Songs In My Stories

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Chapter 5: My Song


Every time that you kiss me

Passion takes over our bodies

It is always more magical then the first time

You just make me feel special

Blue Eyes:

When we are apart

Only one the I crave

Is wanting you in my arms

The smell of your hair is like Vanilla


I am his melody

And he is my harmony

The two of us

Make up a perfect couple

One day we will take over the world


Finally found someone

To love me and treat me like a princess

Oh yeah

Blue Eyes:

It took me years before I fell in love

Until you showed up at my theater

Now everything is awesome


Yesterday doesn't matter anymore

Our future together is

Sweeter than a cinnamon roll


I love you

Blue Eyes:

Always going to love you


The only song that keeps playing

In my head all day

Like it is on repeat

That drives me to be better

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