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It is just a typical day for any teenager out there, same goes for our heroine Sera. I guess if wolves, packs, mate, vampire, werewolves are just your typical day to day, then yeah it is the norm. Questions are going to be asked... Options are needed to be taken... Decisions are going to be made... How can our heroine get through all of the obstacle ahead of her. Who will stay by her side to help. Who will want to ruin her. Who will reject who. For you to find that out why not take the same path Sera will journey on...

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1 - How it Started

I guess I am the odd one out. I don’t belong to any clicks, I like to keep to myself. They say when you meet ”the one" it will change you for the better. I keep dreaming, hoping that he accepts me, but we cannot get everything we want don’t we. Let’s go back a bit, I wasn’t always like this, something changed me...

2 years ago


Hey guys! My name is Seraphina, I came from the Redwood Pack. It is almost my 16th birthday, to us werewolves it is a big year (yeah you heard that right werewolves ha!). Anyways back to it being the biggest birthday we can have aside from our 13th birthday where we first shift into our wolves. The 16th one is where you will meet your other half, your soulmate, or just you mate. All are excited to meet their mates, well who wouldn’t, your mate is the one who will complete you.

“Pia come on, are you still doing your video diary? We are about to be late for school. If you don’t get your ass down here I will leave you behind.” shouted by my ever to dear kind and crazy bestie Amanda. Well Amanda is, how can I say it, the head girl of the school, the girlfriend of the hottest jock aka the Alpha’s son Lucas. We have been friends since diapers so we don’t let status define our friendship.

“Please Mandy, doooo not leave me” I (kind of) beg like a 2 year old to her. “Be thankful that I did not leave your ass here.”

“I know, I know, you love me too much to leave me walking to school” She glared at me while we are walking our way to her car. It is a 10 minute ride from the Pack House to our school. The school consists of 80% wolves and the rest would be humans. There are some humans who lived nearby thus going to this school. Which explains why there are humans in a werewolf dominated school. Some of them knew of our existence but most are just as clueless as one could be.

I zoned out while Mandy kept blabbering about some party or what not by my side. Mandy is Beta’s daughter, you may be thinking that she is next in line to take over her father but she is not, she has an older brother and I mean a very overprotective brother. As for me I am one of the Warriors’ daughters. My dad died during a rogue attack we had when I was still young in age, I don’t remember much of him. My mom is one of the omega for the pack, and my parents are true mates.

In our world there are true mates and chosen mates. True mates are the one destined for you, assigned by the Moon Goddess, while chosen mates (as it is called) are mates you have chosen for yourself. Werewolves live longer than humans (like longer). My mom was 70 when he met my dad who was 90 at that time and had me immediately. We age slowly so they look like someone from their 30′s.

I came back to reality when Mandy was shaking me and said we already arrived at school. We went straight to our lockers, took the first 2 classes we had out, stuffed our bags in and said goodbye to each other.


Dozing off in the last few minutes before the 2nd period ends. I started smelling this addictive smell, I so wanted to go and look for this or whoever they belong to. Still in a trance even after the bell rang. I went out and started to thread where the scent will lead me but came to a dead end.

3rd period for me is a free period so I went out to the fields to watch the cheerios (cheerleaders), Mandy is part of them. Oh yeah, you can start to smell your mate but unable to pinpoint them until your birthday. My mind was still on that scent, was that my mate, Hera my wolf did not mention anything about that smell. Hera, have you smelled that earlier? I nervously asked my wolf. I did Pia, but I did not get a good sniff to determine. Hmm Hera seems odd, she is always cheerful but the way she is acting is a bit different.


So it is now nearing the end of the day. I am stuffing all my things in my locker, taking out my bag and picking out what I need to take home with me. Closing the locker gently “Shit, Mandy you scared me.”

“You are a wolf Pia, could have known I was here” she sassily replied to me. “Well I am out of sorts for the remainder of the day.” I replied to her. It changed her expression to worry. “What happened, did someone do anything to you?!” lowly growled back at me. “No, Mandy, nothing of that sort, it’s just...” then I started to remember that smell. “Just what?” she asked.

“Nothing, if I know for sure I will tell you, okay?” I replied, hopefully she will drop it, for now. “Fine, but please tell me ok, I don’t like you like this Pia.” worry is all over her voice. “I will, so let us go home or do you have practice?” hoping it was the first one. “Hmm don’t have any practice today nor do I have a date so yeah let’s go.”

This is one tiring day, my wolf acting a bit strange, that smell. All I want is to lay in my bed and let sleep take over. Good thing is today is a Friday, so HELLO WEEKEND.

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