Scars, Pain, & Despair

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Chapter One


Is it fun running and laughing like there isn't anything in the world that can harm you?

I thought to myself watching some of the kids in my class play tag like they were seven again. Shaking my head to dismiss the thoughts of them, I walked on trying not to think of them like I was pitying myself yet again. I was watching my feet as I walked when all of a sudden I was thrown to the ground in a moment.

"Oh, sorry I didn't see you there," the red haired boy apologized to someone else other than me.

"Excuse me, but do you mind not shoving me to the ground and ignoring my entire existence?"

"Obviously not if I did it just now," the boy replied sneering at me. After getting to my feet, I quickly passed him, now trying to get rid of the anger for the boy in my steps but he followed.

"Are you in a hurry?" He continued ask questions that I simply ignored, "Are you late for something? You're ignoring me!! What do you want from me?!"

"Want from you!" I chuckled sarcastically, "I want nothing from you what's so ever. I never have and never will."

"Well that was rude. Can't you ever be polite?"

"Being polite is reserved for people that I have to talk to, and people who have earned my respect. You are none of those," after the words had left my lips the sound of footsteps beside me stopped while mine continued on. Glancing over my shoulder I saw the red haired boy staring back at me in shock from the truth of my words.

After the brief encounter I finished off my day in the prison for kids called school and walked home with my older brother.

"Did you make any friends?"

"Why would I want to? They don't care about who I am or what I do and if they did they definitely don't care that much to talk to me." I stated confidently, already have proven my point.

"I have friends."

"Good for you," I returned coldly hating that my own brother was pitying me. He just sighed and went back to being silent. We walked like that for a few moments before he spotted one of his friends and ran off to go join them.

Getting close to the house I slowed my pace, delaying for as much as I could before I had to do my chores.

"Psst!" A sound drifted from a bush in someone's yard. Dismissing it as my active imagination that my father was always accusing me of, I kept going.

"Psst!!!" It came again louder and more urgent than the last when I began passing the house on the corner. Uncertain of how to react I tried to look for the source in the yard when hands popped out of the bush in front of me and pulled me through the thorny branches.

Covered with cuts from the bush and still being held by someone, I slammed my forearms into theirs, knocking them off me and swung my fist blindly into their face then took off out of the bush.

I ran straight down the street I was on and kept going until I passed my street and spotted the strange dirt alley behind my house. I made a sharp left into the alley and ducked into my hiding place, waiting for my attacker. I only had to wait a few moments before someone came into the alley after me.

Picking up a rock and readying my hand to launch it at him, I paused as I started recognizing the attacker. Dropping the rock in disappointment, I came out of my hiding place to face the red haired boy from school.

"Seriously I was prepared to murder you. What is wrong with you? You don't randomly do that to someone you just met!" I lectured my arms crossed over my chest as I leaned against the fence behind me. The boy whirled around immediately with a startled look on his face.

"Well maybe you should've paid attention the first time I tried to get your attention," he retorted back at me with a smirk.

"What do you want?"

"You're strange, ya know. You are always alone either walking or reading and you don't seem to care about others."

"This concerns you how?"

"Did you know that the other kids forgot you are in some of their classes because you pretend you're invisible?" I stared back at him blankly, trying not to show the sting of pain of being forgotten in yet another place.

"You said you were polite to people you had to talk to and people who have earned your respect."

"Yes I did."

"What about friends?"

"Really? You don't see me around anybody all day and you still think I have friends?"

"So you don't." It wasn't a question so I let him continue, "Good then I will make it my mission."

"What mission?"

"I will be by your side every day. I will be what no one has ever been before! Your friend," He declared mightily like he was a king announcing a new law to his people.

"What?! Why??!" I blurted out at him in shock.

"Because I know many people and most of them aren't real friends. You have never had a friend which makes you the most loyal and true friend of all."

"But at least you have people who are your friends."

"Not anymore. You are now my only friend," he held up his index finger as if he was writing it in the air to finalize it.

"This cannot be happening. You can't force me into a friendship! It's absurd," I argued.

"Would you rather it be more?" he teased moving his eyebrows up and down. Laughing I shook my head and made the motion of throwing up. Acting aghast he put his hand over his chest and gasped at the insult.

"How dare you?! I will have you know that most girls in school would've fainted and jumped at the proposal." Rolling my eyes I climbed the fence I was leaning on and leaped into my backyard with ease while I replied, "Oh I know it's quite amusing and sickening. Now I bid you goodbye."

"Fine I'll see you tomorrow in the morning my friend." I walked inside shuddering at feeling that tomorrow was going to be different.

For the rest of the day, I was Cinderella sweeping and mopping the kitchen, then doing the dishes and vacuuming my room.


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