. There were also pictures of my little sister when she was born and some when she was 3 years old. Now she was 6 barely into school.

I had insisted my mother take down the pictures of my dad since he left us but she never did. She told me it was good not to hold a grudge and to accept what happened in the past. So we did and kept them up but for me and siblings it was just a reminder that not all people stuck around.

My room contained my dresser that my dad had hand built for me, my huge bed that my aunt given me when I hit double digits and my trunk filled with all the toys I had growing up. My walls were white at some point but now they were filled with the art I painted on there. All of them were different shades and colors; one was bright yellow for when I was painting a field of wheat and another black with white dots for what I envisioned space to be like. Even when I wasn't going anywhere my mind was. It was filled with different things to paint and draw so one day when I could look on the bright side I wouldn't be disappointed with how things really are.



I didn't think much on where Donny could've gone when I returned alone. I left Astera, Owen to their competitive ways and Thia went off doing something different. The house pretty much empty with the room I was in earlier empty of people.

The house was very charming with the light colored wooden floors and the walls not dark or menacing with their light blue coloring. The simple details here and there for some reason making it feel like a real home though a family didn't live it. Though I could vividly imagine photos of a family on the walls and memories that could happen like little children running down the hall or a mother putting a band aid on a scraped up knee.

I wondered the halls like that studying the walls in the rooms and in the halls, just imaging a family here and the events that might've occur. I imagined both some happy and sad moments for this invisible family giving them each more character.

"What are you doing?" Kaden asked coming out of a room to the right, his eyes looked at me full curiosity and wonder. Giving him an embarrassed smile I glanced to the floor as I answered.

"Studying the charming features of the house."


"Why not?" I raised my chin in defiance to his challenge. Smirking at me like I did something to amuse him, he walked away heading to the front door.

"Where are you going?" I asked speeding up to his pace beside him.

"Does it concern you?"

"Yes, actually I was told not to try to run away and I don't know where you live exactly."

"Well I'm just going on a stroll, there's not much evil to do in this town."

"Haha! Who told you, you were evil Kaden?"

"Well actually everyone," he flashed me a devilish grin. "Now since we have nothing to do, would you like to stop by your house?"

"What? Am I allowed to do so?"

"If I go with you but while we are there, you might want to pack some clothes. I have a feeling you're going to be with me and Uncle for awhile."

"Alright then this will be quick."



Her house was very much different from the one I live in with Uncle and the one we were just at earlier. Her lawn was mostly dirt with little baby trees growing in the middle and a tire hung from the main tree like a sort of swing. Her house was 1 story and the outside had that beige color.

On the inside the carpet was a light tan and her walls were white. Leading to the kitchen was an empty doorway with a short wall so the cook could over look the living room. The living room held an oak wood desk by the front window with the couch in from of it and a big tv across from it. To the right of the couch was a little hallway that I was following Proserpina down.

Her room contained a hand built dresser with pictures of family on it, a wooden trunk with a painting on the top that probably held her toys. Her bed was covered with old princess blankets and beside it a small pink chair for a child.

"Well you're room is interesting," I commented not sure what to say.

"Yeah, yeah I know very girly and a lot of pink. I'm not proud of it either and I hadn't found the time to redecorate everything with you in town." Quickly she went through draws not caring if I saw anything so I turned my gaze to something else other than what she was looking for. Afterwards she opened up her trunk to reveal all the toys matted down by a blanket then pulled out a pink princess suite case from under it all.

"What's that?"

"My get away bag, it's filled with everything I will ever need on the road."

"Were you planning on leaving soon?" I wondered why she would want to run away when she has more of a family than an ungrateful uncle to deal with then I heard a car pull up.

"Ah they're on schedule as usual," she sighed putting on strap of her bag over her shoulder, then started towards the door.

"What are you doing? Shouldn't we leave out the window so they don't see us running away?"

"Probably but it's not like they will actually stop me." With that she sauntered out the door with her bag and all. Her parents stalked through the door laughing with their son a red haired, pale boy wearing a jersey. Her brother was the first to notice his sister and approached her trying to look like he had authority.

"Where you going?" he voice came when he eyes found her bag.

"Hell," she responded a spice in her attitude when she looked him over.

"I won a game."


"Are you leaving sweetie?" her mother spoke up.

"Mom I will see you later, I have things to take care of."

"When are you planning to be back?" They tried to ask but Proserpina didn't give answer since she didn't know the answer. I followed her into the yard when her brother came out.

"Hey I said stop!"

"I heard you," Proserpina called over her shoulder. Her brother went into a short jog, grabbed Proserpina's arm and twisted her to look at him. Feeling his hostility radiate off of his being I kept watch of his next moves.

"I'll give you the same warning I give to everyone else. Release me or we're going to have a problem." Her voice this time held no sass or attitude but a calm warning. His hand only tightened his grip on her making me step up beside him.

"I believe she asked you to let her go."

"I don't need your opinion on what I should do or not." I couldn't give him a simple glare of warning when Proserpina swung her fist into his nose using her weight to knock him off her and into the yard.

"Kaden we're done here." She motioned forward with her head not sparing her brother a chance glance before walking at a pace of a stroll.



When we arrived at Kaden's house, his uncle was throwing vases at the walls cursing Kaden's family. Letting Kaden go first, we entered slowly through the door and over to the wall behind his uncle. Kaden stood with his spine straight and his eyes on his uncle like a trained soldier.

"Uncle, everything is done. There is nothing else to do," his voice came out wary of his uncle's reaction.

"Good now we can proceed to achieve what you're stupid mother, my sister could not!" His uncle whipped another vase at the wall.

"Sir, I believe if you were able to live in this glorious house that his mother did very well at achieving what she wished for her family." I spoke up despising that Kaden's uncle speaking against someone who was clearly loved dearly by others.



"Did I ask what you thought?!" Uncle raised voice loud enough to hurt my ear drums. Proserpina stood beside me close to the wall.

"Sir, you have a wonderful-!" Proserpina didn't get to finish her explanation when Uncle threw across the room instead a vase. The sound of her crashing into the wall made hate towards Uncle deepen and my worry for her health of staying here increase.

"Would you like to voice any other opinions you have about my life!!" Uncle's face had turned red with rage while he screamed at her. Slowly she slumped against the wall wisely assuming she shouldn't get to her feet until his attention went elsewhere.

"I'm sorry, sir, I didn't mean a-!" As quickly as he had thrown her, his hand left a print on her cheek making her stop speaking altogether to check her face.

"Uncle, please leave her be. She is new and doesn't understand how thing are ran around here yet." I tried to plead on her behalf and try to get on his good side. Turning to me Uncle pointed his finger at me in an accusing way.

"You're trying to get into my head! Telling me what to do with that tone like I'm a dog!"



"Wait Uncle!" Kaden's eyes went wide as his uncle knocked him to the ground and continued spitting nasty words in his face. Getting up I steadily stopped right behind his Uncle and crouched down to check if Kaden was alright.

His face was bruising fast as it was marked with hand prints and blood from his nose. I wanted to make his stupid Uncle stop his abuse but it seemed there was no way to get back on his good side anymore. Suddenly his uncle stepped away from Kaden whom now lay on the floor with a bloody nose and unconscious.

"Take him to your room and tend to him until he awakes then send him back down to me, do you understand?" His face held no remorse for what happened but his unsatisfied anger.

"Yes sir," I hastily threw Kaden's arm over my shoulders and placed my hand around his waist while my other made sure he didn't slip away. Struggling with his added weight I came to my room and set him on the bed. I tugged his shoes off his feet, set them by the door then grabbed some toilet paper from the bathroom and pressed it to his nose. I waited until the bleeding stopped then getting up to go dampen a cool cloth from the draws of the baths and pressed it to his bruises to slow the swelling.

Kaden slept for a while on the bed while I sat next to the window restless. I didn't feel like sleeping but hoping that tomorrow afternoon would be similar to today with a better ending than a beating.



I woke up suddenly only remembering my head smash into the flooring and being pulled under into darkness. I sat up quickly pulling a wet cloth off my face and throwing it to the ground. Movement came from my left then Proserpina was kneeling beside me with relief shining in her eyes.

"What do you want?!" I demanded as what happened came back to me. The stinging of pain on my face darkened my mood but so did the embarrassment of having to be cared for like a baby. Proserpina sat back flinching at my tone as if I was the one who struck viciously worsening my attitude even as I knew she didn't deserve it.

"I wanted to make sure you were okay. You took a lot of hits before passing out," she spoke gently towards me but now refusing to look me in the eye.

"Well I'm fine!"

"Good then get out!" Her voice echoed over mine, powerful and hurt, "You're just like you're damned uncle ungrateful now get out."

I stormed out of her room and slamming the door as I went. I stopped a few feet away to calm myself before I faced Uncle again. Quietly I slipped down the stairs and peeked into the room, Proserpina had to carry me out of. I stood in the spot Uncle had knocked me from, refusing to look cowardly in front of him.



After Kaden had stormed out of my room and I was sure he was downstairs with his uncle, I crept to the bottom of the stairs, staying hidden enough to listen into the conversation. "Kaden I want you to know, I don't feel bad about beating you and you should know that you deserve it. It is to make you better than both me and your mother at getting what you want. It is also so you know you're place in the world."

"Yes Uncle, thank you Uncle," Kaden's voice came steady and sincere towards his uncle's explanation.

"Yes, yes you're welcome but you need to understand that this is all to better you're future. I may seem harsh but you need to trust my judgment, my dear nephew. Do you understand?"

"Yes I understand Uncle. I'll do my best to please you're wishes of me and rise above your expectations."

"That's what I want to hear from you. Not any of this rebelling crap anymore, I don't know where you're getting it but I won't have it. Therefore you will not step between me and putting anyone in their place."

"Yes Uncle, believe me that will change." Footsteps started up again forcing me to move swiftly back to my room and close the door lightly then sit against it to catch my breath.

You lying, slippery snake! He was right; don't trust anyone. He wants to play mind games with me then that's how I'm going to play.


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