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A man is face with the destruction of his city and watching those around him die

Other / Horror
Austin Watson
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according to prophecy, one-day humanity will simply cease to exist on the planet we call home. this is the story of a man who is experiencing everything first hand. One day Ambrosius woke up after having a nightmare, he awoken and saw it was 5 am and he got up and started his day because he wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep after the dream he had of everyone he knew falling into a seemingly endless pit when he awoke in a cold sweat he knew there was no way he would be able to go back to sleep after that so he started his day and went and brush his teeth and got dressed for his day and then he took a drive down to the ocean that was near his home and watched as the sun rose. after that is was around 7 and Ambrosius got back in his car a drove to work the traffic was light so he got to work in a decent time after about 4 hrs working he started hearing a chilling scream from outside the scream lasted for about 20 mins before it finally stopped but after that, he started feeling a chill go up and down his spine and he felt like someone was watching him but when he looked around his office he saw no one it was just him alone in his office blocked from the rest of the building by a long hall and a heavy metal door his office was the size of a small apartment with couches and other chairs and recliners and a tv on the back wall but then his turned on and on the screen was the most horrid thing Ambrosius had ever seen on his screen was a seemingly live stream of people dying and burning with screams so loud it nearly deafened him and even worse he saw his family tied to a pole burning and than his tv turned off and outside the sun went blood red and people started just falling and dieing he rushed out of his office and went into the maain area and saw all his employees just working like nothing was happening so he rushed outside and saw the horrid scene of dead bodies everywhere and then he heard what sounded like horse hooves on pavement and looked around and saw what looked like a person in armour that looked like it was alive it kept changing and altering and he relized he was looking at death one of the 5 horsemen of the apocalyspe that is when he knew what was going on the few who remain were the ones left to suffer the end of the world or better known as the second coming. he knew now why he been plagued by nightmares for weeks now it was his mind showing what could happen if he doesn’t alter is life and try to change before all who are left are passed and the ones token before it started were returned to a fixed world so his journey to change his future began he went back into the office and decided he would start by clearing some of the empty rooms in the Ambrosius corp. building. after about 2hrs he finished two of the rooms and was letting people in to take refuge from the events happening outside. Ambrosius then told his workers who were capable of cooking well and fast to go to the kitchen and make a pot of beef stew for the people who are taking refuge here, in haste almost half his workers had gone to the kitchen and began cooking. while outside the clouds collided causing huge thunderous growls from the sky and then the rain began to fall started as a shower than become huge droplets of rain and then it began to hail you could hear drops hitting cars and shattering windows with winds that blew faster as if a tornado had started but there was nothing to show for the harsh winds when everything suddenly went calm Ambrosius looked outside and took the chance to rush over to a store whose owner was working and purchase all the blankets and pillow he could. once he returns and got inside with everything the wind blew and everything went into chaos once again he then proceeded to hand out the blankets and pillows and to his luck, the stew had finished and they had started handing out bowls of stew to everyone, once everyone had gone to sleep including his workers except those who had family at home, Ambrosius retreated to his office and lie down on the couch he had in his office. in the morning he awoke once again after a nightmare he went down to wake some of his workers to have some of them begin making something for breakfast for the ones left behind after the start of the second coming which Ambrosius had convinced himself was a chance for him to redeem himself and he intended to take full advantage of the chance he had been given and he hope after all this was over he would not go back from where he had gotten he had to become a better person so he could see his wife and son in heaven with the rest of his family. after a month had gone by Ambrosius had cleared out every vacant room he could in the building and had let almost everyone in the city was now taking refuge in the Ambrosius corp building which was a building big as 2 blocks and was 100 stories high so he had plenty of room to house everyone in the city and he intended to make that so the only problem was that he was known as a rude person who only cared about himself and his money. but Ambrosius couldn’t blame them for thinking that because ever since his wife and child had passed from a car crash almost 3yrs ago he had never been the same he used to be extremely caring and kindhearted but after the accident he became cold and he started Ambrosius corp and he intended when he passed that his money in its whole would go to a local charity who helped families who have been broken by an accident or other event and give them a home and food until they could get back on their feet with a stable job. another month went by soon it had been a year since the events of the second coming had started and now there was a war being fought on American soil and every nation was at war with each other family had started turning on each other the war rage on for years and som feared that it would never end than it got much worse rain began falling and ocean began to turn to blood and the sun lost it lights while the moon turned bloodred and it rain for months cities began to flood and cars were swept away after 2yrs of rain the city had been filled with water and the Ambrosius corp building was halfway flooded and those who manage to survive began to parish form lack of food and eventually the earth was flooded and cleanse of sin than suddenly the water drained as if a hug plug had been pulled and finally grassy fields began to grow again the moon returned to it reflective color and the sun regain it light and life was returned to the planet and left to start anew that is when abrosius awoke in his office on his couch though he remembers faling asleep feeling weak he looked out side what was left of his building and saw beautiful rolling hills and even more he saw peole walking the ruined street unsure of what to do he went outside having to break through a window. he walked the ruined street and walked to a lake that had formed that was flourishing with wildlife and trees surrounded the area making the lake more majestic than anything he had ever seen in his life he sat by the lake and watch as animals wounder the area he sat for what seemed hours just taking in the beauty and flourishing about the second chance he had been given then he began to wonder why it was him who had been given a second chance at a whole new life then he did something he never thought he would do again he prayed and thanked God for this new life that he intended to take full advantage of and become the best him he could be. after almost a year after the second coming Ambrosius reputation had drastically changed, it went from people saying he was selfish and cold-hearted to people calling him the kindest person they have ever met and he even used most of his fortune to rebuild some homes and when Ambrosius passed a statue had been erected in honour of him and everything he had done to help the people. and as he had intended the money he had when he passed was used to build new homes and to help all the families.

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