Paprika: dreams snd nightmares

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i am posting my dreamd and nightmares so i can help other people relate. because we all have pleasant dreams anx horrific nightmare. weather you have post traumatic stress disorder, mental illness or just prone to night mare like all himanz then this dream journal will be for you to relate to other readers.

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I had a dream that i was in high school and i was having a shit day. First some normal person was picking on me and then as i get homemy parents said that i could not get the books that i was after until exams where over with. Fuck i hated exams, still do to this and i am not in school anymore. Still fucking hate bigots too. The books that i was getting were non fiction books on counterrorism like who to reasons with a hijacker and the like because lets face it who the hell like terrorists and i alway found the world of counterrorism fascinating because of my past.....not trying to put the PTSD label on me. But i was damned and determined to get those books toread and i snuck off the booksstore to buy the freaking books then i got home and got into trouble with the parents but while it was worth it i het angry, mouthed of and then before i could stupid things that could case more trouble.....i went to the back deck to lool at the sun set reign and sun set over my town. Lets just say that i had plenty of time to read the books that weekends as i was a grounded....if you hate exams best to get grounded. This was a dream that i had since i was having and fantasizing about since high school since in really people my parent banned me from reading during exam time and fucking drove me wild. Being with out your own book is just inhumane.

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