The Office Party

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Sarah fell asleep while waiting out her company's masquerade ball, only to be waken by a mysterious man in black. What would transpire between the two of them?-just a one shot attempt at fluff, no plot

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Chapter 1

Sarah kicked off her shoes and slumped unceremoniously onto the lounge seat outside the ballroom. After a whole afternoon of running around, she was knackered.

Hardly in the mood to socialise at the company dinner and dance she had organised, she grabbed a small plate of food, a generous glass of wine from buffet table and left the ballroom for the peaceful quiet lounge.

She took a sip of the wine sighed contentedly. Finally! Some peace and quiet. She glanced at her watch .Ten o clock, two more hours before calling it a day.

Jazz music streamed to her ears as masked revellers weaved in and out of the ballroom. The party was in full swing. This year, the theme was masquerade.

For tonight, her colleagues were transformed into characters from all ages and genre. Some were so elaborately disguised, that she couldn’t tell the identity of the person behind the mask! It all added to the mystery and romance of the night.

Though skeptical at first about her colleagues’ receptivity, she was pleasantly surprised at the turnout. She never knew her people could be so spontaneous and fun loving!

Perhaps donning a mask helped to remove inhibitions. Staff at all levels could freely mingle with each other. Just for one night, titles and ranks were thrown out the window.

Sarah’s eyes widened when she spotted Catwoman hanging on to the arm of Zorro. She recognised the twosome. Gladys from HR and Ben from Finance! Ben had been sweet on Gladys for the longest time.

For weeks, she had been bugging him to make a move. Seems like a change in costume was all it took.

Her phone screen lighted up with an incoming whatsapp notification. Her mood dampened in an instant. Must be Vanessa, her supervisor cum PA of the boss.

What more did she want from her "slave"? Sarah had practically run the whole thing for her tonight when it was actually her job. All Vanessa did was turn up in a glamorous Vera Wang gown that showed off her every curve.

She sighed in relief when it was just Joyce, her team mate.

Joyce: Hey gal! Where are you hiding? Come join me and Kelvin! Enjoy the party you worked so hard for!

Sarah: Hahaha and be the third wheel? No thanks babe, you guys have fun while I enjoy my peace and quiet. Sleepy Sarah’s gonna get some shuteye.

Joyce: Aw….Alrighty! Psst... Catch a prince while you’re at it, Sleeping beauty!

She snorted. Ha! She was more likely to catch flies instead.

It was probably the wine. She felt a little heady and rested her neck on the arm rest of the lounge chair. She smiled as she admired the sparkling chandelier overhead.

Her eyelids were getting heavy. Just for a little while, she thought as she slowly drifted off.

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