Scars, Pain, & Despair

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Chapter Thirteen


"Donny!! Where is Proserpina?!!" I slammed my hand down now pissed off. The only thing I could get from anyone was she talked to Kaden last. We were at Donny's place in his living room. He had called me here to tell me the information was asking for now but it seemed he wanted to do something first. All I wanted was to keep everyone in my family safe and if she talked to Kaden then she wasn't safe anymore.

"John!! I know you're worried just like Nathan is and trust me so am I."

"Donny this is not the best start to get me to calm down."

"Okay I understand that but the thing is Proserpina is with Kaden now."

"What do you mean with Kaden now?!"

"She is a part of the team now, and she can't leave."

"Against her will?!"

"Not exactly. Proserpina wants to be there."

"No! No she doesn't!"

"John unless you can read people's minds, I suggest you face the fact."

"Talk to her, get her to leave!"

"I can't she wants nothing to do with me and I'm pretty sure she won't want to talk to you either."

"Okay then," that was all I had to say now. Nathan and I would have to work around this a different way. We were already kind of a part of the group. If this was what she wanted to do then Nathan and I would make sure she's okay from inside the group too.



"What in hell is going on? Have all of you lost your god damn minds?!!" I marched out of my study ready to tell everyone to settle down but I only stopped in the doorway. Jax and Donny were welcoming Nathan and John whom weren't paying attention to me. Everyone else clapped them on the back, grinning proudly.

"Oh hey Kad," Nathan turned to me also smiling while he elbowed John.

"What are you doing here?"

"Oh...uh good question..." Nathan said stumbling for words but John saved him the trouble.

"We were thinking of coming back for a bit. You know the streets have been quiet around here so..." Taking my attention from the two boys for a moment was Proserpina jogging up to me, out of breath but no less happy from her morning run. Her cheeks and tips of her ears were red from the chill; her breathing was labored then lightened after her few moments of catching her breath. Her hair was framing her face with her dark brown eyes with a ring of gold in them looking to me. She wore a velvet red shirt and light jeans.

"Good run I presume?" I asked her assumed now.

"Yep ran six blocks then looped around and ran seven blocks back."


"Yeah I got lost for a second and ended up running passed this place. Anyway what's happening?" Her gaze scanned the room before us then stuck to Nathan and John, whom stood there quietly.

"Well Nathan and John are going to hanging around for a bit but that's all." I waited for her reaction but she just shrugged not showing me anything then sat right next to Astera and Owen. Trying not laugh when Nathan's face became puzzled and John's had something of the mixture of shock and dejected, I went back to the study.



I had token about one step before John had shook his head making me second guess what was really unfolding around me. Still trying to see how John wanted to play this out, Thia approached just as flawless as the last time I spoke with her.

"So you're back?"

"Well that's the plan for now."

"I see you probably forgot about last summer."

"I didn't forget Thia; you just lost your chance. Good bye Thia," Coolly I walked away taking a spot next to Jax with a clear view of everything. Not breaking a beat Thia joined Proserpina, laughing of things I couldn't hear and John sat with Owen.



"Then the dice went flying and hit me in the eye!" Thia burst out laughing with me as she told me the story of her the first time playing this board game.

"Okay, okay umm... let's see when I was little I thought monsters were things that took your Halloween so I armed my room with plastic bats and such, then one day my dad walked into my room in the dark. It scared me so bad I started throwing things at him!" We laughed some more at my story. We went on like that until we couldn't breathe and our stomachs hurt from the laughter before going up to her room to watch a scary movie.



"Yes Uncle," I sighed into the phone then setting it down to end the call. It was scary when Uncle was in a good mood but it was the best option over his other moods. We had only been home for a little from our last trip through the states and now he wanted to leave again.

I spun in my chair staring at the ceiling until I was dizzy with nothing else to do but tell the others to pack their bags. Nothing was good was going to come from this trip; we were going to bunk with other family that didn't have anything better to do but be like Uncle. This was going to be the miserable vacation; I was not going to join next time.


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