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Jeon Jungkook. A man who gets in an addiction so uncontrolled and unhandling, after he encounters a naked girl at his neighboring window.

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< prologue >

~ ● ~

Working with my newly settled house as, I was being a busy bee at my first day of my shifting.

I made the bed, set my room and organized some things here and there. I came to this new place called Dancon, just yesterday.
I was unknown to everything around yet everyone also.

My curiosity was already built and was eating me out alive. I came here for a job.
And somewhat, study purposes.

Yes, everyone has them.

I was a bad boy and not to lie but honestly?
Still am.

Who am I?

My name’s Jungkook.
I’m a Jeon by the way.

I came from SK.
You all know that....
Or do I really have to elaborate that?

Now, my room looks quite fine.
Keen, clean and yeah...

I’m happy with that. Because, back at South Korea?
I didn’t seem to give time to my
Interests. The place where I used to live. Hobbies and yeah,

Though, I had so less of them but still.

I hardly gets myself to torn up to do these things,
Other than doing studies.

It is so peaceful here in Dancon.
Cloudy weather. Attractive air. Low pollution.
Well, here where I live.

Overall, it was so amazing.


“God. These are so many. Where should I put them?”

I questioned myself holding a pile of books in my hands. I was so exhausted now at the night and I was willing to go to bed quick.

The night was too quite inhaling and reliving.
You can hear people’s chattering going on in the air, as
I could. When few were walking down the street.
Where my apartment was.

I huffed once again for the third time. Annoyance and irritation were killing my face when I spotted a mini table near the window. Which was attached and infront of the wall, in my room.

I placed my package of books over the table and turned towards the window.

My eyes went wide and my mouth agaped immediately on the moment.

I gulped so hard feeling my throat going dry all of a sudden.

As I saw a figure of a girl.

Stripping herself from her usual clothes and then wearing her nightdress.

Biting my lips eagerly and gripping the curtain tight to the point that it could break down the pole, as my eyes were stuck over the figure in another apartment. Across mine.

All that I could hardly say,
through the heavy breathing and slight sweating, that I was facing.




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