Scars, Pain, & Despair

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Chapter Twenty-Five


Long ago there was a rebellious girl that spied and did the bidding of a fearsome group of kids led by a man. No one would've guessed by her bright smile and her warm eyes that she had been scarred by the world around her. At first her life was wonderful with the ideal family and cunning mind. Her name was Astera. She longed to clean up the streets of her city and wipe the world away of the pain and sickness it beheld among its people. Little did she know to wash away all the bad, one must become part of it.

On her thirteenth birthday Astera met a broken boy and a lost girl. Together they set goals and stopped the evil wherever they went. Then when it was time for her friends to leave, the boy's uncle had her kidnapped and brought along, charmed by her. With the promise she would be returned her to family when her duty was done, Astera did as she was told. Tainting her pure soul while an illness plagued her mind without her checkups with her doctor. Astera betrayed, killed, and kidnapped others for the boy's mysterious uncle though she never knew he would one day kill her.

All the while Astera longed to feel part of something special to fill the void of helping others when it was not possible for her. Desperately she attached herself to her peers and coworkers in hopes of creating her own family to replace the one she was forced to leave. Except no matter what she did, Astera could not hold on it once she got it. Her illness clouded her judgment, scrambled her thoughts, and set her apart from everyone she met. It convinced her to do things she would've normally have said no to, leaving her at the mercy of the dark uncle who controlled her.

One day Astera's mind was near the end of insanity with her mental sickness and met a forgotten girl. This girl was proud, cunning, and humorous. Astera immediately claimed the girl as her friend as they did everything together until the boy's uncle and her illness took a hold of her at the same time. Together Astera betrayed and broke the poor girl into pieces not even she could fix. Then with the guilt becoming too much and an unpleased uncle, Astera died just as the lost girl she first hurt, died.

Not as a hero or a villain of the story but as a sick girl. She was not redeemed as Thia was, by her actions nor did she ever clean up the world. She did not know if others would remember her or want to after her horrible choices but at least she was not a burden. At least the sick girl was released from her curse, for there is nothing worse than something vile eating away at your cunning mind and thinking you're sane. Astera was not a saint or evil, just cursed to live with a plague that ate your mind in your wake. Astera was the girl who was freed.



There was once a nameless boy who wished nothing more than to leave the world that he lived in. He lived with a loving father and a drunken mother without siblings to fight with or escape with. Every day the boy went with his father to work on any job they had set up the day before. They worked long hours in the hot sun of the summer or the snowy streets of the winter until they didn't.....

One summer day his father ceased his work while his son continued on unaware. Only when his father tumbled to the ground suddenly did he notice his body twisting and squirming on the ground. His father foamed at the mouth, choking on his salvia while his body suffered with no oxygen circulation and the heat. Within the few moments the medics came, the boy's father left his son to fend for himself. When the boy returned home to report to his drunken mother about her husband, she had already gotten the news. At the kitchen table where his father sat for meals, his mother lay motionless with her blood splattered to the wall behind her and the pistol used, partly hanging in her limp hand.

For years the nameless boy fended himself against the cruel world. Eventually when he was growing weary on the world he met a boy in a small town who lived with his mother. The boys were like brothers in a tough world filled with unfortunate events. They ran around the country with other kids, always returning home after a while, spreading their names.

Together they did unforgivable things, using each other to get through all the troublesome times. Except one time when the nameless boy wouldn't make it through the year because of a simple girl, an old man, and a small metal bullet. He did not right his wrongs or make excuses to cover them up but lived with them like weight on his shoulders. Just like the freed girl, the nameless boy doubted he would be remembered after his life. He wasn't even sure he wanted to be, even if you only live once. What was the point when nothing you did was worth it? In the end the boy only thought of his name and prayed his friends would be alright without him. He was selfless; he was Jax.


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