Bad days: diary of bad bad days

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well we all have crappy days and sone tine whe just need to let her out abd just confess and complain about it all. because face it we all have bad bad days anx rant and rave about the bs. going on. surely you could relate at times

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Doctor doctor

Ok i gavs this stalker from Gambia...... a fucking doctor. As if i already fucking hate doctors reason: nazis and autopsies and other creepy shit. This fool was named mulamin keita are shitread that would let go because he thought i was into medical shit whoever put that on my f book is going to pay as i had medical shit. I think foctors are creepy and evil little whores who really should be given a swift kick in the privates male female. And this song has the balls to contact me when my girlfriend and i told this Mangele wannabr to fuck off about athousand times. Ok the idiot is infatuated with me and won left md alone because i talked to him a couple of time wa. Who stupid am i.......fuck i hate doctorrs. I know how to use some martial arts weapons did a stint i n taekwon two because of farthead doctors like this. Oh yeah did i meantion that i have the motherfucking boa staff beside my bed in case a doctor b and es the fucking house. Sorry for sound like a complete nut case but i have to sound off. End of rant.

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