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Chapter 3: Your Eyes- Roger Davis

This is one of my comeback songs because its in both of my stories How Broadway Became My Home [ Aaron Warren fan fiction] with Ballerinas and Gun - A Graceland fan fiction

All the credit for this song goes to Jonathan Larson. Your Eyes is one of my few favorite songs from Rent. It is so wonderful and heartfelt. Both Rogers' sang it really good.


The only reason that I am bringing this up is because this is one of my other nicknames from Mike is Mimi. I am a really big fan of musicals. He used this song in the last story to calm me down when I cry.

Your EyesAs We Said Our GoodbyesCan't Get Them Out Of My MindAnd I Find I Can't Hide (From)Your EyesThe Ones That Took Me By SurpriseThe Night You Came Into My LifeWhere There's MoonlightI See Your Eyes

How'd I Let You Slip AwayWhen I'm Longing So To Hold YouNow I'd Die For One More Day'Cause There's Something I ShouldHave Told YouYes There's Something I Should HaveTold You

When I Looked Into Your EyesWhy Does Distance Make Us Wise?You Were The Song All AlongAnd Before The Song Dies

I Should Tell You I Should Tell YouI Have Always Loved YouYou Can See It In My Eyes

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