Scars, Pain, & Despair

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Chapter Fourteen


I sat on the plane in seat C3 up against the window with the aisle by myself. My backpack sat at my feet underneath the seat in front of me. Today we were flying across the country to more of Kaden's family awaited. He had told us a few days ago and today we have finally began our journey there.

His Uncle sat in A1, front and center with Kaden next to him with Thia. Nathan and John sat in the aisle F, a few seats behind me. Owen sat across the aisle from me with his ear buds in his ears, ignoring the ride. Astera lounged in seat in front of me in the aisle B.

"Hey," Nathan greeted me moving into the seat next to me casually.

"Hi," I faced the window not wanting to speak with him but he didn't give up so easily.

"We're on the same team you know. You don't have to act like we're enemies."

"I know."

"Oh come on I'm your best friend! Don't you remember Snake; you almost killed us on my bike."

"I remember."

"I will cry."

"What?" I finally turned to look him in the eye. He crossed his arms over his chest, his bottom lip was out in a sort of pout that didn't look right. His face crunched up like a baby's then his arms wrapped around me, hugging me to him while he pretended to howl in sorrow.

"Oh! How it hurts me! The guilt is eating me away, Proserpina, It's eating me away!! Can't you see I'm dying because of it!! Please save me from my misery and forgive the horrible deeds, I have committed against you! I swear I won't do it again!! I'm a humble servant compared to your unfaltering-!"

"Alright!! Alright!! I accept your apology now hush before Kaden's uncle beats us into oblivion!" My old grin that I used to share with him that appeared when he met my gaze with the same one.

"Oh thank you!! Thank you, I won't let you down!!" Nathan hugged me close one last time, pretending to sob into my shoulder once again.

"Nathan! Keep it down!! What are you screaming about?!!" John jumped into the seat next to Nathan unaware I was present. His gaze was kept to Nathan's, glaring at him before checking if anyone up front was coming.

"Well hello, my fellow servant. I have just earned our mighty friend's forgiveness by screaming my apologies." Nathan's grin never dropped.

"What?" John's eyes finally found mine with realization of who Nathan meant. A smirk of a plan marked his face then suddenly when I thought it was all over. Both of them grabbed onto me trapping me into a bear hug while they sobbed begging for my forgiveness.

"Okay!! Okay stop it!! I command you hopeless servants, release me at once!!" I shrieked with laughter, trying to escape their grasp.

"Ah hemm! What do you think you're doing?!!" Kaden demanded making all 3 of us freeze like guilty children. Immediately they release me, dropping their hands to their laps and then their heading to glance at the ground instead of Kaden's gaze.



Nathan and John didn't meet my gaze with their heads bowed hiding their goofy grins from my view. Proserpina in an act of defiance, she stared me down making the hair on the back of my neck prick with the hostility from her. Her grin didn't fail to stay plastered to her face even as her eyes shone with something like despise instead of the understanding that disappeared since the night she tended to me unconscious.

"Keep it down. Don't attract attention," I hissed my warning at her.

"I don't believe you were my father," was her unblinking shocking reply.

"Pardon me, what?"

"Last time I checked you weren't my father."

"I don't have to be. Don't attract unwanted attention that's an order!"

"The attention I cause is what I want."

"No it's not if Uncle comes back here instead of me!" Her glare darkened confusing me ever so further.

"Don't threaten me Kaden; I'm not one that will tolerate it. If your Uncle does happen to come back here, he can shove whatever it is he has to tell me up your ass. Go play military with someone else but not with me." Proserpina waved her hand to shoe me away then going to look at the window in dismissal.

"You don't get t--!"

"Kaden, this discussion is over." She cut me off forcing me to stomp back to my seat next to Uncle and Thia.

"Don't sweat it, sweets, she just doesn't recognize her betters." Thia slid her arm into mine when I resumed my seat between her and my slumbering uncle but instantly I jerked away.

"What do you think you're doing? I'm not your sweets and as far as I'm concerned you disgust me with your acts. Don't ever touch me like that again!" I growled at her. Swiftly Thia kicked me in the shin before moving out of the aisle to sit one back and across from her last spot.



Pride swelled up in my chest when I raised my head again to gap at Kaden's retreating back then to the girl next to me. Casting a glance at John, he still had his foolish smile on his face with nothing but joy and pride.

"Now that's our girl!!" John gave her a fist bump then tickling her sides forcing her roar at us in laughter. "Looks like she isn't all that tough after all," John teased while she tried to stop laughing to catch her breath but John was relentless.

"Nathan, help!" Proserpina finally yelped scooting away from John. Joining in I attacked John forcing his focus onto me. Proserpina joined back in shortly, dodging John's hands and defending me from them.



"What are you doing?" Astera peeked over the seat between us while Owen raised his eyebrow at us as well.

"Starting a war!" I dove into her aisle forcing her to join in while I relentlessly tickled her rib cage. We howled in laughter, wrestling each other and the boys behind us to get the advantage when someone began to attack me and Astera surprising us enough to make us slide to the floor.

"Hey!!" I shrieked laughing until tears flew from my eyes. Sorting through the tears I recognized Owen attacking both me and Astera. "Nathan!! John!!" I called for help making Nathan jump the seats onto the spot Astera left to join me on the floor to attack Owen. John hopped into the third seat on the other side of Owen to continue torturing Astera and me.

"One...two...three!!" Astera leaped up defending off John with me joining in after recovering so she could catch her breath.

All 5 of us went on like that attacking each other until our fingers hurt as well as our stomachs and tears were streamed down our faces. Only then did we sit back, settling down in the seats, all tensions broken and a bond of a potential friendship formed while we laughed mocking one another while we rested.


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