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Window // JJK Fanfiction (18+)

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I couldn’t control myself from thinking to what just happened with me last night.

It was also so hard for me to sleep.

As now, I kept on imagining her body. Her sleek curves which were so admiring. So beautiful.
So eye-catching.

And at the same time, so vulnerable for me to handle.

I couldn’t stop wondering about her.

Her body was like a crazy wine. So hitting in to the point that it makes your everything goes numb.
But you still loves that killing feeling.


The lid of the pen that the professor threw at me, hit right at my head, breaking those beautiful thoughts of my lovely neighbor, while I was dozing off right in the middle of the lecture.
I gave a rub on my head to where it hit me and grunted.

“Mr. Jeon Jungkook! No one will provide you notes here. You got to make your own. Now focus!”

The professor ranted me calling out my full name, and I started to write at least something that matches the topic he was teaching, on my notebook.

“Yes, sir....”

Lowering my dizzy head, I lowly replied.

The college went great according to my first day. Except that dozing off. That I was facing timely.

True! I could not just forget her body like that.

Those curves that I wanted to touch.

That skin that I wanted to feel.

That heat that I wanted to emit.

That canvas, on which I wanted to roam my hands.

Last night’s show was too less
for my eyes.

I wanted to see more. I wanted to watch more.

I wanted to know her.


I wanted her.

All of her.


The man at this new place where I was being, currently, called out my name. As he walked out from a room with his eyes glued upon the papers in a file and held by his hands.


I responded quickly, raising my head and furiously making a stand, meeting his eyes now.

“You’re next for the interview.”

That man told and I walked with him inside another room.

Today, I was here at this glossy building. While walking down the street with some money in my pockets that I had for myself, I saw today’s newspaper and my eyes caught an advertisement for walk-in interviews at a multinational company., happening for fresh students of multimedia as, they needed a professional photographer.

I was one.

I had myself all the related qualifications and I came here to this country, knowing that Dancon had the best college.
That teaches next level photography.

I wanted to reach that next level.

I handed over a file that contained my portfolio, to the man infront. Who, to my guess, seemed the head of this company.

The collection of pictures that I captures in my daily routine.
Each one as beautiful as an ornament, were now that man was staring.

And I could tell from that grin over his face and the shine in his eyes, that they were truly accepting as he skips over the pictures that I captured which were printed out with colors and were now settled in a filer.

“I must say, Mr. Jeon. Your work is marvelous.”

The smile upon the man’s face infront of me, surely satisfied me.

Towards the job interviews, I have always been so nervous, thinking that it will go worst.

“Thank you, sir.”

I nodded and kept my head low.

“For one week. We would like to hire you on demonstration.”

The man in his fifty, returned me the file and I was beyond happy.

“Sure, sir.”

With that, I stood up and shook hands with the man.

The first day for me, at almost everywhere I go. It was so amazing.

As smiling ever so widely, I dropped myself over the single bed in my room.

I was living in an apartment that consist just one room.

Because that was available at the cheapest prices.

Covering my eyes with my forearms and, as I closes my eyes?

There she was again.

My most favourite fantasy.

Forgetting on the moment that I was extremely exhausted, I rushed towards the only window in my room, and looked through it.

I was so excited to the point that, the wide curve over my lips wasn’t willing to leave me.

There, she was. Right infront of my eyes.

Brushing her hair and than giving them a flip.

I could not see her face.

Thank goodness that the curtains of her room were out and I could stalk her whenever I want.

“Wow. She’s so beautiful.”

My voice came out as low and fainted as I kept on staring her.

My mornings has never been that much delightful earlier.

I enjoys her every morning, casually, everytime giving a sip to my home delivered coffee.

She was now, about to strip again and I held myself there.

Her beautiful hands touched her shirt and she slipped it off her head.

I wanted that skin so badly under my palms.

I wanted those hands so badly to slip off my shirt up my head too.

I wanted her skin to get rubbed against mine too.

“God. Fuck!”

An eager groan left my dry lips as I ran my hand so desperately in my already messed up hair, watching my naïve neighbor, giving me a boner.

She now slipped off the straps of her bra from her amazing shoulders.

I bit my lips so hard to swallow them very badly, watching her every
sweet action.

My hand again gripped the curtain that was hung over my window, as my hungry pair of eyes were stuck upon, now, the naked figure of a girl being in front of me who was present in another apartment.

Watching her now wearing another bra as the dark straps were back over her shoulders, my hand was now upon the book that was placed over the mini table.

While holding the mad heatwave of un-controlling lust and anticipation that was ruling me at the moment, I crumpled the paper and torn it, gritting my teeth and breathing heavily.

Her peachy ass was giving tightness to my dick. I needed to throw it inside her.

Her curves were so divine, that were giving tingles to me and my stomach.

Her window had no curtains, but there was just this thin layer of sheet.

From which I could look through..

“Ah! Fuck!”

Automatically, I had to throw my head back and moaned so loudly, dropping my sweated face the next moment.

My hand crumpled and torn up another paper from the book.

At that moment I got to know.

After coming here, I can’t turn back.



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